Glycemic Index is Goofy! - This theory is silly on its face.
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Glycemic Index is Goofy! - This theory is silly on its face.

Many people really believe the glycemic index is scientifically valid. This foolishness uses white bread as their standard! This column has explained repeatedly that the glycemic index is too stupid for words. There are literally hundreds of keto books being sold. The promoters such as Axe, Gundry, Cordain, Colbert, and Mercola eat lots of animal flesh, but tell you whole grains "raise your blood sugar", and "give you diabetes". Read the article Paleolithic Diet. Also read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure to see that whole grains prevent and cure diabetes. One in three American children will grow up diabetic today. We only eat 1% whole grains! The advocates claim all carbohydrates are the same, and refuse to use the term "whole grains". They love that really useless term, "carbs". They actually tell you that simple sugars have the same biological effect on your insulin metabolism as whole grains do. Brain damage is the only way to explain such people. Notice they never, never, never have any valid studies to back this stupidity up. Billions of rural Asians over the centuries prove a whole grain based diet prevents diabetes, insulin, and blood sugar problems. The rural Okinawans are the healthiest and longest lived people on earth. Whole grains and complex carbohydrate vegetables are their staple.

At the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki, more than 4,300 real people were studied over a period of 10 years (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition vol. 77, 2003). Now, that is powerful, objective, and inarguable proof when you study thousands of men and women for a whole decade. They clearly found that people in Finland, who ate the most whole grains, had an almost two thirds drop in diabetes occurrence. To quote, "We found a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes in persons with high whole grain intake." Their conclusion was, "An inverse association between whole grain intake and the risk of type 2 diabetes was found."  What could be any clearer? The more whole grains, the less disease.

This means the more whole grains you eat, THE LESS DIABETES YOU WILL GET. This is based on thousands of real men and women for a ten year period. This is absolute and incontrovertible proof that the glycemic index is a crock promoted by idiots. There are many other similar human studies on diabetes and other illnesses. Living off animal fats, cholesterol, and animal proteins is a guaranteed early road to disease and death. Read the China Study article.

Whole grains should be the basis of your diet every day. Whole grains are the very staff of life, and have been for thousands of years now, since mankind stepped out of caves. Corn, wheat, and rice have fed man worldwide for thousands of years. A whole grain based diet can actually cure "incurable" illnesses such as cancer (read My Beautiful Life by Mina Dobic, or Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict). The typical American diet is almost completely devoid of whole grains, except for maybe an occasional bowl of oatmeal. We eat a mere 1% whole grains in America. Eat 100% whole grain bread instead of white. Eat whole wheat (or brown rice) pasta rather than white.  Eat whole grain breakfast cereals. Eat brown rice instead of white. Whole grain foods TASTE much better than refined ones. Folks, the mental defectives who push the glycemic index, ketogenic  and Paleolithic ("Paleo") diets actually claim eating brown rice is the same as eating white sugar! They actually tell you, with a straight face, that eating a bowl of oatmeal is the same as eating a sugared donut!  Who wants to use a caveman as a poster boy for dietary health anyway? Cavemen weren’t healthy at all, and had extremely short life spans. What kind of ideal is this? Prima facie insanity.

Why would otherwise intelligent people even listen to stupidity as this? There have actually been entire books written, such as Against the Grain, Dr. Atkins Revolution, Protein Power,The Paleo Diet, and The No Grain Diet that tell you whole grains are "bad" for you, and we shouldn't be eating them. Dr. Atkins was the most popular diet author in history. The advocates say we should be eating pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, milk (true Paleos don't eat dairy foods), butter, cheese, and other such fatty foods that cause diabetes, coronary heart disease, and outright cancer. These high protein, high fat diets actually CAUSE cancer and other deadly diseases. Any author, newsletter writer, speaker, or other "health authority" who yaps about the value of the glycemic index is letting you know they are prima facie incompetent, and have no idea what they’re talking about.  Please read my Macrobiotics for Everyone to learn about diet, hormones, supplements, and fasting. 

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