Homeopathy Is a Hoax - Has always been and will always be a hoax.
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Homeopathy Is a Hoax - Has always been and will always be a hoax.

Our articles have repeatedly shown that homeopathy is a complete hoax without any value at all. This is just plain old water sold at high prices. That's right, all homeopathic remedies are just expensive little bottles of water with no active ingredients at all. There is nothing in them! Any doctor or healer who uses homeopathy is telling you he is too stupid to know any better. Any company that sells homeopathic "remedies" is telling you they are scam artists. Estimates are that maybe 1% of Americans have tried a homeopathic solution at some time. No one bothers to tell you they never wasted their time and money a second time. Three states actually license homeopaths. This shows just how stupid government can be. There is an Homeopathic Pharmacoepia. There is an international organization of homeopaths, with colleges, clinics, and recognized practitioners. There are over 3,000 "practitioners" in the U.S. alone. This is much more popular in Europe. Socialists are always in the Dark Ages anyway. All this based on fantasy folks, nothing but illusion.

This scam has been around since the 1700’s- 300 years now- and still hasn’t produced any results. It is based on the theory of “similars”- that like produces like.  Have you noticed the purveyors of these expensive bottles of water never have any published clinical studies to show that they work? If homeopathy worked, there would be countless studies over the centuries in the medical journals of the world. This hoax has been going on since the 1700's, and they still haven't come up with any real studies to show its validity. That’s the bottom line here- no valid publish-  ed studies in hundreds of years.

Recently doctors at the University of Exeter in England did a double blind study on a popular homeopathic remedy called "Arnica 30C" and "Arnica 6C". (30C and 6C refer to the extreme dilution of the solution.) This was published in the prestigious Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (vol. 96 in 2003). This was the Department of Complimentary Medicine at the University of Exeter. Homeopathy is a very established myth in England and Europe generally. They had every reason to support the use of homeopathic "remedies", rather than disprove their value. The doctors were actually very much in favor of homeopathy.

They used 64 real people for this in a classic double blind study. Half of them got a placebo (sugar pills), and no one (even the doctors) knew who was getting what until the study was completed. These people had chosen to get surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Some took Arnica 30C, some took Arnica 6C, and some took sugar pills. They took these seven days prior to surgery, and fourteen days after surgery. No one got any relief. What a surprise, huh? They were given an ex-pensive homeopathic “remedy” instead of a safe, natural opiate for pain. No one got any relief. Everyone got the same amount of pain, swelling, and bruising. No relief whatsoever in any way, shape, or form from using one of the most established homeopathic “remedies”.

The proponents of homeopathy freely admit their "remedies" are just water with no detectable amounts of active ingredients. They claim the “essence" of the active ingredient is contained in the solution. These are exponentially diluted literally up to the twenty thousandth power. Not one molecule of the original substance is left after such exponential dilution. The more the dilution, the stronger the remedy is supposed to be! This defines stupidity. They are "potentized" by banging them on a leather pad. No, that isn't a joke. This nonsense is called "succination". The claim is "etheric" residue is now contained in the solution.

Now, there are unorthodox therapies, like magnetism, iridology, pendulum diagnosis, affirmative prayer that do have effects, but not "essence of water". These quacks go ever further, and say the more the dilution the stronger the solution! The more you dilute it, the stronger it gets? That’s right, they claim the weaker the solution, the more effective it is! These people are obviously nuts. How can anyone with a brain spend their hard earned money on such transparent crap? Voodoo looks intelligent when compared to homeopathy. At least voodoo has music, alcohol, dancing, live chickens, and camaraderie. Phineas T. Barnum was one of the most insightful psychologists of his day. Barnum was alive when homeopathy was popular, and he must have been very jealous of these people. At least he gave people a good show for their money, instead of a little bottle of plain water with nothing in it. This is an embarrassment to natural medicine and holistic healing.

Natural health is about diet and lifestyle, not Magic Potions. Read the Seven Steps article. Supplements are only one of the seven steps  Read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone. If you want proven supplements to help you get well, please read my booklet The Supplements You Need. Read the articles Serious Supplement Program and Supplements for Younger People.. You'll find twenty endogenous (permanent) scientifically proven supplements you can take to better your health, and lengthen your life. Every one of them has published, international,  human clinical studies published in the scientific journals. You’ll also read about the proven exogenous (temporary) supplements. Homeopathy is a popular hoax

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