Sulforaphane - An Amazing New Old Supplement
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Sulforaphane - An Amazing New Old Supplement

Sulforaphane has been known about for decades. It is contained in broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables in small microgram amounts. You're never going to get much in your diet. 1 mg (1,000 mcg) is a good adult dose. Children can also take this according to body weight (e.g. one half for an 80 pound child.) Until recently there wasn't enough clinical proof of its benefits. It was also expensive to produce. Now we have both a lot of clinical proof, and inexpensive sulforaphane. The new studies include both humans and animals. We will only quote some of the many human studies. Some companies offer 400 microgram capsules. Others claim a meaningless "30 mg of a proprietary blend", or use the term "precursor", or require "two capsules per serving."We have the strongest and cheapest sulforaphane on earth at $11.95 for 60 X 1 mg. How can a small company like us do this? At you can read the abstracts of 303 published studies. The fact it has so many proven benefits in human studies shows it is an overall immunity enhancer, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory- like beta glucan and vitamin D. It is really much more than that. Every year more and more studies are published.


In the International Journal of Food Science (v. 63, 2012) real people lowered their in-sulin levels and improved their insulin resistance in only 4 weeks, with no change in diet or lifestyle. Diabetics were simply given broccoli extract. This was a classic double blind study. Blood sugar, insulin, HbA1c, and HOMA (insulin resistance) were all measured. Toxic, ineffective, expensive diabetes drugs such as Metformin® just make you worse. Read the article Insulin is Making You Fat. Insulin also stimulates aromatase activity, which raises estradiol and estrone. High blood sugar, insulin resistance, high insulin, metabolic syndrome, high HbA1c, and diabetes are epidemic in Western countries. Sulforaphane is a powerful tool for preventing and curing blood sugar and insulin conditions. This should be standard medical treatment by medical practicioners.


Inflammation is an overall health curse for our health. This is the defensive complex bio-logical response of body tissues to harmful stimuli such as pathogens and irritants. In Food Chemistry v 173, 2015 inflammation in humans was dramatically reduced. “The consumption of broccoli sprouts modulated the excretion of biomarkers linked to inflammation.” Very sophisticated diagnostic tests were given to these patients to assess their inflammatory response. Reducing inflammation helps us to live longer, live better, and prevent illness.


Gastritis, ulcers and Helicobacter pylori infections are epidemic in Western countries. Two thirds of the world population have toxic H. pylori bacteria in their stomachs. In Cancer Prevention Research v 2, 2009 people ate broccoli sprouts daily for two months. They got dramatic results with their digestion with no change in diet or lifestyle. Doctors can do nothing here except give people toxic drugs, which only make them sicker. Read the article Good Digestion. This helps strengthen our digestion, reduce ulcers and improve digestive disorders in general. 90% of our immunity comes from out digestion.


In Experimental Biology and Medicine v 232, 2007 sulforaphane was found to inhibit cancer growth in people. This was done at the famous Linus Pauling Institute. This works by inhibiting histone deacetylase (HDAC) activity, which promotes malignant growth. PC-3 prostate cancer cells were inhibited a full 40% just by giving the patients broccoli extract. This is nothing less than miraculous. Why isn’t sulforaphane standard medical treatment for ALL cancers? In the Journal of Nutrition v 139, 2009 the same inhibition of HDAC was achieved for inhibiting cancer and malignancy growth. Sulforaphane is now officially classed as an HDAC inhibitor. “The ability of sulforaphane to target aberrant acetylation patterns, in addition to effect on phase 2 enzyme, make it an effective chemo-preventive agent,” the doctors stated. In another words, it helps prevent cancer.


