Tom Has Cured Cancer - More on how Tom did it naturally.
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Tom Has Cured Cancer - More on how Tom did it naturally.

Tom was a man in his 60's who was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. What would you do if you found out you were dying of cancer? Well, 99% of people would run to the doctor, mortgage their home, and get radiated, butchered, and hideously poisoned with chemotherapy. The doctors also chemically castrate the poor men, so they often end up impotent and in diapers.  Your immune system is destroyed. Your quality of life goes completely to hell. The treatment is literally worse than the disease. Tom wasn't attracted to that approach at all. He read The Natural Prostate Cure, as well as Dirk Benedict's personal story of curing prostate cancer with diet, Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy. Tom stopped eating all animal foods including beef, pork, poultry, eggs, milk, and dairy in any form. This is the key to curing any cancer. He ate whole grains rather than refined ones.  He found out beans are a delicious staple. He ate a lot of green and yellow vegetables. He ate seafood, so he wasn't a vegetarian. Tom took the 20 proven supplements. He tested his basic hormone levels and took melatonin, progesterone and pregnenolone. His DHEA was fine, but his testosterone was very low. 95% of men over 50 have very low testosterone. He actually enjoyed eating this way.

Every doctor in the world will tell you testosterone is "poison" for men with prostate disease. They want to castrate either physically (they still do it folks right here in the U.S.!) or chemically with Lupron® and other drugs. Tom found out he had low testosterone, so he RAISED his level. Let's say that again in English so everyone will be clear about this. Tom had terminal prostate cancer, and a low blood testosterone level. He raised his testosterone level, instead of letting the doctors destroy it and leave him with less testosterone than a woman. It took a lot of courage on his part to go against the prevailing medical dogma.

Tom fasted one day a week on water by eating dinner on Friday and not eating breakfast or lunch on Saturday. He also would fast every month for 2 days. He stopped drinking coffee. That was tough! He wanted to live! You can believe Tom had his doubts about all this at first. His own wife did not support him in this, and wanted him to follow the doctor's advice and get butchered, irradiated, poisoned, and be the walking dead. His daughter supported him in this, and told him it was a good decision. God bless his daughter. He was still scared. His intuition told him he was on the right road. He listened to his heart. Always listen to your heart, instead of your thinking mind. After just 60 days he felt great, and knew he was getting well.

After about ten months of good food, proven supplements, fasting, and balancing his hormones, he finally got a CAT scan in desperation. I warned him this was radiation, and he should get a safe, effective sonogram, color Doppler, or MRI, but he got one anyway. Radiation just stimulates malignancy. The doctor could find no evidence of cancer in his CAT scan. Ten months and the cancer was gone. Tom was reborn.

Tom is going to stay on his diet, fast weekly, take his supplements and  hormones, and go to the gym now. He never exercised before. He enjoys fasting, as he now sees it builds character, makes you stronger, and even stimulates your spirituality, in addition to cleaning your body and helping you lose weight.

Tom has done the medically impossible- he has cured cancer naturally. Lots of our non-patients in the last ten years have done the same thing. You can, too. Take responsibility for your health. Cure the cause of your illness, and don’t try to cover up the symptoms. Tom's story applies to all diseases, not just cancer. Cure yourself naturally with diet and lifestyle. Health is real wealth.

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