Complimentary Medicine is a Crock - Integrative medicine is a farce.
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Complimentary Medicine is a Crock - Integrative medicine is a farce.

One health buzzword for years has been "complimentary medicine". Many medical doctors saw they were missing out on big profits by not offering various natural supplements in their practice. "Complimentary medicine" is supposed to be the best of both worlds, where one combines tra-ditional allopathic (treat the symptom) medicine with holistic (treat the cause) healing. BULL CRAP FOLKS! This is just plain old butcher/poison/irradiate with a Smiley Face covering it up. You can't go up and down at the same time, and you can't combine the wrong way and the right way simultaneously either. Yes, doctors have a great use in diagnosis, mechanical surgery, and  traumatic injury. They even have a good use for  plastic surgery. Those fat-assed medical doctors, with their high cholesterol and blood sugar, who write those popular monthly newsletters love to promote "complementary medicine". They tell you to take natural supplements after you get butchered, poisoned, and irradiated. A good example is suggesting you take CoQ10 with your statin drugs. This is plain damned stupidity. Why take statins at all? They don’t work and make your health worse. Notice that the media just loves these kinds of people, and always makes sure they are prominent in the newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV yammering about how this is the, "best of both worlds". The mindless lemmings just keep lapping it up. Obese, diabetic, sickly Andrew Weil was the King of Complimentary Medicine. Read Dr. Andy Weil under D in our articles file.  His quality of life is terrible, yet he was held up at the poster boy of natural and com-plimentary medicine. He’s a licensed Harvard graduate medical doctor! In 2016 he is too dia-betic, too obese, and too sickly to continue the charade.

If you are on medication, and so brainwashed you think you "need" your medication, then you’re hopeless. Keep trying to poison your way to health. In fact, if you want to stay on your medi-cation you're on the wrong website in the first place. Please find one of those fat-assed doctors and pay for his newsletter, You'll notice our newsletter is free and it not an ad.  One lady with breast cancer wrote in. She was on Tamoxifen and two other toxic drugs after having a double masectomy. She asked what supplements she should take!  People that blind and uninformed are beyond hope anyway. You can’t undo that kind of damage by any means.

Well, what if you're on a medication like statins for high cholesterol, or blood pressure medication, or metformin for diabetes? YOU CAN GET OFF OF THEM IF YOU WANT. Prescription drugs make you worse, not better. Just throw them in the trash where they belong. Eat better, take proven supplements, balance your hormones, exercise, fast, drop any bad habits.  If you're on prescription drugs just tell your doctor you're tired of being poisoned and stop seeing him about the problem. Even if you’re on insulin and your pancreas is atrophied, you can dramatically improve your symptoms, and reduce your insulin needs. To see how to treat these and many other problems please see the library archives under the specific subject. The doctors love complimentary medicine because they get more business and satisfy most people's need to take natural supplements. Giving a patient megadoses of niacin (a terrible way to lower chol-esterol, by the way) with their statin drugs makes many people happy. Now they all think they're embracing natural medicine. Hardly. The blind leading the blind is more like it. Folks, natural medicine is about curing the CAUSE of your problem and not merely trying to blot out the external symptom by various superficial means. Natural healing is about diet and lifestyle, proven supplements, natural hormones, exercise, fasting, dropping bad habits such as coffee and alcohol- and not taking toxic, poisonous synthetic drugs. Your author has written ten books now and 150 articles, and sends out two newsletters.

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