Vitamin E is Great Stuff
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Vitamin E is Great Stuff

It was only almost 60 years ago that the medical profession even admitted that vitamin E was essential in human and animal nutrition. That's how backwards these people are folks.  Until about 1960 doctors and the FDA actually denied that vitamin E was necessary for our health. Today, we still get constant government and medical propaganda that vitamin E supplements have no value, aren't needed, and may even be "dangerous". That's right, we are even told that natural food supplements are dangerous, and can cause great harm!!! The medical profession and media work hand in hand to demonize natural health in order to promote medical doctors and their drugs. The accepted Daily Value for vitamin E is only about 30 IU per day. That's ridiculous. The average American intake is a mere 20 IU. This occurs in four forms- alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. The best source of all is whole grains, but Americans only eat about 1% whole grains. Let's say that again... Americans only eat about 1% whole grains. They should be eating 50% whole grains. Taking 200 IU is actually more than enough, but has great benefits in this amount. You can take 400 IU every other day. Taking more than this will thin your blood and interfere with proper clotting. More is not better; it is generally worse. Never overdose on anything.

People back in the 1960's, who ate natural foods and took vitamins, knew very well the importance of vitamin E supplements. They took it regularly, and didn't care if the medical profession recognized its value or not. Since that time there have literally been countless  published clinical studies around the world. These prove beyond any doubt that vitamin E supplements have numerous health benefits- especially for the heart, arteries and circulatory system in general. Now we are finding vitamin E is important to prevent and cure various cancers, especially ones like breast and prostate. Thousands of studies over the past fifty years prove how powerful this is, yet the media keeps telling you it is worthless, and even "harmful".  This is the same media that end-lessly tells you that your health is in your doctor's hands. If you get cancer you must rush to the doctor for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The media tells you the only way to cure cancer is to give the doctors  more money, so they can find a new Magic Drug to cure you. Anyone who tells you cancer can be cured by proper diet, supplements, hormone balancing, fasting, and other such means is a "quack".

Which form should you take? Which type of vitamin E is best? Be sure to take the natural mixed tocopherols with alpha, beta, delta, and gamma forms. Do not take the less expensive, synthetic alpha-only tocopherol. Also, do not take the tocotrionols from palm oil.  Vitamin E will cost you only $2.50 a month if you take 200 IU daily (one 400 IU every other day). We sell the natural mixed tocopherols with all four forms.

The fact that we have so many formal, published studies on a vitamin, that cannot be patented or profited from, is rather amazing. Make sure you take a vitamin E supplement with your other supplements to help insure a long, healthy life. This is a supplement for all ages, including children in the proper doses (an 80 pound child under 80 pounds should take half the adult dose, or only 100 IU daily, for example.) It is included in our Supplements for Younger People package. Please read the articles Serious Supplement Program and Supplements for Younger People.

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