Feed Your Pets Right - Love your dogs and cats by giving them healthy
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Feed Your Pets Right - Love your dogs and cats by giving them healthy food.

About one third of American households own dogs and cats. Almost all of these people feed their pets commercial dog food, because they don’t know any better. Commercial dog food is unhealthy junk, even the expensive brands. This includes the pricey refrigerated “natural” brands. There are almost no laws regulating pet food. The makers can put most anything in there they want to. Feed your dog or cat real food. Dried meat and animal products oxidize badly, and are full of free radicals. Isn't your dog or cat a member of your family?  Isn’t your pet a family member? If you really love them, feed them real food. It’s easy and cheap to do.

First of all, dogs and cats are carnivores by nature. Look at their teeth to prove that. They cannot be fed a vegetarian diet, or they will get sick and die. Buddhist monks in Asia feed their temple cats half rice and half fish, even though they eat no fish themselves. They realize cats are biologically different from humans.

What can you feed your pet that is practical, easy to fix, nutritious, and inexpensive? Lots of things. The best way is to feed them half whole grains and half animal products with a spoon of green or yellow vegetable thrown in. You can feed them brown rice, barley, polenta, or finely chopped whole wheat pasta, for example, mixed with chopped various lean meats and other animal foods like seafood, poultry, and organ meats.

When we shop for our food we shop for his, too. Often, expired date beef, pork, organ meats, chicken and turkey are on sale. You can get very inexpensive varieties of fish, especially when frozen. Eggs are too high in cholesterol. Like humans, they are not meant to eat dairy foods. There are a wide variety of organ meats you can buy including liver, kidneys, gizzards, brains, tripe, heart, and other parts. Vary these as much as possible. Keep rotating their diet so they get different foods.

You do not have to cook for your pet every night. You can cook, say, a pound of beef or pork and put it in the refrigerator. It takes all of a minute to chop this up well with a chef's knife and mix it with some precooked brown rice. Just warm it up in the microwave and give it to them. This costs us no more than 50 cents a day for a small 20 pound dog. What if you have a 60 pound larger dog? Isn't it worth a dollar and a half at most to feed them, keep them healthy and well, avoid vet bills, and have them around for as long as possible? Aren’t they part of your family? Don't you love them? Don’t keep pets if you don’t love them. You can also freeze some of their meals in plastic bags for later use. When we leave our Bear at the sitters, we have food ready to give her. When we just don't have the time to cook for him, we warm up a frozen meal.

You can, and should, give your dog and cat supplements just like you would the rest of your family. They will live longer, get sick less, have less vet visits, and be happier. What supplements work for dogs and cats? There is no clear science here, so we have to use logic and common sense. Younger dogs (first half of their expected lifespan) can take vitamins (All Your Vitamins®), minerals (All Your Minerals®), acidophilus, sulforaphane, beta glucan, FOS, vitamins D & E, and flax or fish oil- just like younger people You can add sulforaphane and glutamine. You must buy special dog acidophilus. Just Google this, for find a good brand. For older dogs can add CoQ10, lipoic acid, NAC, PS, glutamine, and glucosamine. This must be in proportionate amounts. If a dog or cat is 20 pounds give them one eighth of a human dose. If they are 40 pounds give them one quarter of a human dose. These are not expensive at all, since they will only need a fraction of what you take. Yes, they can do the TMG (Rejuvenate Your Liver article) program, too. They can also do the Good Health Begins with Good Digestion program.

Hormones are far more difficult. The very few vets who do this charge extortionate fees, but really don’t know what they are doing. There are only 40 vet schools in America, and they don't teach hormone balance. When they are old, you can consider melatonin, pregnenolone, and progesterone. DHEA, testosterone. T3 and T4 are more problematic. The three basic estrogens for female dogs are even more problematic. Vets can test blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Never castrate or neuter any pet for God's sake!!! This is Dark Ages insanityPets can be safely and inexpensively given vasectomies and tubal ligations. A castrated pet will never have healthy hormone balance or good health. People who promote castration (spay and neuter) are all insane. Go to www.nocastration.org to learn more about tubal ligation and vasectomy. It's almost impossible to find a vet who will do either procedure. Call the vet school closest to you for a possible reference. Would you castrate your human children?

If you were a dog or cat, wouldn't you want to be fed real food instead of chemical filled sub-standard commercial pet food? It really is cheap and easy to do this. Love your pets.

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