All Your Minerals® Package

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    All Your Minerals® Package- a complete mineral and vitamin supplement combo. This package contains 60 of each All Your Minerals® and All Your Vitamins®. You’ll get all 17 essential minerals in balanced amounts with All Your Minerals® and 13 vital vitamins with All Your Vitamins®.

  • Details

    Package Description: 60 Count

    Serving Size: 1 Caplet

    Servings Per Container: 60

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All Your Minerals® Package is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Ingredients

    Key Ingredients per Caplet:

    • Vitamin A: 1000mcg
    • Vitamin C: 90mg
    • Vitamin D3: 20mcg
    • Vitamin E: 15mg
    • Vitamin K: 120mcg
    • Thiamine: 1.2mg
    • Riboflavin: 1.4mg
    • Niacin: 16mg
    • Vitamin B6: 2mg
    • Folate: 400mcg DFE
    • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin): 1000mcg
    • Biotin: 100mcg
    • Pantothenic Acid: 5mg

    We use methylcobalamin for B-12 absorption, unlike regular oral B-12 supplements.

    Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Pharmaceutical Glaze (Shellac, Povidone).

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the All Your Minerals® Package?

    The All Your Minerals® Package is a comprehensive combination of mineral and vitamin supplements. It includes 60 counts of All Your Minerals® and 60 counts of All Your Vitamins® for a complete daily nutrition regimen.

    Are There Any Allergens In All Your Minerals®?

    Yes, All Your Minerals® contains soy as an allergen, so if you have a soy allergy, please take note.

    Why Do You Use Methylcobalamin For Vitamin B12 In All Your Vitamins®?

    Methylcobalamin is used for better B-12 absorption compared to regular oral B-12 supplements.

    How Do I Take All Your Minerals® And All Your Vitamins®?

    The suggested use is to take one caplet of each daily to ensure complete mineral and vitamin nutrition.

    What Makes All Your Minerals® Different From National Brands?

    All Your Minerals® provides all 17 essential minerals in the amounts your body needs, unlike many national brands that offer only a limited selection of minerals in insufficient quantities.

    Are There Any Side Effects Associated With These Supplements?

    All Your Minerals® and All Your Vitamins® are generally well-tolerated. However, as with any supplement, it's wise to consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new regimen, especially if you have specific health concerns or are taking other medications.

All Your Minerals® Package

All Your Minerals® Package

$16.90 $13.95

All Your Minerals® Package

$16.90 $13.95

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