What Will You Die Of? - The actual major causes of death.
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What Will You Die Of? - The actual major causes of death.

We’re all going to die, like it or not. We are all born to die. Even Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed died. While we are all spiritual beings, we are only on earth for a very short time, so let’s make the best of it. Life really is a brief flash of light in the cosmos. What are we going to die of? How can we live longer, and not die prematurely? DIET, calorie restriction, proven supplements, natural hormones, exercise, no bad habits, no Rx drugs, and weekly fasting will all help us to live as long as possible. Quality of life is in-finitely more important than quantity of life. Quality of life is everything. What can we expect to die of? The leading causes of death for Americans according to the National Center for Health Statistics are:

Cardiovascular disease is far and away the biggest killer of all. 1 in 4 will die of CHD. The fact we eat 42% fat calories in our food is the basic reason for this. The most important indicator of CHD health are your total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Also your CRP, homocysteine, and uric acid. Read my cholesterol and hypertension books.

Cancers of all types are the second leading cause of death. Prostate cancer in men, and breast cancer in women are the leading types. We could almost put an end to cancer with diet and lifestyle changes. Rural Asians have a fraction of our rates.

Lower respiratory illnesses like emphysema, asthma, COPD, and lung cancer are the third cause.

Accidents, especially automobile crashes, are the fourth leading cause. Almost 50,000 Americans a year die in auto accidents alone. Alcohol and drugs play a big part here.

Stroke and similar conditions are the fifth cause. The 160 pounds of sugar we hog down every year seem to be the prime cause of brittle brain blood vessels. Read the article Sugar is Sugar.

Alzheimer’s disease, aka diabetes type 3, was unknown fifty years ago. Now it affects millions of Americans every year. This is not to be confused with common senility. The causes for this recent epidemic are our diet and lifestyle, especially all that sugar we hog down. Read the article Alzheimer's. This is rapidly rising, and now the sixth leading cause of death.

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in America. 1 in 3 American children born today will grow up to be diabetic. The 42% fat in our food, epidemic obesity, lack of exercise, re-fined grains, and the 160 pounds of sugars we eat every year cause this more than any-thing. Read my diabetes book.

Pneumonia and influenza (flu) are the eighth. Covid-19 is a scamdemic, and the yearly flu death rate is the same as always. This is basically due to low immunity. Low immunity is due to weak digestion more than anything. Read Good Health Begins with Good Digestion article.

Kidney failure, such as nephritis and nephrosis, is the ninth cause. Dialysis machines and kidney transplants are obviously not the answer here. Our kidneys fail due to eating twice the protein we need, and other diet and lifestyle factors. Protein is the key here.

Suicide is supposedly the tenth cause, but a lot of deaths are not classified as such- even though they should be. Suicide actually is more prevalent that the statistics say. When someone has three times the legal blood alcohol level, and is driving over 70 miles an hour, that is not an accident- it is suicide. The main cause of suicide is depression.

Blood infection, or septicemia, is the eleventh leading cause of death. You hear very little about such a major cause of death. Low immunity again is the basic cause here.

Cirrhosis and liver disease (such as fatty liver) is the twelfth cause. Liver transplants are not the answer here. Our liver is the largest organ of the body (after the skin) and processes fats, drugs and chemicals. The main causes are the 42% saturated fat diet we eat, and the endless prescription drugs we take. Fats, alcohol, and prescription drugs destroy your liver. We take far more Rx drugs per capita than any other country. Read Rejuvenate Your Liver.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the most common medical condition in the world. Most of this is due to high blood sugar, high insulin, insulin resistance and stress. This is the thirteenth cause of death, but contributes to early death in many other causes. Read my hypertension book.

Homicide is the fourteenth cause, but much higher if you are African, and much lower if you are European.

Parkinson’s disease is the fifteenth cause of death. Poisoning people with prescription drugs is not the answer to this condition either. Again, diet and lifestyle is the cause.

Obesity contributes to every known disease and cause of death. One third of American adults are overweight and another third outright obese. We are the fattest country on earth. We eat TWICE the calories we need. Now children are commonly obese.

Prescription drugs cause far more damage than the purport to “cure”. You can’t poison your way to health. Americans hog down far more of these than anyone on earth. This very much contributes to both poor quality of life and early death. Read the Most Medicated Nation article.

Iatrogenic (from the Greek iatros or medical) caused death means the doctors killed you by making mistakes in treatment. 120,000 Americans are killed every year by doctor’s errors, and only 10% of these are even reported officially. Compare this to a “mere” 44,000 auto deaths every year. This means well over one million are actually killed.

All of these diseases and conditions could be reduced to a small fraction with healthier foods and lifestyles. Every year we eat more meals in fast food restaurants. Until we change the way we live, our quality of life will just get worse. Doctors, drugs, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy just deal with the symptoms of our problems, and not the cause. Make better food choices, exercise, avoid prescription drugs, take proven supplements, balance your basic hormones, drop any bad habits, fast every week, and your quality of life will improve along with the length of your life. Read Seven Steps to Natural Health.

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