Food Allergies - Basic facts about our allergies to common foods.
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Food Allergies - Basic facts about our allergies to common foods.

We all have multiple and unknown food allergies. The best description for why we cannot properly digest our normal daily foods is "leaky gut syndrome.” Here, our intestines are weak, and allow toxins into our blood. Read the Good Digestion and Colon Health articles. Unfortunately, there is no reliable scientific way to test for these intolerances to common foods. All the blood and skin tests you read about simply don't work. That's right, none of them work, so don't waste your money. There are no valid allergy tests. Period. Muscle testing (kinesiology) is a joke, accepted by the naive and gullible. IgG Elisa is a worthless scam. In the next 20 years we will find a way to accurately test our food allergies using blood, skin, or (ideally) a body field test similar to brain wave (EEG) measurement. Yes, there are a few sensitive people who can use a pendulum for testing, but this is in the realm of psychic phenomenon, and not science.

There are only a few basic food groups, so let's see which of them have the most common allergens...

Allergies to grains are almost unknown, despite the usual rant about wheat and corn allergies and gluten intolerance. Read the article Gluten Free Insanity. Grains, as a group, are the least allergenic, and most compatible of all foods, by far. Whole grains are the staff of life, and should be the very basis of your diet. The extremely rare people (if there are any) who feel they cannot digest gluten can simply avoid wheat, barley, and rye until their digestive systems are stronger. Read the Wheat Baloney article. Rice, corn, oats, and buckwheat have no gluten. Bean allergies are also extremely rare, despite the unfounded claims of soy allergies. Billions of Asians prove this. Westerners eat so little soy foods, this really doesn't apply anyway. The most common soy food for us is soy milk. If people don't like soy, they can simply use rice, oat, cashew, flax, or almond milks instead. Find a brand you enjoy, and you will come to prefer it to dairy milk. Read the Soy is Good Food article.

Most vegetables are well digested by most everyone. It is good to avoid the Nightshade vegetables, and use them only occasionally. This include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers. They contain large amounts of toxic solanine, and other dangerous alkaloids  (read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone for more discussion of these). Vegetables with high amounts of oxalic acid should also be avoided. This would include such vegetables as spinach and Swiss chard. We need to eat far more green and yellow vegetables. Don't eat tropical vegetables like yucca unless you are of tropical genetics living in a tropical area.


Many people have candida yeast overgrowth in their intestines, which makes them sugar intolerant. Diabetes and insulin resistance are epidemic in the West largely due to intake of ALL sugars. Americans swill down over 160 pounds of various sweeteners every year. All such people should avoid sweeteners, even natural ones, such as fruit juice, molasses, sorghum, honey, agave, and maple syrup. That means stevia, sucralose and other substitutes as well.  Such sugar sensitive people should not eat fresh fruit, dried fruit, or drink fruit juice. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Period. (Read the article Sugar is Sugar). All sugars are "natural" if you stop to think about it- white sugar simply has the molasses removed. Raw sugar and agave nectar are jokes with high price tags. Tropical fruits are much more allergenic than temperate fruits, and should only be eaten by tropical races in tropical climates. Indians in south India should eat mangoes and bananas. Europeans in America should not. Read the article Fruits Have No Nutrition. You really don't need fruit in your diet at all. Fruit is basically water and sugar with almost no nutrition.

Beef is rarely allergenic, but is obviously not a good food choice due to the animal proteins, saturated fat, and cholesterol content. Pork is more allergenic, and lamb even more allergenic. Poultry and eggs are the worst. These are the most allergenic of animal foods. Americans consume large amounts of chicken, turkey, and eggs. This is another major cause of their epidemic disease rates. Stop eating poultry and eggs. Chicken is not a health food. Read the article Eggs are Bad Food to see how science proves they cause cancer. Carnosine and any form of carnitine (ALC, propionyl carnitine, etc.) are animal proteins, and should be avoided by vegans and vegetarians.

Fish and seafood is a good choice for most people, who do not want to be vegetarians. There are a few people who are allergic to seafood, however, and should not eat it. If you feel you react negatively to fish and seafood, then take it out of your diet. Sea vegetables ("seaweed") contain such extreme amounts of iodine that many people cannot tolerate them, except occasionally. Americans eat almost zero seaweed anyway.

The very worst allergen on the face of the earth is milk and dairy foods. All adults of all races are lactose intolerant, especially blacks, Amerindians, and Asians. Everyone is lactose intolerant. Everyone loses the enzyme lactase after three years of age. The dairy protein casein is also very deleterious, and  proven to promote cancer. Take milk and all dairy products completely out of your life. Use soy or other vegetable milks, soy yogurt, vegetable meltable cheeses, and other such foods. You'll come to prefer them. If you do only one  thing to change your diet it would be to remove all dairy products. Period. Dairy is poison, even the lactose-free types. Read the article Milk Will Kill You. Go to for more information.

Nuts need a special mention. There is no botanical food group known as "nuts" or "tree nuts", so there is no allergy to nuts per se. There is no such thing as nut allergy. People who talk about "nut allergies" or “tree nuts” are nuts! Pecans are completely unrelated to cashews, are complete-ly unrelated to walnuts, etc. All tree nuts are unrelated botanically. The real problem is peanuts. which are one of the ten most allergenic foods known. Don’t eat peanuts or peanut butter except rarely.  Peanuts are tropical legumes, and not nuts anyway. Avoid peanuts and peanut products.

You can strengthen your intestines by EATING WELL, not having bad habits such as alcohol, coffee, deserts and chocolate, and taking the supplements acidophilus, FOS and L-glutamine. Eat only two meals a day. Fast one day a week on water from dinner to dinner. Do the TMG program for six months (Rejuvenate Your Liver article). Please see the library for articles on all these sub-jects. The macrobiotic diet is the least allergenic of all. Everyone has unknown food allergies, and many of the effects are delayed and subtle. Everyone is unique biologically. It will be a long time before we can scientifically and accurately test for food allergies. Again, read the articles Good Health Begins With Good Digestion and Colon Health. Ninety per cent of our immunity comes from our digestive system. The stronger your digestive system is, the less allergenic you will be. Do the Good Health program for one year. Diet and lifestyle are the only answer to food allergies.

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