Jerry Cured Cancer In 11 Months! - in only 11 months naturally.
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Jerry Cured Cancer In 11 Months! - in only 11 months naturally.

In 2007 a man named  Jerry had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He wrote in to ask how to cure this naturally. In 2023 he is well and healthy sixteen years later. Jerry had never been so frightened in his life. At 60, he was overweight, allergenic, and had some sleep problems, but no other serious health conditions. He did not want to get butchered, irradiated, and poisoned- and then just suffer and die anyway. He was a Louisiana boy, and really enjoyed life. He did not want to die in his sixties. He mistakenly got a biopsy to prove it was cancer. He would not have done that if he had read my books first. He refused any x-rays. Jerry was not on the Internet, so he bought my two books The Natural Prostate Cure and Macrobiotics for Everyone. He did not eat junk food, and basically only had to stop eating meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, Nightshades, and refined foods. Saturated animal fat is the basic cause of prostate (and breast) cancer plain and simple. The less animal fat you eat the less cancer of most types you get.  He ate brown rice rather than white rice, whole grain bread rather than white bread, and soy milk instead of dairy milk. He took all the supplements. He took all the temporary supplements for six months (aloe, curcumin, citrus pectin, ellagic acid, green tea, and milk thistle). He took all the hormones he needed. He tested his DHEA and testosterone and was low in both. The doctor wouldn’t give him testosterone, so he took the DHEA. His daily job got him regular exercise. He was willing to fast one day every week from dinner to dinner. He took no prescription drugs, and stopped drinking any coffee and alcohol.

He refused all drugs and medical treatments. In fact, he stopped talking to the doctors completely. He could clearly see he was getting well all the time. He lost 30 pounds in 11 months, while eating all he wanted and never going hungry. You can eat all you want, and stay slim all your life by just making better food choices. That’s all he did- make better food choices. His allergies went away for the first time in his life. He slept well now. Sleep problems are very common after the age of fifty. Read the Good Sleep article.

Every month he felt better and got thinner. He learned to go by HOW HE FELT, and not by further diagnostic tests. Healthy people FEEL WELL. People who are healing themselves feel good. People who are not well do not feel good. It really is that simple. He felt better all the time. His brother was behind him and supported him. After eleven months he just intuitively felt he  was cured. He went back to the doctor and requested an ultrasound (sonogram) exam. Sonograms are safe, effective, accurate, and inexpensive. You can also get a color Doppler, or expensive MRI, but never any x-rays. The ultrasound showed no gray or questionable areas at all. This black and white life sized sonic photo of his prostate showed he was well after a mere eleven months!  He refused another biopsy of course.

The real point is that diet is everything. Diet and lifestyle cure disease. Diet and lifestyle cure cancer. Nothing happens without a good whole grain based diet. Supplements, hormones, fasting, no prescription drugs, no bad habits, and exercise all support good diet. He was raised on a lot of rice, beans, vegetables, and seafood as a child, so this was not a big transition for him.

If Jerry had done what 99 out of 100 men do, he would have gotten surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. These would have killed him. He would have had a terrible quality of life, only to die in misery a few years later. Jerry took responsibility for his life and his health. He became his own doctor. Read the Be Your Own Doctor article. He turned his back on the doctors. He saw the CAUSE of his cancer, and changed his diet and lifestyle, rather than covering up the symptoms. Jerry probably has about 20 or more good, happy, healthy years to live now.  In fact, he’s happier than ever. Take responsibility for your health and you can be cured naturally.

It is 2023 now and Jerry is 75,  happy and healthy. He enjoys his new diet very much. He is an inspiration to people who have cancer and other serious illnesses, and want to cure themselves naturally.

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