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Plastic Surgery - Can be helpful

Plastic surgery has more to do with psychology than surgical procedures. The real question when considering such a serious issue is, why are you doing it, and what results do you expect? Why are you going to do this? Any good surgeon questions his prospective patient before accepting them. You should find a doctor with an imaging computer. He can photograph you, and show you exactly what he should and should not be able to do. You will see the probable results on the screen before you pay your money. This is very important, so you’ll know basically what to expect, and what not to expect. Working with human tissue does not produce exact results; it’s artful science.

Don’t take this lightly. There is risk here, especially of infection. 1 in 50,000 people die during plastic surgery procedures. You will be under light or heavy anesthesia, depending on what you are doing. The temporary post-op pain and discomfort are well controlled by medication (read Pain Medication article). You must choose the best facial surgeon you can find. You also must be able to afford high fees for good work. Look at the before and after photos of his previous patients. You must do this. The most common procedures are botox, face lifts, eyes, lip augmentation, nose jobs, chin implants, cheek implants, liposuction, gynecomastia (men), breast implants, breast reductions, and breast lifts. Women can actually get their labia done! Do NOT get botox, breast implants, lip augmentation, or liposuction. These four are to be avoided at all costs. Breast implants do not work, and never have worked. Countless women have permanently deformed breasts that cannot be repaired. You can lose body fat with diet and exercise. Who wants “trout pout” and puffy lips? Botulinum toxin is temporary, and one of the most deadly poisons known to science.

Most everyone in the entertainment industry has had surgical enhancement of some kind or another. Therefore, plastic surgery has been given a bad name by the Hollywood crowd.  These people are universally terminal neurotics, cross addicted to drugs, shallow, self centered, vain, narcissistic, and very unhealthy. They get surgical procedures for all the wrong reasons. If you are considering plastic sur-gery, then EARN it. Do your best to be healthy by eating right, exercising vigorously, taking proven supplements, balancing your basic hormones, fasting every week, avoiding prescription and recreational drugs, and not having bad habits like coffee and alcohol. Once you have done your best to be healthy, strong, and youthful, then you can be a good candidate. You will “deserve” the rewards.  What do you want to change about yourself? How do you feel this is really going to affect your life if you get it done? Most people just want to look younger. This is certainly understandable. Your author had a forehead lift and his eyes done, and was very happy with the results. Most people are very happy with realistic procedures.

Let’s look at a few examples. Joan Rivers ended up looking like an alien from Mars. Priscilla Presley looked 20 years younger than her 70 years, but now looks like The Joker in the Batman movie.  Roseann Barr at 60 had excellent work done, and looks much younger now. Miley Cyrus went from homely to attractive. Cindy Crawford had excellent work done, and looks natural at 54. Judge Judy looks great at 78. The Governator Schwarznegger had good work, but lies about having it done. Halle Barry, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson had their skin lightened. Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke look like cartoon characters. Jaclyn Smith at 75, now looks strange, harsh, and unnatural from too many procedures. If you have the right motivation, the money, and are willing to take the risks, then go ahead and get a consultation with photo computer imaging. All the women your author has known who got their noses improved, every single one of them is happier for doing it. Be realistic. Don’t think surgery is going to compensate for any lack in your life. Even doing the right thing for the wrong reason never turns out.

Here are some interesting examples…



Heidi Montag was simply not good looking with a big honker nose and horse teeth (right) like that. She is almost unrecognizable after a good rhinoplasty and dental procedure. She looks like two different women. This is a good example of what can be done with normal procedures. 


Few people know that Sharon Stone is anything but a natural beauty (center). "Average" is about the best you could say for her before surgery. She got a complete facial makeover, and this may be the best, most dramatic face procedure ever done on an actress. Her own mother would not recognize her. Do not expect such incredible results as this though. Her surgeon should get an Academy Award for work like this. On the right is a recent photo of Sharon with no makeup at all to show what how stunning she was at 53. Yes, she has regular procedures done. She should stop now while she’s ahead or she’ll start looking like Jaclyn Smith. She's now 74.

Avil Lavinge is a popular singer, and knew that pretty women are more popular as performers. Look at the dramatic difference after rhinoplasty. From plain to pretty. Hard to recognize her. This is a fine example of what is possible.

Shia LeBouf had a dramatic transformation. Shia had an unsightly nose, but changed his entire appearance. Most people don't know he's Jewish, and he converted to Christianity. Now he's a fine looking young man.

Stevie Nicks is another artist who realized pretty women are more successful in the music business. Look at her Plain Jane high school photo. Her results are very similar to Avril's. After 50, Stevie got a complete fact lift, and looks much younger than her 66 years (2011 photo).  Her breast implants had to be removed, leaving her permanently and badly disfigured. You don’t have to be an entertainer, sports figure, or politician. You do have to have money however. Consultations are cheap, or sometimes even free. If you feel you would honestly be happier after a surgical procedure, then explore the possibility. She looked very nice at 70 despite a lifelong struggle with serious various drug addictions. All the surgery never even began to help her serious psychiatric issues though.


Meg Ryan was never a looker, and was aging badly. She got a complete face lift and makeover in 2011. You cannot even tell this is still Meg Ryan! None of this makes up for her endless neurotic problems, but it does help her to have a better image and more self confidence. She also made a huge mistake getting breast implants.



These photos speak for themselves. Here is Cher, the Queen of Plastic Surgery, without makeup at 65. The hundreds of thousands of dollars she has spent over the decades still leave her as homely as ever. Maybe even worse. A prime example of endless narcissism.

This is a photo of E.T. the extraterrestial. This simply cannot be a human being. Yes, it's Madonna.

Below is a photo of Mickey Rourke when he was younger. Oh no! It's actually a photo of Suzanne Somers after her sex change operation. Is all she (he?) needs is a haircut and a moustache. Folks, this is plastic surgery gone wrong after too many operations. This is grotesque. She's now 74.

Remember Tina Louise from Gilligan's Island? She doesn't need makeup to star in a horror movie. Another example of too much work. She used to be a pretty woman instead of a one woman horror show. Her surgeon should be in prison for doing this.

Thought Jennifer Lawrence was a natural beauty? Think again. She was just an average looking high school girl until she got rhinoplasty and other work. She looked like a bleach blond white Eskimo! She realized she was never going to be famous looking plain. The surgeon who did this was a master of his art.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was homely with a big honker. This is dramatic. She changed her whole life and entire destiny with good surgery. She would have never been a successful actress otherwise

Miley Cyrus was homely before she got surgery in 2015 on her nose and and gummy teeth. Funny, her parents are both very good looking. Genetics can be a real roulette wheel. Her surgeon should get an award for this kind of excellence.

Priscilla Presley is 73 here (2018). Like Michael Jackson, she just went too far and now looks like a female version of the Joker in the Batman movies. She is to be pitied. She and her daughter both belong in mental hospitals.

We'll end with the once pretty Kim Novak. Her surgeon should go to prison for this.

Lindsay Lohan was a refreshing natural beauty. She got surgery far too early and look what happened.

Jennifer Gray is a Jewish girl who had a prominent nose. She decided to change this. The work done here is excellent. She has changed her life and has much more confidence.

Another plain Jane Jewish girl Winona Ryder (real name Horowitz) became a classic beauty with one single operation.

Plastic surgery can be a very positive thing if done well for the right reasons. Take your time, find the right doctor, and know why you're doing it and what you really expect.

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