Stop Eating So Much! - Americans are the only people on earth who eat
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Stop Eating So Much! - Americans are the only people on earth who eat twice what they need.

No, no one is going to ask you to go hungry. You can actually eat more food, and better tasting food, and eat less CALORIES. Really? Yes, you can eat whole, natural, high fiber, low-fat, delicious foods and feel better, live longer, and LOSE weight. Sounds impossible, huh? Not at all. Billions of rural Asians eat this way traditionally. We eat too much food, and we eat the wrong kinds of food; we just make poor food choices generally. You do not have to go on a "diet"; you just need to make better food choices.  Dean Ornish was telling the truth in his book, Eat More, Weight Less. You can actually eat more food and lose weight. For example, the rural Chinese eat more calories than we do, but are much slimmer. They eat rice (in the south), wheat (in the north) and lots of vegetables with little meat, poultry and eggs (dairy is not part of their culture).

There are only three kinds of calories- protein has 4 calories per gram, carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram, but all fats contain a whopping 9 calories per gram.  If you eat an ounce of butter (only two tablespoons) with almost 300 calories, it won't do much at all for your hunger. Five apples, on the other hand, also have 300 calories, but would do a lot more for your hunger. It’s fat that makes you fat, not food. Fat makes you fat!

The first thing to do is stop eating three meals a day. This is totally unnecessary, and a big waste of time, money, and energy to stuff ourselves three times every day- plus snacks. If you eat just twice a day you will feel better, be healthier, live longer, have less disease, have more free time, and save lots of money. Skip breakfast or skip lunch or alternate skipping either one as you feel like it. Just eat two meals a day. Don’t eat out, take your lunch to work, don’t cheat.

There are really only two books on calorie restriction, and both were written by Roy Walford (read the article on him under “R”). The 120 Year Diet and Maximum Lifespan are the two you should read. You can also read books by Dean Ornish, Terry Shintani, Michio Kushi, Robert Pritikin, the old Nathan Pritikin books, George Ohsawa, and Susan Powter. It is fat that makes you fat, not food. You can lavishly flavor your food without using butter, lard, and oil.

Another thing you can do is fast once a week from dinner to dinner. Just eat dinner every Friday, and then drink only water until Saturday dinner. All day Saturday you are free to do what we want without being bothered with meals. Or choose another fast day. This gives your body a much needed rest and time to heal, cleanse and repair itself fifty-two times a year. Join us for the monthly two day Young Again International Fast if you want. Read Will You Fast with Us?

Quit eating refined grains like white flour, white rice, white pasta, white bread and such. You will discover that whole grains taste better. Brown rice, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta all taste better. Eat green and yellow vegetables cooked in the various international styles, and you'll find they can be delicious. The Asians are the premier vegetable cooks. They flavor without fat. Beans are a wonderful food, and low in calories and fat. Fruit has no fat. Salads are wonderful if you use a low fat or no-fat dressing. You can make delicious low calorie soups. Seafood generally is low in fat (exceptions are high fat fish such as swordfish, salmon, tuna, and catfish) and calories. You can actually eat more food and fewer calories and lose weight. Your health will get better by simply making better food choices.

Take the proven supplements. Balance your hormones. Exercise. Fast weekly. The less you eat the longer you’ll live, and the better quality of life you’ll have. Calorie restriction is the most effective method known to prolong life. Read the Seven Steps article.

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