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Supplements for Younger People - People Under 40 - Children and people under 40 need supplements, too.

We're always talking about supplements for the over-40 crowd, but what about younger people under the age of 40, and even children?  Children, and healthy people under 40, can benefit greatly from taking a few inexpensive, proven, natural supplements. If people under the age of 40 have a serious illness, they can temporarily treat themselves with the full spectrum of supplements older people would take. Younger people can sometimes have hormone imbalances, especially women.  If someone under 40 suspects a hormone imbalance, they can easily test their basic hormones. Read the article How to Balance Your Basic Hormones.  

All Your Minerals® is the first supplement everyone should take regardless of their age. Why discuss our own name brand supplement? Because it is the only one in the world with 17 real minerals in the amounts you need. No supplement company in the world puts out a good mineral supplement. You get All Your Vitamins® along with this, for the 13 vitamins you need. Children under 12 can take half tablets of both of these. All this for $6 a month? Wow!

Beta glucan is the strongest immune enhancer known to science. Everyone can, and should, take this. Adults and children can both take 400 mg. Please read my booklet What Is Beta Glucan? at Strong immunity is central to our health.

Flax oil beats fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids for a lot of reasons. Read the article Flax Oil is Really Amazing.  This supports good cardiovascular health. We have the highest cholesterol levels in the world. Our diets are very deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, but very excessive in omega-6 fatty acids. Adults and can take a 1,000 mg. Children can take one every day or every other day. Buy and keep refrigerated.

Vitamin D3 is really not a vitamin at all, but rather a hormone. You will not find significant amounts of vitamin D in your diet. Most people do not get out in the sun, so they don’t synthesize their own vitamin D. Take an extra 400 IU daily unless you are out in the sunlight regularly. Children can take 200 IU. This is in addition to the vitamin D in All Your Vitamins®. Read the article Vitamin D is Really Amazing. Studies show epidemic worldwide deficiencies in people of all ages. Adults should never take more than 1,200 IU total daily, and children never more than 600 IU.

Vitamin E is very deficient in our diets, since whole grains (the main source) are rarely eaten in our society. We only eat 1%! We should eat about 50%. Take 200 IU daily of mixed, natural tocopherols, not the single tocopherol, or the tocotrienols. You can take 400 IU every other  day. The benefits of vitamin E supplementation have been known for decades now. Children can take 100 IU (400 IU every fourth day or twice a week). 

Acidophilus, 6 billion units with 8 different strains, is a good way to feed the flora in our intestines. Our digestive systems are generally shot, due to our terrible diets, and intake of such things as animal fats, various sugars, refined foods, junk foods, coffee, alcohol, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, and food additives. Children and adults can take the same amount. Buy and keep refrigerated.

Take FOS (fructooligosaccharides) 750 mg daily to work with the acidophilus. Children can also take 750 mg. You can also add 1-2 g of L-glutamine to that for a stronger digestive system. Children can take 1 gram. 90% of our immunity comes from our digestive tract.

Sulforaphane is highly recommended as an addition to these eight supplements. Read the Sulforaphane article to learn more. 1 mg (1,000 mcg) is a good dose. has 339 abstracts on the benefits of sulforaphane under Therapeutic Substances.

That's about it for children and the under-40 crowd. Generally there is no reason to take CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, PS, NAC, DIM, quercetin, soy isoflavones, glucosamine, L-glutamine, beta-sitosterol, acetyl-L-carnitine. and other such anti-aging supplements. These eight supplements will provide a total of 36 different vital nutrients. We now sell this as a convenient pack-age of eight for only $55 called “Supplements for Younger People”.

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