Health Insurance - Doesn't Work
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Health Insurance - Doesn't Work

It's 2023 and everyone seems to be upset about their health insurance. There is a very simple answer to this...don't get any! Vastly overpriced, after-the-fact insurance misses the point entirely. An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure. Prevent illness with a total program of diet and lifestyle. At 75 your author's medical costs approach zero. Diagnostics, such as hormone testing, are usually done online without a doctor. Dental bills for teeth cleaning. Sometimes a "mechanical operation" such as a tooth implant. Laser therapy is infinitely worth more than health insurance.

People all over the world are desperate for health insurance. The vast majority of them cannot afford this, and stupidly look to the government for nationalized health care. Something for nothing, in order words.  Get someone else to pay your medical bills.  America is being bankrupted with socialist health care. Marx is laughing in his grave. Nothing fails like government programs. You get 10 cents back for every dollar you pay in taxes. Government health care has been a total, complete, absolute failure in every country is has ever been tried. Even private health insurance is a complete waste of money. Yes, auto insurance and home insurance make sense. Health insurance is just  plain stupid. Have you ever met one single person who was happy with their health insurance plan? Of course not. Even welfare recipients, who are getting “free” (at our expense) health care, hate their plans. Read the Be Your Own Doctor article. Take care of your own health with natural diet and lifestyle  Take responsibility.

An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure. All health plans are after-the-fact allopathic care. After-the-fact. This is completely 180 degrees backwards. People are so insecure, they feel they must be “safe” and “protected” by an expensive health plan.   These plans get more and more expensive every year, while delivering less and less care.

Insure your own health with diet and lifestyle! That’s real health insurance. Print out the article Seven Steps to Natural Health, and tape it to your refrigerator. Diet is every-thing. Eat whole natural foods. Eat two meals a day. Eat out as little as possible. Don’t

eat junk or snack foods. Take your lunch to work. This will cost you less than the typical deadly American diet. Spend $100 a month on proven supplements and hormones. You can proven supplements, and natural hormones for about $100 a month if you are over 40. People under 40 do not need health insurance at all. Health insurance is just a money making scam.

The false argument that is always made is, "what if a disaster happens?" Well, what if lighting strikes you? The extortionate fees you pay will never even begin to justify this.

Exercise every day. Join a gym, walk, play tennis, whatever you like to do. Do not take prescription drugs, except temporarily in an emergency (natural hormones like testosterone and thyroid do not count here). Fast every week for 24 hours on water. End any bad habits. You don’t have to be a saint, but you don’t need to smoke, drink coffee, use alcohol or eat junk food.

Follow these seven steps, and you won’t need any health insurance. Your diet and lifestyle will be your insurance. Health is real wealth, and costs very little financially. You can actually save money, since the average American over sixty is on at least four different expensive, toxic prescription drugs.

A local acupuncturist was really amazing and most effective. She paid $12,000 a year for a very expensive health plan she constantly complained about. Twelve grand and she wasn’t happy at all. She ate what she wanted. She was clueless about supplements and hormone balance. She did not exercise. She indulged in what she wanted to, such as desserts. She just died of cancer in her fifties. Of course, she ran to a cancer center and spent tens of thousands of dollars to be butchered, irradiated and poisoned. That’s how much good her $12,000 health insurance policy did for her.

Americans eat twice the calories they need, hog down 42%  saturated fats, swill 160 pounds of various sugars each year, and eat twice the protein they need. They eat only 1% whole grains. They don’t exercise. One third are outright obese. They are overfed and undernourished, yet they clamor for "free" government health insurance plans. Yes, they want the government to insure their health with your money. This whole country is nuts folks.

Make diet and lifestyle your health insurance plan. An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure. What you eat and how you live is the best way to insure your health.

(Right, your poor old author has never had a cockamamie health insurance plan.)

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