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There is a very sick disinformation organization known as the Weston Price Foundation. Their purpose in life is to give people cancer, heart disease, and other horrible diseases by telling them to eat red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Whole grains and beans are considered unhealthy. Soy is called a toxic poison.  They are really just puppets for the meat and dairy industries. The scary thing is that they are all too popular. The road to success is telling people what they want to hear. Just tell people what they want to hear, and they will follow you thru the Gates of Hell­­­. The late Robert Atkins is proof of this. Cordain and his Paleo Diet (read the article) is another one.

Their two directors are Sally Balloon and Mary Enigma. Their board of directors is a list of real looney tunes. A funny thing happened to them. One of their directors fell over dead of a stroke at only 41 years old from following his own inane advice. The world is a better place. When people lie, hurt others, and do evil, the world IS a better place when they die and go to Hell. No, that’s not mean at all. The world was a better place when Atkins fell over dead.

Weston Price himself traveled around the world searching for the healthiest people, and the longest lived cultures. Of course, he should have looked at Japan and Okinawa to find the healthiest, longest living people. The Japanese eat rice, vegetables, and fish basically. Back then, most of them were eating brown rice and no Westernized foods. They had a very low calorie, low-fat, high fiber diet, with no dairy, and almost no meat, poultry or eggs. The Okinawans are even healthier- the longest lived people on earth. He should have used these two cultures as his ideal. Again, they eat whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, fish, and very little meat or other animal foods. No dairy at all.  Instead he became irrationally fascinated with the Masai tribe in Kenya. Go figure.

The Masai raise cattle and eat beef, milk, and cow blood mainly. That’s right, cow blood is a staple. Unlike most Africans, they eat very little grains or vegetables. Their average lifespan is less than 44 years! That’s right, overall the men only live to 42 and the women to 45. He was also obsessed with Eskimos. He saw them as another standard of health. They have the worst longevity statistics of anyone in North America. They fall over dead at 64 on the average. Their health is terrible, and they eat almost no vegetables at all. He considered these ideal for health and longevity? What a psycho!

You should see the people who run this place. Sally Balloon is a matronly, sickly, and fat, with high cholesterol and heart problems. Mary Enigma is a strange mousey creature who looks terrible, too. It’s like these people are from another planet or something. They have an inordinate amount of influence. Why? Because they tell people what they want to hear. P.T. Barnum would  just love them if he were alive today. The great unwashed masses are looking for any excuse to hog down beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, ice cream, milk, and other high fat animal foods.

Weston Price emphasized animal fats, because he believed they have vitamins A and D. Beta carotene is much better than vitamin A, and is found abundantly in fruits and vegetables. Actually you just aren’t going to find vitamin D in any food in meaningful amounts. It only comes from exposure to sunshine. He kept saying the healthiest people ate, “very limited vegetable foods,” and animal foods were their staple. This is 180 degrees opposite of reality. Yes, he was correct in emphasizing we should not eat sugar and refined foods. Anyone can see that. Another disinformation group is www.soyonlineservices.com.­­­

Weston Price has an obsession with telling people soy foods are “poison”. Price claimed Asians really don’t eat much soy foods, and the little they eat is “fermented”. This is preposterous. The Okinawans eat a full 12% soy foods. Tofu is a staple in countries like Taiwan. Most Asians eat a lot of soy foods. Soy milk, tofu, and tempeh aren't even fermented!!! It wouldn’t make a bit of   difference if they are fermented or not. The active ingredients in soy are the isoflavones genestein and daidzen (and equol). They are not changed at all by fermentation. These are NOT “phytoestrogens”, no matter how many people use that term. They are flavones or plant pigments. Hormones and prohormones are only found in animals, not plants. Flavones are unrelated to hor- mones in any way, shape or form. Again, fermentation has no effect at all on isoflavones. Miso and natto are fermented, but basically only eaten in Japan. Tofu is coagulated, soy milk is extracted, tempeh is cultured, and soy sauce is a mere condiment. Tofu, however,  is not really a healthy food as it is so refined (read Tofu is Not a Health Food). Dr. Mercola is a big fan of Weston Price. (Read the Dr. Mercola article.) Mercola also wants you to live on meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products, but never eat any of those awful whole grains or even beans. He spends his life warning people about the “dangers” of soy foods and soy supplements. Mercola is very sickly, and like his mentor Dr. Atkins, will die prematurely. The world will be a better place when he’s gone, too. He lives in luxury like royalty in a huge mansion and does no charitable work. Another psycho named Kraazy Daniel is on the Weston Foundation Board. She wrote one of the stupidest books in the history of printing. The False Soy Story is just too ridiculous for words folks. An entire book devoted to misinformation and falsehoods. The book is so badly written it is pitiful. An entire book full of lies, fallacies, and misinformation.

Westerners just aren’t going to eat much soy foods due to cultural differences. Very few Western people even drink soy milk or eat tofu regularly. Natto, tempeh, soy flour, and miso are almost absent from the Western diet. You can get the benefits of soy isoflavones by simply using soymilk, or taking an isoflavone supplement. Get one with 40 mg of genestein and daizden. There are countless, endless  published, clinical, human studies on the benefits of soy isoflavones and soy foods in the international medical literature. The objective, human, published, clinical evidence on the benefits of soy supplements is simply overwhelming! There are too many studies to count. The epidemiological evidence on real people is just as overwhelming. Rural (not urban) Asians, who eat soy foods as a staple, have far lower rates of various cancers, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, hypertension, and other diseases than we do. Most urban Asians are busy trying to imitate Westerners. This isn't genetic either. Migration studies further prove if these people move here and adopt the Western diet they get the same, or even higher, rates of disease. People who eat meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products will get sickly and die early. Science has proven this repeatedly and overwhelmingly worldwide. They now call their sickly diet "Wise Traditions". They tell people all vaccines are made by Satan and are deadly, not just sickly. They then tell you the "proper" way to get vaccinated? They all have reserved seats in Hell for what they're doing.

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