Hepatitis - Hepatitis is a curable epidemic.
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Hepatitis - Hepatitis is a curable epidemic.

People have been asking about hepatitis-C, because two per cent of the American population is infected with it. This is in ADDITION to all the other five types of hepatitis. Even worse, four per cent- one in twenty five- people in the world- have hepatitis-C. That's right; we have about 250 million people in the world with hepatitis-C, plus all the other five types we know about so far. There is four times as much hepatitis-C as AIDS, yet AIDS gets all the press, all the attention, and most all the research money due to political influence. We cannot even define what a virus is,  much less treat a virus. That's right, we have no effective anti-viral drugs. We're in the Dark Ages regarding knowledge and treatment of viruses of any type. In 2014 the "miracle drug" Harvoni® was approved. It is a combination of Sovaldi® (Sofosbuvir®) and Lepipasvir®. It costs $90,000 for three months, has serious side effects, and simply doesn't work. It probably costs about $100 to manufacture. This only treats genotype 1. In 2016 Epclusa® was  introduced. It is a combination of Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir. This treats all six genotypes.  They all cost about $1,000 per tablet, and the treatment period is usually 90 days. Yes, this is $90,000 for a drug that costs about $100 for a three month supply. Or you can go to India and do all this for $1,000. India refused to recognize the patent. In 2019 we now have Mavyret® (glecaprevir). The price is "only $26,000 for a two month treatment. Again, the cost is probably about $100. It may be available in India later. These drugs have serious side effects, psychiatric side effects, and simply don't work. All the "studies" were done in-house, which makes them meaningless. There are no independent, objective published studies on them. The fraudulent in-house "studies" are short term, so we have no idea at all about the long term effects. The actual cost of all these drugs is only a few dollars per tablet of course. No, there are no "millions of dollars in research" behind them either. Hepatitis-C was only identified in 1989. Can you believe that? Blood transfusions were the main cause, as no one could test for the virus. We just don't know the actual statistics in most countries, but we can estimate the minimum infection rate. It is estimated that ten per cent of black American men are infected. The same may be true for American Latino men. At least ten percent of American male homosexuals are infected. It could be much worse. It is also estimated that China's one billion plus population has at least 10 per cent  infected with  some type of hepatitis. Some African countries have a 20 per cent rate- that we know about. It could be a lot worse. This is an epidemic folks. You can be infected for life and never know it- but still infect others. You can carry the virus for decades, never come down with symptoms, and die of old age. You can also end up with cirrhosis or liver cancer and die early. Nine out of ten infected people have no idea they are carrying it! Ninety per cent are clueless. Twenty percent of people don't have a clue as to how they even got infected. You didn't read all this in your morning newspaper. Why isn't hepatitis in all it's six forms being recognized?

A simple, inexpensive blood test will tell if you have hepatitis. The -C variety is a viral inflammation of the liver, and is transferred by blood contact. Half of chronic liver disease is due to hepatitis-C. This is the leading cause of liver transplants. This infective blood can be months old, dried and brown, and not just fresh, red blood. It is not easy to get it thru sexual activity, but you are playing Russian roulette here. Eventually, having sex will infect you. Sharing toothbrushes and razors are very efficient ways of transmission. There are six types of hepatitis known now, and surely we'll keep finding more in the future. Let's discuss them very briefly, so you'll know the situation basically. Hepatitis-A is "only" from the fecal to oral route. This means that unclean people  who work in restaurants, and don’t wash their hands, can give it to you (just like dysentery). Or you can eat unwashed fruits and vegetables. Fortunately this is usually a short term infection, and goes away on its own. Hepatitis-B can also go away on its own, you can also remain chronic, or you can even die from it. Hepatitis-D can only hitchhike using hepatitis-B as a carrier. Sexual intercourse is a common route, and the infection is usually chronic. Hepatitis-E occurs in Third World countries through the fecal route, like hepatitis-A. Due to our high immigration rates and lack of control, this is becoming more and more common here. After an acute infection this usually clears up. Hepatitis-F is "inferred to exist". That's all that can be found out about F at this time. Hepatitis-G was also "inferred to exist" in 1995. Little is known about it at this time. How many more forms will be discovered in the future?

Since almost no one gets an appointment for a hepatitis screen, you can carry it for decades with no symptoms What are the symptoms when you do get an active infection? Flu-like symptoms, liver pain, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, night sweats, depression, mood, frequent urination, mood swings, fatigue, reactions to alcohol, abdominal bloating, loss of appetite, itchy skin, aversion to eating fat, diarrhea, headaches, brain fog, poor sleep, chest pains, edema, puffy face, blood sugar disorders, lymph swellings (armpits, neck, groin), dizziness, numbness in hands and feet, eyesight problems, and such signs as these.

What can you do to avoid this? Avoid any contact with old or new blood. Know who you are being intimate with. Do not share razors. All acupuncturists use disposable needles. All tattoo parlors are licensed by the state health department. What can you do if you're infected? Go to the doctor to get proper diagnostic tests. Do NOT get a biopsy under any circumstances. Do NOT take interferon, ribavirin, Harvoni, Epclusa, Mavyret, or any other "wonder drugs". Once you are diagnosed with any liver infection- whether it is hepatitis or not- get as far away from the medical profession as you can. Doctors still prescribe interferon and ribavarin, even though they were  long ago proven to be useless. The side effects far outweigh any claimed benefits. In 2019 Harvoni®, Epclusa ®, and Mavyret® are promoted as the Magic Cures for hepatitis. These are DAAs, or direct antiviral agents- more medical scams for money in other words. These "treatments" cost over $100,000, have serious side effects, and simply do not cure you. You can't poison your way to health. Patients will cheerfully claim they are "cured" because the viral count is temporarily too low to diagnose. This is chemical trickery and not a cure at all.

