Wholesale Orders

Items are sold in cases of 24 bottles/jars. You may not mix and match items in a case. For single case orders, UPS shipping to continental U.S. is $15 per case. In an effort to save our customers money, shipping for multiple case orders will be adjusted to reflect our actual UPS shipping cost. Priority Mail to Alaska and Hawaii is $25 per case. No shipments outside of the U.S. To place an order by email, just email us at info@youngagain.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Billing address and Shipping Address (if different)
  • Credit card number and type, expiration date, and security code
  • Items you wish to order

You may also mail your order information, along with your credit card details, check, or money order to:

Young Again Products, Inc.
310 N. Front Street #150
Wilmington, NC 28401

Product Price Per Unit Price Per Case Minimum once case per order
Acidophilus 8.25 198
All Your Vitamins 5.5 132
All Your Minerals 6.05 145.2
Beta Carotene 4.75 114
Beta Glucan Cream 8.8 211
Beta Glucan 8.25 198
Better Cholesterol 6.6 158
Better Prostate 8.8 211
CoQ10 16.5 396
Curcumin 8.25 198
DIM 9.9 237
Flax Oil 6.1 146.4
FOS 5.5 132
Glucosamine 5.23 125.52
Glutamine 6.6 158.4
Hair Again 11 264
Lecithin 5.5 132
Lipoic Acid 8.25 198
Melatonin 4.95 118.8
Milk Thistle 4.4 105.6
Miraculous Cream 13.2 316.8
NAC 7.15 171.6
Pregnenolone 50mg 6.6 158.4
Progesterone Cream 9.9 237.6
PS 15.4 369.6
Quercetin - 6.05 145.2
Retinol-A Cream 8.8 211.2
Skin Cure Cream 8.8 211.2
Sulforaphane 9.9 237.6
Vitamin D3 4.95 118.8
Vitamin E 7.7 184.8


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Young Again® is the only website dedicated to “preaching the gospel of natural health.” We show people how to get well naturally with diet and lifestyle. We’re devoted to promoting natural health and healing through diet, supplements, hormones, fasting, exercise, dropping bad habits and general holistic lifestyle.

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Young Again® only offers safe, effective natural supplements. We refuse to sell useless promotional products such as lycopene, resveratrol, chondroitin, homeopathics, saw palmetto, maca, MSM, ubiquinol, GH secretagogues, or any weight loss or male virility products. No one else exposes these frauds in the natural health industry but us. Young Again® is a calling, not a for-profit business. We’re here to make you healthy, not take your money.

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