Insulin Is Making You Fat - high insulin causes obesity.
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Insulin Is Making You Fat - high insulin causes obesity.

We have always stressed you can eat all you want, lose weight, and be slim all your life if you just make better food choices. There are several articles in our library here on this subject. It isn’t food per se than makes you fat; fat makes you fat. Sugars of all kinds are another major cause of obesity. You can eat all you want if you just eat natural macrobiotic food. Whole grains, beans, and vegetables are your staples. Read my macrobiotic book. Some people aren’t as slim as they’d like to be, even though they eat whole natural foods. Their appetites are excessive, and their metabolism is slow. Hormone imbalance, especially high estrone and estradiol, can make you fat, despite good diet and lifestyle. Low (or even low normal) thyroid T3 and T4 levels can also do this.

High insulin levels can also make you fat, even if you eat well and exercise. Usually this weight gain is seen in the hips and waist. Insulin dysmetabolism is epidemic in America due to the fact we eat 160 pounds of various sugars we don’t need. (Read Sugar is Sugar article.) Our national caffeine addiction is another cause of hyperinsulemia. (Read Coffee is Making You Fat article.)

Just one dose of caffeine every day can eventually wreck your blood sugar/insulin axis. You must get a blood test to find out your insulin level. Simply go to an online clinic like for only $29 and test yours without a doctor. You want a result of 5.0 or less. The average American is well over 8.0. The Japanese, for example, are under 5.0 on the average. Diet and lifestyle can easily and quickly lower your blood insulin level. Read my macrobiotic book and eat a whole grain based diet.

One in three American children will grow up diabetic now. Diabetes is the fastest growing epidemic of all, and is completely avoidable. The most common blood sugar problems are high blood sugar, insulin resistance and Syndrome X. Insulin resistance means our cells don’t react properly to normal amounts of insulin. The pancreas then works overtime to keep producing more and more. insulin. Our cells lose the ability to properly react to this insulin. This leads to outright diabetes in due time. Read the Insulin Resistance article.

You want to get your fasting blood sugar checked when you get your normal blood scan for cholesterol, triglycerides, and the usual parameters. It should be 85 or less, not 100 or less as the doctor will tell you. Buy a $15 Tru® non-coded meter in any drug store. Even if your blood sugar is good, you can still have insulin problems. The way to find out is a simple, inexpensive one draw glucose tolerance test (GTT). You drink a small 50 g cup of glucose solution, wait an hour, and then have your blood sugar tested again. It should be 100 or less, not 120 or less as the doctor will tell you. You should be 20 points less than the normal medically accepted level.  Millions are people are told they are “fine”, when, in fact, they have high blood sugar and/or poor insulin response. You can also buy an inexpensive home HbA1c kit in any drug store. You must be 4.6% or less, and not the 5.6% accepted medical level. Buy a kit and do this. It shows you your last six months of blood sugar glycation (blood sugar combined with hemoglobin). You cannot test insulin with saliva due to it's nature. You can use an online lab without a doctor such as For only $29 you can get a REAL blood test at a local clinic thru Again, you want 5.0 or less. Remember that magic number of 5 or less.  You should do this! While you're there, do Panel #2 Thyroid (free T3 and T4) for only $90. Or get a ZRT blood spot thyroid kit for $85 from us. Low thyroid is epidemic in America. You must be midrange, and not mere in range.

Read the article Balance Your Hormones. Insulin is only one hormone, and they all work together in concert as a team. Balance your DHEA, testosterone, pregnenolone, melatonin, progesterone (men too), T3, and T4. Women can add estradiol, estrone, and estriol. You can do all this easily, simply, and inexpensively without a doctor.  

If your blood sugar is over 85, or your GTT result over 100 what should you do? Stop eating sugars of all kinds including honey, maple syrup, agave syrup. Stop eating sugar substitutes like sucralose and stevia. Read the article Sugar Substitutes. Yes, sugar substitutes are even worse than natural sugars. Stop eating desserts. Eat two meals a day. No caffeine at all! No coffee, energy drinks, or soft drinks with caffeine. Read Macrobiotics for Everyone, and eat whole grains, beans, vegetables, soups, salads, and seafood. Limit fruit to 10% of your diet. Read The Natural Diabetes Cure to understand more about blood sugar and insulin function. Take the 20 proven supplement if you are over 40 (read Serious Supplement Program) or the 8 supplements if you are under 40 (read Supplements for Younger People.)

You must get regular exercise to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels low. You must exercise to cure any blood sugar and insulin condition. Just walking a half hour a day will do it. If you can fast on water every week for 24 hours, without getting weak or sick, then do so. If you can’t do this, you’ll soon be able to.

A low fat, low sugar diet based on whole grains, beans, and vegetables is the answer here. The proven supplements and natural hormones are very powerful when you eat well. Exercise is a must to normalize your blood sugar. Weekly fasting is a blessing. No more prescription drugs. Drop any bad habits like coffee. Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health.

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