You must change your diet and lifestyle. This is a liver infection. The liver breaks down fats, processes proteins, and metabolizes drugs. The worst thing you can do is drink alcohol or take drugs. Other than vanilla extract, or cooking sherry, you can not have one single drink ever. You must get off all prescription drugs. You shouldn't be on prescription drugs in the first place, as there is almost always a natural alternative to synthetic prescription poisons. Most recreational drugs have to go, as these are metabolized by the liver, This is especially true of cocaine, ecstasy, opiates, amphetamines, marijuana, and psych drugs. You must eat a low fat diet, and no more animal products. This means no more red meat, poultry, eggs, milk, or dairy products- even the low-fat and no-fat varieties (milk products contain allergenic lactose and cancer promoting casein). You can eat 10 per cent low-fat seafood, but stay away from high fat fish such as salmon, tuna, swordfish, catfish, herring, etc. . Minimal vegetable oil, and no more avocados. If the idea of giving up animal foods and fats is too much for you, then go ahead and die of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

What can you eat? Whole grains, beans, vegetables, salads (low fat dressings), soups, seafood, and local fruits (better than tropical fruits). You will be on a low fat, low protein, high complex carbohydrate, high fiber, low calorie diet, but you will not be hungry at all. Eat two meals a day. Don’t eat out. Take your lunch to work.  Eat as little as possible by eating foods high in nutrition, but low in calories. Fast one day a week on water from dinner to dinner to give your liver a rest. Fast two days a month on the Young Again monthly fast to give your liver a longer rest. (Read Will You Fast With Us?)  At first you may experience side effects from fasting due to poisons being eliminated; these will stop. If you really want to get well quickly find a health resort and go for a one week water fast and you'll experiences miracles.

Take all 18 proven permanent supplements. CoQ10 200 mg for a year, and then 100 mg maintenance. NAC 600 mg has good research behind it for liver infection. Beta-sitosterol 300 mg. All Your Minerals® to get the 17 minerals you need. All Your Vitamins® has the 13 vitamins you need.  Refrigerated flax oil 1 gram softgel (or ½ tsp bulk) and keep this refrigerated. Soy isoflavones 40 mg a day. L-glutamine 1 gram in the AM and 1 gram in the PM (this will temporarily spike your growth hormone levels as well). Quercetin 100 mg is a good antioxidant.  Vitamin D 400-800 IU in addition to your All Your Vitamins®. Vitamin E 200 IU (400 IU every other day). Refrigerated acidophilus 6 billion units or more. FOS 750 mg. Beta glucan 400 mg. DIM 200 mg. Lipoic acid 400 mg. PS 100 mg, beta carotene 10,000 IU, sulforaphane 1 mg, and glucosamine 500 mg. Temporary supplements include milk thistle two capsules of a good brand, but only for six months, and then stop, as it will no longer be effective. Curcumin 500 mg also just for six months. Aloe vera 200:1 two capsules for six months. Read Rejuvenate Your Liver in our library and take 3 g of TMG for a year or two. Do not take carnosine or ALC (or any carnitine) as these are animal proteins.

Do NOT take any Chinese, Ayurvedic, or other "magical" liver formulas or supplements, as you can actually get worse. All medicinal herbs are exogenous; some people don’t benefit, and some are even biologically incompatible. All exogenous supplements can only be used for about six months and then become useless. You can also try traditional liver tonics like golden seal root, Oregon grape root, barberry, Fringe tree and others, but only for six months. These contain berberine, which has good science behind it. Read the article Endogenous Supplements.

What about hormones? Read the article Balance Your Hormones. If you are over 40, men can take 3 mg of melatonin at night only and women 1.5 mg (half tabs). 50 mg of pregnenolone for men, and women only 25 mg. Use trans-dermal progesterone cream both men and women (men only need an eighth teaspoon). Do NOT take DHEA or testosterone without testing. Take a saliva or blood test, and supplement only if you are low. Only real, prescription testosterone will raise your levels of testosterone safely.  Go to www.walkinclinic.com to test your T3 and T4 thyroid hormones  without a doctor. Synthroid (T4) and Cytomel (T3) are, in fact, bioidentical. Growth hormone is expensive, overrated and should be injected. Women should test all three estrogens- estradiol, estrone, and estriol. Get a GTT (glucose tolerance test) if your fasting blood sugar is over 85.  You can get a cheap insulin test as well. It should be about 4-5. Your cholesterol should be about 150 and your triglycerides under 100. Remember your liver is intimately affected by your cholesterol and triglyeride levels.

Again, get as far away from the doctors and their toxic fraudulent drugs as you can. DIET IS EVERYTHING. Supplements and hormones are very powerful when you are eating well. Fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man. Fats, drugs, and alcohol are the main things to avoid.  Exercise is also important, as this keeps the blood flowing thru the liver so it can heal better. Taking a half hour walk a day will do it. Lose weight if you need to, and lower your cholesterol until you get it down to the 150 level (even genetically high cholesterol can be kept down under 200 very easily). The doctors can't help you after you are diagnosed. You must treat yourself, and you must do this with diet and lifestyle more than anything else. Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health in our library.

One last thing- if you find you are infected, tell anyone you are intimate with. Be honest with them, and don’t lie about it. People go around spreading hepatitis by not telling the people they have sex with. Infecting someone with hepatitis, because you are too embarrassed to admit it, literally amounts to murder. Many people die prematurely because of this. Would you want someone to give you a potentially fatal disease?

Diet and lifestyle cure disease. Diet is everything. Please read my macrobiotic book. Print out the Seven Steps and Rejuvenate Your Liver articles in our free library.

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