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How About Herpes - Cure Yourself Naturally

The herpes simplex virus both I (oral) and II (genital) have been epidemics in America for decades now. The psychological stigma is much worse than the physical problems. Even though 1 in 5 American adults have genital herpes, this is still considered too embarrassing and shameful  to talk about. Women do worse with 1 in 4 being infected- plus their symptoms are worse. We cannot even accurately define what a virus is, much less find a cure for it. There are no anti-vital agents despite the claims. There are no simplistic “cures” despite the numerous advertisements you see for herpes products. Creams containing 10% docosanol (like Abreva) do help topically.

The most serious concerns here are two factors: First, you can spread herpes even when there is no outbreak, even when you’re in remission. This leads many people not to tell their partner they are infected because they are too embarrassed. They don’t understand they will infect them when in remission.  Second, common cold sores are, in fact, herpes type I. This is not considered a stigma or embarrassing at all, but merely a nuisance. During oral sex anyone with type I herpes can and will give their partner genital herpes. This fact is often overlooked. This means a virgin (male or female) can get  genital herpes from a partner with oral cold sores without having intercourse. Oral herpes I then becomes genital herpes II.

No  medication or medical procedure will help you here. Acyclvir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir are the three most prescribed drugs. All are the same chemical family, and are very toxic and dangerous. They simply do not work. All the talk about herpes vaccines is just that- talk.  More media pie-in-the-sky disinformation.

There are no Magic Supplements to help you either. Large doses of the amino acid lysine were touted for years, but didn’t work. The herb Larrea (chaparral) was promoted, but also doesn’t work. You can search the Internet for “herpes cures” and find lots of snake oil. Prunella herb is useless. One site tells you, “you’ll never have an outbreak” if you eat lots of coconut oil! People like that should be in prison or mental institutions. Another site sells a “guaranteed” cream for $80 an ounce (!) with jojoba oil and colloidal silver. All these people play on desperation, shame and embarrassment.

If you have genital herpes, you have to tell any person you’re intimate with. You have a moral and ethical obligation to do this. You will give it to them even if you don’t have a current outbreak. This is why herpes became such an epidemic now, and affects almost 50 million people  (over the age 12) in our country. The worst lies are lies of omission. You wouldn’t want someone to have sex with you and not admit they were infected with herpes. Don’t do it to them.

What can you do? There IS a long term answer. You can build up your immunity, and permanently suppress the outbreaks. This is a cure. Strong immunity is the key here. Diet and life-style make your immune system strong. Read Good Health Begins with Good Digestion. 90% of our immunity comes from our digestive system. It may take 2-3 years, but this is the only real answer that works. The outbreaks will stop, and you will no longer infect anyone else. Treat herpes just like you would a life threatening illness such as cancer or diabetes. Read Macrobiotics for Everyone, and eat a whole grain based diet with no meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, sugar, refined foods, or Nightshades. Diet is everything. Better food choices strengthen your immunity more than any other factor. If under 40 take the eight supplements (read Supplements for Younger People in our library) you need. Women under 40 can still have hormonal imbalance, so test your three estrogens and progesterone. If over 40 take the 20 recommended proven supplements. Read Serious Supplement Program. Double your intake of beta glucan to 800 mg for one year, but do not depend on beta glucan, even though it is the most powerful immune enhancer known to science.  Test and balance your basic hormones. Read Balance Your Hormones. Fast one day a week. Join the two day monthly fast. Exercise regularly. Don’t take any Rx drugs. Drop any bad habits like coffee.

People, especially women, are ashamed and embarrassed they suffer from genital herpes, even though this is simply cold sores two feet lower on your body. Diet and lifestyle to build up your immunity is the only real answer here. This takes time and patience but it works. Lastly, read Seven Steps to Natural Health and do all seven faithfully and well.

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