Garbage Supplements (2023)
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Garbage Supplements (2023)

Let's look at the nutritional supplement garbage that is being currently sold (in no particular order). 90% of the natural health industry, unfortunately, is made up of whores, liars, thieves, criminals, charlatans, and psychopaths, to put it politely. These people actually FABRICATE supplements that have no value. They then put out lots of stories and publicity behind them, so the public believes it. Don’t forget the fake “studies”.  It's always about money of course. They make used car dealers look good.

RESVERATROL is still an ongoing scam after all these years. Instead of feeding grape skins to pigs, they are now being sold to people at high prices. There is no science at all behind this, but there is endless advertising. The claims get more outrageous every year.

UBIQUINOL is junk. It is unstable and has no shelf life. No, there is just no way to stabilize it. Real Japanese coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) costs about $500 a kilogram, and you need at least 100 mg a day. Skin creams or toothpaste need at least 0.5% clearly stated on the label. Ubiquinol is not CoQ10, is unstable, has no shelf life, and no reputable company will sell it. All those newsletter doctors are crooks. Read our article CoQ10 Frauds. “Trans CoQ10” (ubiquinol) is the latest fraud.

CHONDROITIN is another massive scam. Chondroitin has no value, as it cannot be absorbed by the intestines. If a surgeon injects USP chondroitin into your aging joints it will have benefits, but not orally. No surgeons do this though. Read the article under C.

LYCOPENE is useless, as proven by published blood serum studies in tens of thousands of men. Anyone who sells you lycopene is a liar, a fool, or both. Read the Lycopene  article in our library. Another massive scam. The "studies" are just paid ads.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline) is more garbage sold by the likes of Life Extension and Suzanne Somers. The “studies” are meaningless cell tests.

COCONUT OIL- This is a saturated fat, and not a good choice at all even for cooking.

ASTAXANTHIN is a minor carotenoid with no science behind it at all. Junk.

POLICOSANOL is just octacosanol in new clothes, with a new name. It will not lower your cholesterol, no matter how much you take. It has almost disappeared.

KOMBUCHA MUSHROOMS just won't go away. Useless. You see this crap in almost every natural food store in the cold drink section. The grocery stores also stock lots of it. Shows how stupid people are. Read the article under K.

GROWTH HORMONE SECRETAGOGUES don't work. Do you really think a $39.95 OTC pill is going to raise your GH? Real injectable GH costs about $1,800 a year, There is no such thing as oral GH or OTC GH “secretagogues”. SeroVital® is still on TV!!! Read the GH Supps article.

Krill Oil (or squid oil, or hemp oil or chia oil) have low percentages of omega-3 fatty acids, are expensive, and almost never refrigerated, as it must be. Refrigerated flax oil is the real deal. (Read the article Flax Oil is Amazing.)

Testosterone Boosters have no value at all. Tongkat ali, Tribulus terresis, fenugreek, Aging Male®, Nugenix®, and the rest are useless.. Anyone who advocates these  should be shot in the public square.

Yes, people really are that stupid to buy things like this. Read my book Testosterone Is Your Friend. You need transdermal or sublingual real pharmaceutical testosterone if your level is low.

JELLYFISH FOR ALZHEIMER'S is on TV all the time. Prevagen® has no value at all, but makes scientific claims to prevent Alzheimer's and cognitive decline. Use PS and pregnenolone, and avoid all sweets and sugars. Read Alzheimer’s article.

SAW PALMETTO is still being sold for prostate health. The berries contain a mere 1 part in 3,000 of plant sterols. You'd have to eat about 3,000 capsules a day.

CHELATION, oral or injected, is a scam. Try sodium alginate tablets for six months. This is a safe seaweed extract that binds with heavy metals.

CHRYSIN doesn’t lower estrogen levels, or do anything else beneficial.

COLLOIDAL SILVER has almost disappeared. Colloidal silver does have EXTERNAL antiseptic properties, but is useless when taken internally.

MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) is still being sold to the gullible. Folks, this doesn't work, never did work, and never will work. Please read the article Bone Health.

ORAL SOD is worthless and comes from melons!!! You would have to inject or use a nasal spray with real superoxide dismutase. Neither are available. Real SOD is expensive, and stated in PIU (pyrogallol inhibition units), not mg, IU, or any other way.

MODIFIED CITRUS PECTIN is a real laugh. Regular old cheap citrus pectin is very effective, as is apple pectin. You sure don't need to "modify" a soluble fruit pectin. More crooks selling inexpensive pectin at extortionate prices. Anything for money.

HYALURONIC ACID taken orally is broken down in the stomach. Useless. The topical creams don’t do anything but hydrate the skin. That’s why we don’t sell one.

SPIRULINA and CHORELLA are more laughs. These algaes have been around for three decades, and people are still buying them. Not one single valid published study. 

NAD+ hit in 2018. Pseudo science. Worthless. Fake studies behind it. Also NMN. In 2021 it has fortunately disappeared.

