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    Introducing Hair Again®, the comprehensive therapy gel designed specifically for men seeking to maintain a healthy scalp. 

    This 2 oz. jar is packed with 11 natural ingredients, carefully selected based on 20 years of research to support your hair health.

    Before you purchase, it is essential to read our article, Hair Loss, to ensure that Hair Again® is right for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product to Canada at this time.

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    Package Description: One 2oz jar — a one month supply

    Suggested Use: Apply 1/2 teaspoon daily to affected areas to provide nutrients to hair follicles. 

    Experience the power of nature with Hair Again®, a men's therapy gel packed with 11 potent, natural ingredients. Created through 20 years of dedicated research, this comprehensive therapy gel promotes excellent scalp health, nourishing your hair from root to tip.

    Discover the rich blend of CoQ10, Pregnenolone, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Beta Glucan, Beta Carotene, Vitamins A and D3, Quercetin, Melatonin, and Progesterone. These ingredients, carefully chosen for their beneficial properties, are commonly found in our bodies or the everyday foods we consume, and uniquely packaged in our proprietary topical formula.

    Before you embark on this journey towards healthier hair, take a moment to read our insightful article all about hair loss. Remember, Hair Again® is specifically designed for men.

    For women, we recommend addressing hair loss by balancing your 15 basic hormones, as described in our book, Natural Health for Women. Also, don't forget to check out our article, Balance Your Hormones.

    *Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    **The Daily Recommended Value has not been established for this product.

  • Ingredients

    Key Ingredients:

    BETA GLUCAN—an effective natural immune enhancer. Please read my book What Is Beta Glucan? for more information. 100 mg of actual beta glucan is in every jar. Low follicular immune function is a major cause of poor follicle metabolism. This helps reduce scalp inflammation.

    CoEnzymeQ10—a well-known natural anti-oxidant is now being used topically. The CoQ10 levels in our cells fall as we age. A full 100 mg is in every jar. More studies continue to show the benefits of CoQ10 supplementation as we age. Ubiquinol is a scam with no shelf life.

    GLUTATHIONE—is one of the two (S.O.D. is the other) most important antioxidants in our bodies. Topical use of glutathione also has the potential to match the proven internal benefits. 100 mg per jar. 

    LIPOIC ACID—has many proven topical uses as well as internal ones. Our lipoic acid levels fall as we age. This is an important supplement to take for diabetes and blood sugar disorders. 100 mg per jar. It supports healthy scalp metabolism.

    PROGESTERONE—is not a feminine hormone at all, since it helps balance excess estrogens in both men and women. Estradiol and estrone are the feminizing hormones. Men over 50 literally have more estrogen in their blood than their postmenopausal wives! This excess estrogen is a basic cause of baldness, obesity, impotence and other male aging problems. 30 mg of real USP progesterone per jar.

    VITAMIN E—is an important vitamin for healthy skin. The internal and external uses of vitamin E have been shown for decades. 30 IU per jar which is the recommended daily allowance. Vitamin E is very good for your skin and scalp.

    QUERCETIN—is a good antioxidant found in our daily food. The potential topical uses of this are very promising and are just starting to be investigated. This is a very underutilized and effective antioxidant. 10 mg per jar, which equals more than the average daily dietary intake.

    MELATONIN—is an antioxidant hormone that helps regulate our biological clock. The research on melatonin is immense. Melatonin almost disappears in our blood and our skin as we age, and falls from the time we are in our teens. 3,000 mcg per jar.

    VITAMIN A—Retinyl palmitate, or Retinol-A, is an important vitamin for the skin. 5,000 IU per jar. This is the safe and natural form of the prescription drug Retin-A®. The science on topical vitamin A is very good. Vitamin A has soothing properties.

    VITAMIN D3—is really a hormone, and most people are deficient in it. Vitamin D3 is basically not found in our food. The topical value of vitamin D3 is well known. 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 is in every jar.

    Other Ingredients: Filtered water, Carbopol, corn oil, methyl and propyl parabens.

    *You may see ingredients in other hair loss formulas not included here. That is because these are advertising gimmicks with no science behind them. Hair Again® is the only formulation based on international scientific research over the last twenty years. All eleven ingredients are present in the amounts needed to feed the hair follicles. Use this daily to feed and nourish your hair follicles. You cannot revive dead follicles. Many people are happy just to keep the hair they have. Any product that guarantees to grow hair is obviously a fraud. For best results eat well, take proven supplements, balance your basic hormones, exercise regularly, fast weekly, no prescription drugs, and end any bad habits (like coffee) you may have. Think whole body, holistic health, and not merely hair growth. Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does Hair Again® Work?

    Hair Again® works by feeding your hair follicles with significant amounts of endogenous supplements. This nourishment helps to improve the health of your scalp and contributes to healthier hair.

    Is Hair Again® Suitable for All Hair Types?

    Yes, Hair Again® is formulated to work effectively on all hair types. Its blend of natural ingredients aims to improve scalp health and nourish hair follicles, regardless of your hair type.

    Is Hair Again® Suitable for Women?

    Hair Again® is specifically designed for men. For women dealing with hair loss, we recommend balancing the 15 basic hormones and following the advice given in the book, Natural Health for Women.

    Can Hair Again® Be Used with Other Hair Products?

    Hair Again® is designed to work independently to nourish your hair follicles. While it can be used in conjunction with other hair care products, it's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or hair care expert to avoid any potential adverse reactions.

    Are There Any Side Effects Associated With This Product?

    As with any dietary supplement, individuals may react differently. If you experience any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

    Can I Take This Product With Other Medications?

    If you are currently taking any medications, it's recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen to avoid potential interactions.

Hair Again®

Hair Again®

$0.00 $16.95

Hair Again®

$0.00 $16.95

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