Female Sexual Dysfunction
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Female Sexual Dysfunction

The great majority of women around the world have sexual problems with arousal, desire, orgasm, and fulfillment. About 20% of women cannot orgasm sadly enough. We speak of male sexual “performance” and female sexual “satisfaction”. Always remember that sex is 90% psychology, and only 10% biology. This is especially true with women. Psychology, emotions, feelings, and relationship are everything to women when it comes to physical intimacy. This is central. Good relationships equal good sex. Good health equals good sex. Unhealthy people, with poor relationships, are never going to enjoy good intimacy. Female sexual dysfunction is far worse than male dysfunction for these very reasons. For women, good relationship is everything. “Love to a man ‘tis a thing apart; ‘tis a woman’s whole existence”. Men can have casual sex with no guilt or recriminations. Women can’t. Your poor old author is no Dr. Phil, and cannot counsel you on relationships. We are not going to deal with the psychology of intimate relations. We can only deal with the biological factors. Women are much more hormonally influenced than men are. Hormones affect women much more than men. Hormones affect women's sexual satisfaction far more than men. Women have more hormones to balance than men, including estradiol, estrone, estriol, (and even LH, FSH, and prolactin). Let’s look at the many various factors that affect women sexually.

AGE. This is the biggest factor. As people age, they lose sexual desire and sexual enjoyment. This is a natural part of aging. This can be extended, but not changed.

HORMONE BALANCE. This includes testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, T3, T4, estradiol, estrone, and estriol. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to test prolactin as well. Always remember hormones work in concert as a team harmoniously together. Read the article Balance Your Hormones.

 DIET. Americans have about the worst diets in the world. We eat twice the calories we need, twice the protein we need, eight times the fat we need, only 1% whole grains, plus 160 pounds of various sugars every year. Overfed and undernourished. Did you know, for example, vitamin D3 is strongly correlated with female sexual dysfunction?

LOW TESTOSTERONE. Testosterone is very important here. However, testosterone has been overemphasized for women. There is an overabundance of published studies on this. It is not a Magic Hormone, or a Magic Cure. Testosterone must be midrange, and not too high or too low. Use a saliva test kit for your free (unbound) level. Look for about 40 on the ZRT scale.

LOW DHEA. DHEA is also very important. Again, you must be midrange and not too high or too low. Use a saliva kit. Look for about 3 on the ZRT scale.

MENOPAUSE and hysterectomy (surgical menopause). One third of American women will choose to be castrated at an average age of 40. Yes, "choose"; the doctor doesn't force them to do it. This is insanity, and unbalances their endocrine system and destroys  their health. Almost none of this is necessary. Read Don't Get a Hysterectomy article.

PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome is an epidemic in Western women. Here the ovaries have numerous small cysts. This is a precursor to malignancy. Get a safe, cheap effective sonogram. Read the PCOS Epidemic article.

OBESITY. One third of Americans are outright obese. There is no excuse for this. Fat women have poor self image, bad relationships, and unsatisfying sexual relations. Obesity and overweight equals poor sex. If you want sexual satisfaction, then lose weight. Just make better food choices, and you can be slim yet eat all your want of healthy natural food. Diet and exercise are the ONLY way to lose weight.

BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEMS. These are epidemic, including high blood sugar, high insulin, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and outright diabetes. High blood sugar and insulin levels cause bad sex. This comes basically from our annual consumption of 160 pounds of various sugars. Read the Sugar is Sugar article. High blood sugar causes shorter lifespan and poor quality of health. Diabetics are known to have serious sexuality issues. Read my diabetes book.

LOW ESTRIOL. Doctors do not have the word “estriol” in their vocabulary, and know nothing about it. Low estriol is an epidemic in civilized countries. Most all overweight women are low in this. Use a good cream with 170 mg per 2 oz jar (0.30%) from the Internet for under $20. Read the two articles on estriol under E. Rural Asian women tend to have higher estriol levels.

HIGH ESTRADIOL (E2) AND ESTRONE (E1). Western women have very high levels of E1 and E2 generally. The idea of  “estrogen deficiency” is ridiculous. Read the  Estrogens in Men and Women article. Diet and lifestyle lower E1 and E2. Rural Asian women tend to have lower E1 and E2 levels.

LOW PROGESTERONE. Half of American women over 35 are anovulatory, infertile, and no longer produce progesterone. Many women under 35 are low in progesterone. Just use this according to your monthly cycle or menstrual status.  Read my book Natural Health for Women. Good progesterone cream is only $10 a jar.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, especially the psychiatric and anti-depressive ones. Also, all opiates will cause serious problems over time. The number of American women on psychotropic drugs is staggering and growing. 1 in 3 American women over 50 are on some type of psych med. You cannot poison your way to health. Read the article Most Medicated Nation. Get off all prescription drugs, and cure your problems naturally.

HIGH PROLACTIN. This can only be lowered by diet and lifestyle. You can get a real blood test on the Internet without a doctor at websites like www.walkinlab.com. There are no saliva kits for this in 2020.

HIGH CHOLESTEROL. High cholesterol and triglycerides are epidemic in America. These are clearly correlated with heart disease, early death, poor quality of life, and sexual dysfunction. You should have levels of about 150 total cholesterol and triglycerides under 100. Read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs.

LOW THYROID. Low thyroid function is an epidemic in developed countries. Get your free T3 and T3 done. You must be midrange, and not merely, “in range”. You can do this at online clinics like www.walkinlab.com without a doctor.  Hyperthyroid is very rare. Read Thyroid Balance article.

THE PILL. All birth control pills contain toxic ethinyl estradiol, and a toxic progestin of some kind. These unbalance the overall hormonal mileu. Tubal ligation is a much better alternative, and is reversible.

HYPERTENSION. Yet another Western epidemic. The most common medical condition in the world. Read my book Lower Blood Pres-sure Without Drugs. Diet and lifestyle lower blood pressure. Think of “insulin resistance” as the main cause of high blood pressure. This is the most common medical condition in the entire world.

MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS and PMS. The monthly cycle should be problem free. Yes, women should not experience any discomfort or problems with this. Menstrual discomfort and PMS is very rare in rural Asian women overall, due to their diet and lifestyle. Read my book Natural Health for Women.

The research that went into this article is based on the last 30 years of published research. Good health and good relationship equals good sex. There is no way to get around this. Hormone balance is central here. Diet and lifestyle are the cure for sexual dysfunction. Do not buy silly junk Magic Remedies like fenugreek extract. Read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone. Print out the article Seven Steps to Natural Health and tape it to your refrigerator. Men should read the article Male Sexual Dysfunction.

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