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Magical Mandrake

Most everyone has experienced some kind of negative skin growth, especially after the age of 50. Mandrake root (Podophyllum peltatum), (American mayapple) extract has some incredible topical properties. This includes common skin growths like moles, warts, skin tags, keratoses, and even malignancies (cancer), and tumors. There is strong published science behind this. The active ingredients are podophyllin and podophyllotoxin. (The latter is more powerful.) Mandrake extract is the basis for various anti-cancer drugs. It is an ancient remedy, and is mentioned in the Bible six times (Genesis and Solomon). Never ever take this internallyas it is a highly potent purgative, and will cause purging defecation. The paplilloma virus is the cause of all warts. Mandrake has a powerful ability to kill this virus. Antiviral agents are very rare, so this is important. A strong tea tree oil topical ointment also has antiviral properties, but is not as effective. (Just mix a teaspoon of tea tree oil in 2 ounces of Vaseline.) Mandrake has dramatic curative properties for far more skin problems than just warts. Remember this is not a cure- it is just good symptomatic relief, and attacks the symptom, not the cause. This is allopathic treatment, and not to be considered a cure. However, often the growth never returns after mandrake treatment. You can consider it a cure in a loose sense though.

The 0.5% podophyllin and podophyllotoxin creams sold in drugstores are expensive, weak, and not very effective at all. You can easily make a much stronger extract yourself. Buy some powdered mandrake root online. Take one ounce, and add it to a pint of 70% to 90% rubbing alcohol. Leave this to soak to a week. You can do a second extraction with 8 ounces of alcohol if you want. Shake it really well at least once a day. A warm place is best. Heat it if you want. After a week, just strain it and throw the extracted root away. Pour the alcohol solution into a plastic, glass, or ceramic (not metal) container, and let it evaporate into a thick syrup. A small fan will help here. Put this in a small vial, and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer for long term storage.

Use just one or two drops to cover the affected area. You can cover it with a piece of tape for better results after it dries. Leave it for 2 or 3 days if you can. Doctors just offer surgery, electro cauterization, or nitrogen freezing. This doesn’t make sense, when you can use a safe, inexpensive natural product. Never use this near your eyes. The effects on  in-ternal mucus membrane growths (like internal condyloma anal warts) are just as dramatic. Research shows this is safe and effective for oral, anal, and vaginal growths on mucus membranes.

The temporary side effects may include burning, redness, itching, swelling and slight pain. If you get any of these, discontinue using it until you heal. After you apply a small amount of mandrake extract, let it dry. Then cover it with any kind of adhesive tape for up to 72 hours. Do not use this on large areas of skin. You can then keep tape over this until the skin heals. 3M tan medical tape is good. Only use this once a week. The skin must completely heal before you can use it again. This may take several treatments. Never use this on raw, inflamed, infected skin, or open sores no matter how small. This is very, very irritating and harmful if you do. You may only need to use this one time. If your problem isn’t solved after two or three applications, then see a dermatologist. There are numerous published studies on using podophyllin and podophyllotoxin creams on various skin growths. Imagine the success doctors would have with really strong extracts like this. Oncologists won't use it because there is no real profit in herbal therapy.

Some people have used these on malignant skin growths and skin cancers. Successful published studies were done over 50 years ago, but then stopped for no good reason. Just two examples are Revue Medicale de la Suisse Romande v 80 (1960), and Minerva Medica v 45 (1954). Why no further research? Because there is no money and no profit in an inexpensive, over-the-counter, natural product like mandrake extract. Some of our readers have used this successfully with various skin cancers. 

An elderly lady customer had basal scalp cancer. There is no cure for this. Nasty surgery and radiation (!!!) are offered at insane prices. They only make you worse. She had a silver malignant spot the size of a half dollar on her scalp. And an ugly black dot in the center. She put four drops of mandrake extract on it. The reaction was very dramatic and very immediate. Crusting dead cancer cells was very obvious. Within three weeks the dead cancer cells had fallen off and the skin healed. She put four more drops on and there was a much, much smaller reaction. A week later the skin was healed. A small scar was left since the cancer had destroyed some healthy scalp cells. NO MORE CANCER! No destructive, worthless medical treatments. My God was she happy! Read the article Cure Skin Cancer for $10

Dermatologists and oncologists should be using mandrake extract in every day practice, but they aren’t. They just want to sell extremely expensive, toxic, ineffective prescription creams and surgical procedures. Such drugs as fluorouracil, diclofenac, ingenol, and imiquimod are dangerous, and have minimal effectiveness. But they are very profitable. It is always good to see a doctor for diagnosis if you have an unusual growth on your skin. Doctors can be good at diagnosis. Just don't take their drugs. Read the companion article Cure Scalp Cancer. There is no valid medical treatment for scalp cancer, but mandrake has amazing effects on this in some people. 

This article is not meant as medical advice in any way. It is just information.

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