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Sugar Substitutes

Pleases read the other two articles Splenda Isn't Splendid and Sugar is Sugar. People around the world have become sugar addicts. Now we have sugar substitutes which are much worse. Sucralose has literally taken over the food industry, since it is much cheaper than sugar. All this has happened in the last fifty years of history.

For decades now various chemical concoctions have been sold as sugar substitutes. All of these have been toxic and unhealthy. We Americans eat immense amounts of various sugar, more than anyone else in history. The real answer is to quit scarfing down this 160 pounds(!) of various sugars every year. That's right, each American, on the average, hogs down over 160 pounds of different sweeteners each and every year. We have no need at all for sugar in our diets. The real answer is to just stop this sugar addiction. Fifty years ago we didn’t do this. No culture has ever done this. 1 in 3 American children born today will grow up to get diabetes, and we still don’t get it. We have the worst adult diabetes rates in the world. No other country has a diabetes epidemic like ours. Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure.

     There are now six synthetic sugar substitutes approved by the FDA.





     -Neotame (2002)

     -Advantame (2014)

Sugar alcohols, such as maltitol, are found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables.  Please understand that sugar is sugar is sugar. You aren't any better off using "natural" sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, agave, fructose, corn syrup, amazake, maltose, erithritol, xylitol, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, or any other form of sugar. They are all simple sugars, and eating excessive amounts of them causes disease and early death. Stevia (Truvia®) is just as harmful as the rest. All  sugar is actually "natural", including that ubiquitous white sugar that seems to be in everything we buy. White sugar is just decolorized cane juice. The drug corporations and chemical companies constantly offer us new synthetic chemical  substitutes. These molecular aberrations are not somehow "better" for us. SUGAR IS BETTER THAN CHEMICALS FOLKS! Isn't that rather obvious? Your body at least knows what sucrose and fructose and maltose and all those other sugars are. It sure doesn't know what those synthetic chemicals are though. Sucralose is now taking over as the leading sweetener since it is the cheapest.  We won't review the history of sugar substitutes, as most of them have been taken off the market. These were al proven to be dangerous, toxic, and harmful. None of them should have never been sold in the first place. They are always promoted as safe in the beginning. Just like the current ones.

We need to emphasize sucralose (Splenda®d). Even good old Dr. Mercola agrees that sucralose is toxic. He wrote a book on the subject Sweet Deception. Type in “dangers of sucralose” on Google, and see what you get.  Remember those "carbohydrate free" Atkins products? They were full of toxic sucralose. “Tastes like sugar, made from sugar”. What a lie! Sucralose is a synthetic halogenated chemical monstrosity full of chlorine. It is a dangerous chlorinated chemical abomination. It breaks down into even more synthetic and unnatural byproducts as we digest it. There are no long term human studies on sucralose, yet it has been approved for human use without reservation. You will see no real warnings on sucralose products at all. In fact the ads say it is "made from sugar", and it "tastes like sugar". Sounds pretty good, huh? Lies, just lies. Please read the article Sucralose Isn't Splendid.

Many people use stevia  because it is a plant extract. Natural does not mean safe. Belladonna, Jimson weed, strychnine, arsenic, and deadly nightshade are all natural. The FDA has refused to approve stevia as a sweetener. Finally in 2008 they agreed to approve the main alkaloid (Truvia®), but not the whole extract. Stevia is not healthy. Studies have shown that stevia, sucralose, aspartame, and all sugar substitutes cause the same damage- or more- than regular simple sugars do.  The body reacts to these chemical sweeteners in the same basic way as natural sugars, with the same rates of diabetes and other diseases.  Lo han (luohanguo) fruit is another plant based non-caloric sweetener and comes from China. The chemical is a terpene glycoside (mogroside), and 300 times sweeter than white sugar. Procter & Gamble owns the patent to this, which tells you all you need to know. Another example is SomerSweet®, which is made from acesulfame and fructose, and much worse than regular sugar. Airhead Suzanne Somers did that one. Xylitol (wood sugar) is not healthy, but makes a good nasal spray, mouthwash, and toothpaste. If you eat sugar or sugar substitutes you will suffer from bad health. Don't kid yourself that plant based or synthetic chemicals are somehow better for you. Erithritol is another bad joke.

Why is it that so many  people can be that gullible, uneducated, and naive as to buy billions of dollars worth of these toxins every year?  Read your labels. It’s bad enough to be a sugar addict, but even worse to substitute dangerous, toxic chemicals like this.  A good start is to stop eating dessert. Asians generally have no concept of “dessert” as part of their meals. Eat a bowl of good soup before your meal instead. Stop eating junk foods and sweets. Kick the sugar habit. Read the article Sugar is Sugar. Read my macrobiotic book. If you want to make a dessert, then get a macrobiotic dessert book. This is really a contradiction in terms since desserts are not part of the macrobiotic diet. You can make simple, elegant desserts out of whole grains and whole fruits, with no other sweeteners. Just eat whole natural foods and kick the sugar addiction.

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