Fasting is Powerful - Water fasting is the most powerful healing metho
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Fasting is Powerful - Water fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man.

Fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man. "Fasting" means water only; there is no other kind of true fast. A “juice fast” is really a sugar overload juice feast. All the world’s religions have used fasting as a basic part of their practice. Few people fast anymore unfortunately.  In the New Testament Jesus said of a man who could not be healed, “This kind goeth out not, but by prayer and by fasting.” In the classic book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, fasting was one of the most central of Buddha's three strengths.

Catholics even gave up meatless Fridays, Muslims merely fast from sunup to sundown, and few Jews observe their fasts. You should fast one day a week every week for the rest of your life. You'll actually come to enjoy it. Just choose your fasting day and eat dinner one day, and don't eat again until dinner the next day. You’ll just be missing breakfast and lunch. If you only eat two meals a day you’ll only be missing a single meal. You should be eating only two meals a day. If an event comes up, just fast the day before or the day after, but never, never skip your fast. We fast on cruise ships, on vacation, always.

There is also a monthly two day Young Again International Fast on the last Thursday to Saturday every month. Please join us for that. The monthly date is published on our home page. There are two articles on fasting in our free library. Fast with Us in 2016.

Your poor, old author did a one week fast. This is almost impossible to do at home. There are some fasting resorts in the U.S. Also health spas that support fasting. The fast started the day before leaving so as to "jump start" things. So, the first day of arrival was the second fasting day. A 15 mile walk seemed in order, along with some weight lifting. The second day (day three of the fast) didn't go as well.  After the morning group three mile walk along the ocean broadwalk, (Hollywood, FL has a broadwalk, not a boardwalk) the rest of the day was spent lying in bed and watching stupidvision. During fasting you may sometimes find it hard to read, much less study or do anything that needs concentration. Do not drive. You are really not hungry, but would "feel" better if you ate. At other times you will be incredibly insightful and clear minded. The next four days went very well generally. This was literally the most important event in ten years. Lost weight and felt wonderful after seven days. Many people get a headache after just one day of fasting. Some get blood sugar fluctuations due to not eating sweets. Some get caffeine withdrawal. Most people get a coated tongue from all the toxins that come out. Just brush your tongue several times a day with toothpaste. Any negative effects show you are not healthy.

The director here was very unhappy with your author for walking, running around, and lifting weights during a fast. He is used to dealing with sick people who have literally gone into comas from exerting themselves. He is right that unhealthy people should not be exerting themselves physically. Walking is more appropriate for them.

Day seven of the fast came and I felt really good. There was an ELEVEN pound (temporary) weight loss!!! Please remember your author is six feet tall, weighs 170 pounds and has 18% body fat, yet there was a full eleven pound weight loss. Yes, most, but not all, of this was regained in the next month. The body fat however fell down to only 17%. Almost two pounds of fat gone. It is very difficult to lower body fat over 50 when you're not overweight. Very difficult since your very metabolism slows down as you age.

On the last day of the fast vegetable broth was taken. A half hour later a cup of pureed bean soup. Feeling fine, that was followed a half hour later by a small, simple macrobiotic meal of brown rice, beans, and a steamed vegetable. The next morning was a bowl of oatmeal with fresh local fruit and soymilk. You have to be careful breaking a fast as eating too much will make you feel uncomfortable.

This has been the most meaningful and beneficial experience of the decade. This was not about merely having fun, but rather enjoying the many benefits of real fasting. All the religious teachers of the world from Mohammed to Buddha to Jesus practiced fasting.

You might not want to live on water for a week, but you certainly can fast one day every week. You can also work up to join the Young Again International two day fast every month. Read Will You Fast With Us? in our library. Nothing is more powerful than true water fasting to heal. If you have a serious condition of any kind (except diabetes and blood sugar disorders) please consider this. A one week fast can actually save you from surgery and other drastic allopathic medical procedures. Fasting is not suffering; it is healing. This is one of the Seven Steps to Natural Health. Please read this article under S.

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