What We Fear
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What We Fear

Sometimes one of our non-patients do not respond as well as they should to a sincere program of diet and lifestyle. Even with a good diet, proven supplements, hormone balance, exercise, refusing Rx drugs, dropping bad habits, and fasting, they just don’t make the progress they should. They are doing dramatically better, but just not getting cured like they should.

Every single time this has been due to STRESS of some kind. Every time. Sometimes they are in denial about the stress. Often the situation that causes the stress just can’t be changed. Stress can and will kill you faster than any other factor. Chronic stress is deadly. What are the causes of worry, what do we fear, why are we stressful in the most affluent country on earth?

Death is the very root of all fear. Now people are living in fear of the Covid scamdemic. "We  have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Let’s take a look at ten basic and common fears:

REJECTION- we aren’t accepted for who and what we are. We yearn to be part of some kind of group, and do not want to be alone. We want acceptance. We want to join the crowd.

ABANDONMENT- we fear being abandoned by our friends and family, especially as we age and lose our strength, mentality, mobility, and independence.

FAILURE- Americans generally have a very materialistic definition of success. Failure, not only as to possessions, but lack of status- such as degrees, titles and job positions- is feared.

SUCCESS-  it is ironic that we fear not being successful, and then fear losing whatever success we do achieve in our lives. Wouldn’t it be more productive to define success as happiness? Nothing fails like success, especially as we commonly define it.

BETRAYAL- we live in society where one third of wives and two thirds of husbands commit adultery. We need relationships based on trust and faith. Trust and faith are everything.

LONELINESS- The divorce rate now exceeds 50%. That doesn’t mean the ones that stay together are happy at all. Thoreau said, “most people lead lives of quiet desperation.” Most marriages are simply unhappy ones. Most people are unhappy inside despite outward appearances. Loneliness is one of the biggest issues of all.

ILLNESS- America is the most affluent nation on earth, as well as the sickliest. Poor people in third world countries are often healthier than us, especially in rural Asia. We live a long time, but generally have a very poor quality of life. We are the most medicated nation on earth  by far. Good health is real wealth. Without good health we have nothing.

AGING- youth is worshiped, and growing old is terrifying. We are about the only ones in   the world who routinely put their loved ones into nursing homes, rather than care for them in our own homes. We are upset just by merely looking at elderly people losing their strength and independence. The fear of getting old is a very strong and basic one.

LOSS- Even when we achieve possessions or relationship, we fear losing what we have.  You can’t enjoy what you have if you fear losing it. Security must come from inside. There is no outward security in life no matter how much money you have.

DEATH- this is the Big Fear, the root of all fear, the biggest and worst fear of all. The fear of the final end. The very idea of personal immortality is ridiculous on its face. We do have impersonal (not personal) immortality. "The drop returns to the ocean." We live in our earthly bodies, but we are not our bodies. We are souls. We actually see death as “the enemy” to be conquered. How silly! How ridiculous! Most religions play on this, and promise you will go to some Celestial Disneyland forever and ever. Here you will be with your friends and family in some endless cosmic celebration. There is no life without death. Life is the in door, and death is the out door. Buddhism, Hinduism, and original Christianity tell us we are beyond birth and death, that we are never really born as separate from the universe, so we can never die. Even in reincarnation you come back as a very different personality in a very different body. Most people are taught to face death like life, as victims- helpless fearful, hopeless, and resigned victims.

To be happy we have to live a life free of such fears. Meditation is one way to do this. The only real freedom is spiritual freedom. Spiritual, not religious. We must realize we are spiritual beings here temporarily on earth in physical bodies. Life is a brief flash of light in the cosmos. Realizing we are truly spiritual beings we are free of fears. Without a spiritual orientation we pass aimlessly thru life without a compass.

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