COLLOIDAL MINERALS just won't die either. This is just clay extract without any minerals in it. All Your Minerals® has 17 elements in the amounts you need. The FDAbanned vital, life sustaining gallium, germanium and cesium in their infinite wisdom. We had to remove all three even in 100 mcg amounts.

BEE PRODUCTS have been around since Abe Lincoln ran the country. If it comes from a bee, don't buy it. Bee pollen, bee propolis, bee jelly, bee whatever...

MACA ROOT is a barely edible turnip fed to livestock in South America. Useless. Selling it as "Peruvian ginseng" should result in a substantial prison sentence.

STEVIA is not a safe alternative to using sugar, honey, and other simple sugars. Using stevia and other sugar substitutes cause the same damage as natural sugars. Just get over your sugar addiction, and stop trying to cheat. Read the Sugar is Sugar article.

MUIRA PUAMA will not help your sex life or anything else.

POMEGRANATE and MANGOSTEEN products are just promotional junk.

CINNAMON overdoses for diabetes don’t work. Cinnamon is a great spice though.

WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS like green coffee beans and CLA are all worthless. None of them work, or obesity would be cured. Billions of dollars every year wasted on this stuff. You lose weight by making better food choices. Use diet and exercise.

NATTOKINASE has no value, and no science behind it. Natto is a fine condiment, but Westerners do not like it. It is merely a fermented soy product. It disappeared.

ORAL B-12 cyanocobalamin cannot use taken orally. You must use 1 mg of methyl cobalamin. This is what we put in All Your Vitamins®.

R-ONLY LIPOIC ACID is a joke. All the studies use reglar R,L lipoic acid.

5-HTP worthless hydroxytryptophan is still around.

7-KETO DHEA is another scam. If you prove your DHEA level is low just take regular, plain, cheap, over-the-counter DHEA tablets. It disappeared as well.

MALE SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT products. Any man who buys these needs psychiatric care. Do you really think you’ll regain your sexual potency by taking some $39.95 OTC pill? Good sex depends on GOOD HEALTH and good relationship. Read the Male Sexual Dysfunction article.

FEMALE SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT products. See the above. Good health, good relationship, and good psychological and emotional balance are the keys here. Read the Female Sexual Dysfunction article. 

HOMEOPATHIC remedies contain no actual ingredients whatsoever. That's a scientific fact, and readily admitted to by proponents of homeopathy. These delusional fools have had over 100 years to prove their case. They have failed miserably.

VITAMIN C MEGADOSES will make your blood acidic and ruin your health. Take no more than 250 mg of vitamin C, which is 400% of what you need. Overdoses of anything are harmful including oxygen, sun, food, water, fun, sex, or religion.

ARGININE is still popular after all these years. All the “studies” are done with poor, heavily overdosed, injected rats. No value at all.

WHEY PROTEIN is almost always full of indigestible lactose and toxic casein. Whey is a waste product from cheese manufacturing. Americans already eat TWICE the protein they need in the first place. A low protein diet is proven to promote health and longevity. High protein diets ruin your kidneys and promote cancer.

SUCRALOSE (aka Splenda®) should be banned for human or animal use. This is a halogenated toxin with chlorine. It is anything but a safe and proven alternative to regular sugars. It is not “made from sugar” at all; it is a synthetic and harmful chemical. In 2020 you see it is countless products because it is cheaper than sugar. Read your labels!!!

VITAMIN D OVERDOSES over 1,600 IU/40 mcg. The RDA is now 800 IU/20 mcg. This is simply too high, and 400 IU/10mcg would be more correct. The elderly and sickly could take 1,600 IU40/mcg This is a fat soluble hormone (it’s not a vitamin) that is stored in the body. High doses are toxic.

BEET PRODUCTS- anything to do with beets.

CANOLA OIL was never meant for human consumption and comes from heavily modified rapeseed plants. There are no "canola" plants. This contins toxic erucic acid. Do not use canola oil or buy products that contain it.

There are only about 18 proven permanent endogenous (in your body and/or your daily food) supplements recommended in my books. They include beta glucan, CoQ10, beta-sitosterol, lipoic acid, NAC, PS, vitamin D, vitamin E, beta carotene, a complete vitaminand mineral supplement, flax oil, acidophilus, FOS, quercetin, soy isoflavones, DIM, glutamine, sulforaphane, and glucosamine.

If you are over the age of 40, you'd do well to take all of them. This is in addition to the hormones you would need personally. If you are under 40, there are only about 8 youshould take. Please read the article Supplements for Younger People. We offer a convenient pack of all eight supplements for those under 40. Vitamins, minerals, FOS, acidophilus, beta glucan, vitamin D, and vitamin E, and flax oil. We offer a pack of  18 supplements over 40 as well.  Please read my booklet The Supplements You Need, and the articles Serious Supplement Program and Balance Your Hormones.

p.s. in 2022 various Magic Supplements are being promoted for influenza. There is no"Covid-19" Chinese bioweapon bioengineered deadly virur! It's just the normal seasonal, regular, plain old flu. HCQ, Remdesivir, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, over-doses of vitamin D, quercetin, and Merck's oral (molnupiravir) Covid pill are all useless. Science cannot treat any form of virus successfully.

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