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Mineral Formulas

We all know how vital minerals are for our health and well being. Unfortunately, all of us are mineral deficient. All of us are basically deficient in various minerals. No matter how well you eat, or how organic your food, you just are not going to get all the elements you need in your diet. Every disease and every health condition is due, in part, to mineral deficiencies. Every one of them. Cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease are all due in part to lack of essential minerals and trace elements. We are overfed and undernourished in the wealthiest nation in the world. Our soils are seriously depleted, and our crops are deficient in nutrients. We are all mineral deficient, but twenty cents a day can change all that. This is by far the best mineral supplement on earth. No other mineral formula even comes close to All Your Minerals®. This is light years ahead of the rest. It is based on the last 40 years of published clinical research. The research that went into formulating this was long and very arduous.

What about mineral supplements on the market today? None of them are any good, except All Your Minerals® with SEVENTEEN essential elements. The FDA made us delete a mere 100 mcg of germanium, cesium, and gallium in 2016. We use to have twenty elements. This comes with All Your Vitamins®, or you can buy them separately. Please prove this to yourself….go look at the catalogs of the biggest supplement companies, and see what you find. Search the Internet for “mineral supplements”, and see what you come up with. No one else on earth offers a complete variety of minerals in the amounts you need. Often these formulas contain fillers, and "window dressing", such as potassium, sodium, sulfur, and phosphorous. Scams such as coral calcium and colloidal minerals make false claims such as, “contains 72 different minerals”. Notice they never, never state how much of each element is contained in their products? Swanson’s is the biggest vitamin company in the world, yet they do not offer a mineral only formula. Their premier “Active One” has a mere eight realistic minerals. Puritan’s Pride is the second largest in the world. Their top of the line “Multi-Mega Minerals” also has a mere eight realistic minerals. The much advertised, and vastly over-priced, Life Extension Mix claims to be, “The most complete multi-vitamin supplement in history.” A mere ten realistic minerals. The chain stores like GNC and Vitamin World have nothing. The membership clubs like Costco and Sam’s have equally deficient mineral formulas. These huge corporations don’t have well funded research departments at all. However, they have extremely well funded ADVERTISING departments. Not one company on earth offers a complete mineral formula but us.

Your poor (ha!), old (true) author developed All Your Minerals® after going back 40 years in the international, published scientific literature. This took a year of in-depth research. Research was the key to developing this. Very advanced human blood studies were the best source of information, along with animal blood analyses, food, and even soil analyses. Read my booklet The Minerals You Need to learn more about the vital elements you need. You can read it for free at www.youngagain.org.

There are 17 essential elements in All Your Minerals® in the amounts you need, and these are clearly stated on the label. In each caplet (not two or three or four) you get 250 mg of calcium, 250 mg of magnesium, 18 mg of iron, 70 mcg of selenium, 120 mcg of chromium, 150 mcg of iodine, 75 mcg of molybdenum, 15 mg of zinc, 2 mg of manganese, 2 mg of copper, 3 mg of boron, 1 mg of strontium, 10 mg of silicon, 1 mg of vanadium, 30 mcg of tin, 100 mcg of nickel, and 10 mcg of cobalt. In 2016 the FDA stopped us from adding 100 mcg of germanium, gallium and cesium. These three are vital trace elements that should be completely legal to add to our formula.

There are only 13 known vitamins, and each has an official RDA. You get a FREE bottle of All Your Vitamins®. Or you can buy them separately. We even use a special form of vitamin B-12 called methyl cobalamin, as regular B-12 is not absorbed well orally. My booklet The Minerals You Need is based on 40 years of research, and is a goldmine of information. You can read this at www.youngagain.org.

A two month supply of the most complete vitamin-mineral supplement is available for $11.95. That’s six dollars a month for the best vitamin/mineral supplement in the world. Only 20 cents a day. Break these in half for your children, or quarter them for your toddlers and pets. We are all mineral deficient. Taking the vital elements we need will do wonders for your health and well being, as well as your very longevity. Every disease and medical condition known is due in part to mineral deficiency. All Your Minerals®  is the answer to that. Twenty cents a day for the best vitamin-mineral supplement in the world. You get 30 vitamins and minerals in both caplets. If you could only take one supplement, this would be it. Yes, children and pets should also take this in the appropriate amounts.

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