Liver cancer is common in parts of China due to airborne pollutants. In Carcinogenesis v 33, 2012 Chinese patients were given a broccoli sprout beverage daily. In only 7 days their urine proved they were excreting large amounts of carcinogenic toxins such as ethylene oxide and benzene. Liver disease of all types is now epidemic over the world. In another study men with fatty liver disease were give sulforaphane for 60 days. Their AST, ALT, y-GPT and 8-OHdG were all measured. With no change in diet they found this to be, "highly effective in improving liver function through reduction of oxidative stress". Their four parameters were greatly improved. This was in World Journal of Gastroenterology v 21, 2015.


Prostate disease and breast disease are epidemics in all developed countries. BPH is actually pandemic. Prostate cancer is now the second leading cancer in men. Breast cancer is the leading female cancer. Men  were given sulforaphane after having radical prostatectomy (surgical removal)for six months (Cancer Prevention Research v 8, 2015). It took almost twice a long to double PSA levels in the treated group. In Investigation of New Drugs v 33, 2015 men with recurrent prostate cancer were give sulforaphane supplements. PSA levels fell, and doubling time for PSA was reduced greatly. Other studies showed benefit for breast cancer. This just helps to verify the other studies. Sulforaphane should be used to both help prevent and cure all prostate and breast disease.


Lung problems, especially asthma, are epidemic in the world today. Lung disease is a leading case of death. Asthmatics (Respiratory Research v 16, 2015) were given sul-foraphane for only 14 days. There were give very exotic tests before and after, such as "FEV1 response", and high resolution CT scans. The results were dramatic here, and broncodilation and other parameters improved greatly. Imagine taking this for a year. Why aren’t doctors using this for lung disease?


Everyone today breathes diesel exhaust particles, especially in Europe. These are very toxic, and build up over time. A human study was published in Food Function v 5, 2014. People exposed to diesel exhaust were given sulforaphane in fruit juice for a mere 4 days. In only 4 days their nasal white blood count increased 85%. This is nothing less than incredible. In Clinical Immunology  v 130, 2009 subjects were given sulforaphane to improve cure their upper airway inflammation. The doctors said, "Oral sulforaphane safely and effectively induces mucosal Phase II enzyme expression in the upper airway of human subjects." These kind of results are simply incredible.


Autism was almost unheard of until recently. The CDC claims 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are born with this now. Boys are four times more subject to autism. Doctors can do nothing here except drug them up with toxic poisons such as anti-psychotic drugs. This only makes them worse, not better. Children with autism were given sulforaphane (Proceedings of the NAC 111, 2014) for only four weeks. No change in diet or lifestyle was made. This was a very sophisticated double blind study with intricate psychological testing. The results were amazing...they, "had improvement in social interaction, ab-normal behavior, and verbal communication." Why aren't pediatricians and parents taking advantage of this? The medical profession has nothing to offer them.


It helps brain and psychological problems. Adult schizophrenics were given sulforaphane (Clinical Psychopharmacology Neuroscience v 13, 2015. Oxidative stress is central here. Sulforaphane has strong anti-oxidant properties. The patients were given sulforaphane for only 8 weeks. They were then tested with the very sophisticated Positive/Negative Syndrome Scale and CogState Battery tests. Their cognitive function clearly improved with no other therapies. This should be standard practice with mental patients, along with a program of diet, lifestyle, hormone balance, other proven, supplements, and not treating them with drugs. Toxic, dangerous anti-psychotic drugs insure they will never improve, and only get worse.


Now we have a long list of published human studies showing amazingly diverse benefits from simply taking an inexpensive safe broccoli extract. This is due to the ability to reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and enhance immunity. All adults should take this. Children can also take it. Your pets can take it. A mere $6 a month for something this powerful and effective.


(It should be noted some people with high aromatase activity cannot take sulforaphane, DIM, testosterone (or any precursor), DHEA, pregnenolone flax lignans, TMG, any form of carnitine, carnosine, and other natural substances. They will stimulate aromatase, and increase estrogens. You'll know this if you gain weight suddenly, and your pants don't fit anymore. An inexpensive ZRT test for estrone and estradiol will confirm this. Read the article Androgen Resistance in our free library.)

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