Gum and Tooth Health
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Gum and Tooth Health

Americans have epidemic rates of gum disease and tooth problems, especially cavities. It is estimated that 35% of us have some type of gum condition. When talking about people over 40, these rates are much, much higher. In fact, one in eleven people over 45 have no teeth at all, and wear full dentures. Bad gums lead to losing your teeth. This is mainly due to our bad diets, huge sugar intake, lack of minerals, and other preventable factors. Read the article Bone Health as this applies to your teeth as well.

What are some of the symptoms of gum problems? Receding gums, and spaces between your teeth, where there were no spaces before. Bleeding gums, especially when you brush your teeth. Bad breath can have several causes, but one major one is gum disease. Red and dark gums rather than nice, coral pink colored ones are a major sign of problems. Loose teeth show a very advanced problem. You may not have any visible symptoms at all like these, and still have serious gum issues.

How can you tell? Have your dentist or dental hygienist measure the pockets between your teeth and gums with a metric probe. You must do this at least once a year when you have your teeth cleaned. Dentists are just allopathic tooth doctors, and they are wonderful for diagnosis and repair like fillings. Do NOT let them treat you with their surgery, x-rays, and poisons unless absolutely necessary. Like doctors, they hate natural medicine. They hate laser therapy, too. You have a cuff of gum tissue around each tooth called a "sulcus". This should only be 1-3 mm deep in healthy gums. If it is more than this it becomes a pocket, and only gets worse with time. Bacteria become trapped in these pockets and breed. This causes deeper and deeper separation of the gum tissue from the tooth. Eventually your teeth loosen and fall out. What risk factors are here besides ending up wearing dentures? You would think that is the only problem, but people with gum disease have more co-morbidities such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and shorter life spans. Bad gums can actually indicate an early demise! What causes these gum problems? We didn't have all these problems 50 years ago. Third world countries, with their serious lack of dental care, often have healthier gums and teeth than we do. That is a sad commentary on our culture. Poor people who may never see a dentist in their whole life often have fewer cavities, less gum disease, and less tooth loss. Our insane sugar intake of more than 160 pounds a year apiece is a most important cause here. Some of the things that contribute to gum disease are: heredity, mineral deficiency, lack of nutrients, smoking, hormone imbalance, omega-3 deficiency, low CoQ10 levels, chewing tobacco, some prescription drugs, poor diet, low immunity, not brushing your teeth regularly, poor tooth brushing techniques, lack of flossing, diabetes, caffeine intake, and eating red meat and poultry (which sticks between the teeth and causes bad bacteria to grow and flourish.) What does the dentist offer you? Your dentist is only going to offer you allopathic, symptomatic treatments that do nothing to address the CAUSE of your problem. He will probably offer you a prescription tetracycline-family mouthwash. This doesn't work, and causes your teeth to turn black. Mostly he will talk about "root planing" and "scaling". This is expensive, painful, and very ineffective. It doesn’t work! Don't fall for this shuck and jive root planning pitch. Talk to people who have had it, and they will tell you they were disappointed and misled. You will not meet anyone who recommends it. Lastly, your dentist will offer gum surgery which reduces the little gum tissue you have and exposes even more tooth surface.

What can you do to have healthy gums naturally? Eat better foods and stop eating twice the calories you need, five times the fat you need, 160 pounds of sugar every year you don’t need at all, and refined, nutritionless foods. Start eating healthy whole natural foods to bring your immunity up. A total program of diet and lifestyle in other words. Print out the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. Take All Your Minerals® and CoQ10. Mineral deficiency is a major cause of tooth and gum problems. Only All Your Minerals® has 17 minerals in the amounts you need. Take other proven supplements like beta glucan, flax oil, vitamin D, and glucosamine. If you have a serious problem you can take 200 mg of CoQl0 the first year- 100 mg in the AM and 100 mg in the PM. After one year drop down to 100 mg maintenance doses. Read the article Bone Health in our library, as this applies to your teeth and gums. A total program of diet and lifestyle is the only way to have healthy teeth and gums. All Seven Steps faithfully. Brush your teeth and tongue several times a day. Use a good antibacterial mouthwash regularly. Floss regularly. Buy a packet of  plastic floss “pickers” to make flossing easier.

In 2022 we now have laser therapy. Find a laser therapist with a 10-15W, 1064nm laser who has a tooth and gum protocol. You can do miracles with laser therapy. You can cure gum problems without drugs and surgery. You can avoid tooth loss and cavities. Dentists hate laser therapy because it means less money for them.

Unhealthy teeth and gums are merely symptoms of poor health. Think WHOLE BODY HEALTH, and not just teeth and gums.

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