Growth Hormone Supplements are Frauds
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Growth Hormone Supplements are Frauds

The HGH scams have been sweeping the country for years now. You see these ads on TV, on radio, in newspapers and newsletters, in catalogs, and especially on the Internet. ALL OF THEM ARE SCAMS- every single one of them. SeroVital® is the most popular in 2022. It sells for $99 but costs about $4 to make. Prevagen® was shut down in 2017 by the FTC. It is made from jellyfish!!! The only way to raise your growth hormone levels is to get real recombinant human growth hormone (HGH) from a pharmacy for a minimum of $1,800 a year (360 IU is 120 mg). Or on the Internet for about $1,200. HGH is expensive to make, only because it is a 191 amino acid strand. It is no more beneficial than any other hormone- just expensive. This must  be injected subcutaneously with a hypodermic needle. Air injector pens like diabetics use don't work because they shock the molecule and break it. Nasal sprays, sublingual, and transdermal means don’t work. You can use this sublingually in DMSO, but doctors cannot prescribe it. Pharmaceutical companies are working overtime to find cheaper "secretagogues" to raise growth hormone, but have been very unsuccessful over the past 30 or so years. The most promising of these was the six amino acid chain peptide "hexarelin". However, it proved to raise prolactin and homocysteine, and was a failure. HGH is only expensive because it is difficult to make. It must be refrigerated, has a short shelf life, lasts only a week after you add water (or DMSO), and it useless if shocked or shaken and the molecule broken. Every problem in the world.

No matter how many times this column warns about non-prescription, over-the- counter growth hormone supplements, it just doesn't seem to register with some people. Every week a new e-mail comes in asking, "But what about this one Roger?" NONE OF THEM WORK!!! You have to buy real prescription recombinant human growth hormone. You can find it on the Internet for $1,200 a year if you look hard. ALL THE ADS YOU SEE ARE FRAUDS!!! All of them. None of these over the counter products have any value whatsoever, no matter how well written they are. Homeopathic HGH is the biggest joke of all. If you see “X”, “XX”, or “XXX” on the label that means homeopathic, and refers to the dilution.

Do not even think of using HGH unless all your other basic hormones have been tested and balanced. Read that again. HGH is no more powerful than any other hormone- just more expensive. It is not a Magic Hormone because moron movie stars use it. Even if you can afford $1,800 a year, and are willing to inject it every day, it is simply overrated. Have you balanced your DHEA, testosterone, pregnenolone, melatonin, progesterone (yes, men need progesterone, too), T3 and T4? Ladies, have you balanced your estradiol, estrone and estriol? You must test and balance ALL your hormones, as they work together in concert as a team. Using expensive growth hormone, or any other hormone by itself, is very ineffective. Just because HGH is expensive does not mean it is a Magic Hormone with dramatic benefits. You will probably get a few mild benefits if you are over the age of 50. The published international clinical studies on HGH (somatatropin) are numerous, but not that impressive. The problems again are 1) EXPENSE, and 2) injections. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe transdermal DMSO solutions.

Even if you balance all your other basic hormones, you are also not going to get much benefit from HGH if you don't EAT WELL and live well! Diet is everything, and you have to eat whole healthy foods. A whole grain based diet is the healthiest way to eat. Diet and lifestyle will help keep your HGH levels higher. Please read my Macrobiotics for Everyone. Print out the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. Diet and lifestyle are what natural health is about.

How do you test your levels? Currently there are no saliva tests available. You would need four blood draws in one day to get a comprehensive picture of your HGH status since it varies so much during the day. A one time test is not a  reliable indicator of your daily HGH status. Some younger people can actually naturally oversecrete this pituitary hormone, and get horrible conditions like acrogomely, where their hands, feet and face are too large. Don't even think of using this unless you are over 50. Testing HGH is very difficult outside of a clinical setting unfortunately. Also, HGH levels literally go up ten times about an hour after you go to sleep. It is best to go by real world RESULTS here. IGF-1 levels can be tested with saliva, but IGF-1 levels do NOT accurately indicate your growth hormone level. Anyone who says they do doesn't know what they're talking about. Unlike all the other hormones you basically have to go by RESULTS here. If you use 1 IU daily, and increase lean muscle mass, lower body fat (buy one of those $40 electronic body fat scales), lower your cholesterol, improve your LDL/  HDL cholesterol ratio, strengthen your immunity, shorten your healing time, have more energy, enjoy more feelings of well being, get better exercise performance, stronger bones, better blood flow and circulation, and other such improvements you'll know HGH is working for you. Do not expect any dramatic improvements in any of the above mentioned parameters though.

HGH is not a Magic Hormone; it is merely expensive. It is just another hormone. Do not even think about using it unless you are over 50, until all your other hormones are tested and balanced, and your diet and lifestyle are optimal. Please  read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. It is no accident that cow (bovine) and pig (porcine) GH are cheap. Yes, some farmers give it to their livestock. It is collusion by the American and European pharmaceutical companies to keep the price high and stop Chinese HGH from being imported. Within 10 years we’ll have much less expensive HGH, but it will still have to be injected, and it won’t be cheap. However you can use it sublingually in DMSO, but doctors cannot prescribe this, nor pharmacists make it. Don't get excited about HGH for a lot of reasons.

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