Splenda® (sucralose) is Not Splendid
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Splenda® (sucralose) is Not Splendid

In 2021 you will find even more sucralose and other artificial sweeteners in too many food items to count. Why? Because they're cheaper than sugar. Thousands of time sweeter than sugar, and cheaper to use. Sucralose (Splenda® is the most popular of all.) Sucralose is 60,000% sweeter than sugar. You must read the label on everything. It is even found in old favorites like Halls® Eucalyptus cough drops! You’ve seen the endless ads telling you that, “Splenda® is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.” No calories, and you can even cook with it. Sounds pretty good, huh? Well, it isn’t good at all!  Sucralose is a dangerous, synthetic halogenated chemical that is full of chlorine. (Halogens are highly reactive electronegative chemicals.) It is 600 times sweeter than sugar, yet cannot be digested. Doesn’t this kind of give you a clue? Use your common sense here. Do you really think you can make a toxic, synthetic, chlorinated molecule that is safe? Sucralose was invented over a quarter century ago- back in 1976- yet the FDA consistently refused to approve it for food use- until now. Yes, it sat around on the shelf for over 30 years because it’s dangerous. Financial pressure finally resulted in official approval of this poison. The FDA is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. Monsanto now IS the government. A quarter of American children eat these poisons and over 40% of adults (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics January 10, 2017). You now see artificial sweeteners hidden in many foods, including ones from famous so-called health food companies. Read your labels on everything you eat. The two largest natural products trade shows (Expo East and West) finally banned all products with sucralose. The natural sugar substitutes, like stevia, are also worse than regular sugars. Natural doesn’t mean safe. That's right, stevia will cause as much damage as natural sugars. Read the article Sugar Substitutes. Sugar is sugar is sugar.

Americans gobble up over 160 pounds of various natural sweeteners a year, especially high fructose corn syrup  (the cheapest). Now we are hogging down dangerous synthetic sweeteners. No other culture has ever hogged down so much sugar in the history of the world. Read the article Sugar is Sugar in our library. Of course we lead in world diabetes rates, and now one in three American children will grow up to be diabetic. ONE IN THREE CHILDREN WILL GET DIABETES!!!! It is even worse for black, Latino, or Amerindian children. Please read  my book The Natural Diabetes Cure. Sugar is sugar folks. It doesn’t matter whether you use sucrose, brown sugar, white sugar, raw sugar, sorghum syrup, honey, molasses, maple syrup, corn syrup, maltose, yinnie syrup, xylitol, sorbitol, fructose, or any other sweetener. It’s all sugar, and has the same basic effect. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Studies proven that the sugar receptors in out bodies react the same to sugar substitutes as regular sugars. Read the article Sugar is Sugar.

Merisant Company (Johnson & Johnson) owns the Splenda® trademark, and they have been sued in federal court by two different organizations for false and misleading advertising. The Sugar Association and McNeil Nutritional (who make Equal®) have both charged Merisant with misleading consumers about the real nature of sucralose. It is actually a totally synthetic chemical made thru a very complex, sophisticated process. It is not, "made from sugar" at all. This produces a substance completely unrelated to natural sugar. It can’t even be digested! In a CPSI poll, almost half of the people actually thought sucralose was a, “natural product”! That's how stupid the American public is. After hearing the advertisements, they really thought this was a perfectly natural, safe form of sugar. Sucralose now dominates the market for synthetic sweeteners, and it is outselling the top real sugar brands such as Domino®. This toxic crap is actually outselling the major sugar manufacturers.

Americans eat half of the synthetic sweeteners produced in the world. 5% of the world population hogs down half the sugar substitutes. Stop and think about that. We have one twentieth of the world population, but eat half the synthetic sweeteners. Again, this shows how stupid the American public is. Soon we’ll be eating a billion dollars a year of these poisons. Look at the short history of synthetic sweeteners over the last 50 years when they were first introduced.  Every time the FDA declared them “safe” and perfectly good to use daily. Every single time we’ve found out there was nothing safe about them, and they had to be banned. Every time. Why would it be any different this time? It isn't.

The makers claim sucralose has been, “extensively tested” in humans and animals, and it has no side effects at all. This just isn’t true, and no long term studies have been done, even though it was discovered over three decades ago. Why did it take the FDA this long to approve it? Why did they approve something like this? Please go to  the website www.truthaboutsplenda.com to read the facts. Even our old nemesis Dr. Mercola hates Splenda®, and has written a book called Sweet Deception exposing all this. Gotta give him credit for that. (Please read the  article Dr. Mercola under D). In 2008 Duke University scientists published an article (Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health) demonstrating sucralose is not safe, and damages the good bacteria in our digestive tract, among other problems. You’ll see more and more research like this come to light.

If you want to be a sugar addict, at least eat real sugars, and not dangerous synthetic chemicals. Avoid stevia, lo han, and other natural substitutes as well. You are literally better off eating white sugar than chemical aberrations such as sucralose. Try eating fresh whole fruit instead of sugared junk food. Take the concept of “desserts” out of your life. Asians and Africans don’t eat desserts; it’s not part of their culture. If you feel you must have a dessert, get a macrobiotic dessert cookbook, and learn to make delicious desserts with whole grains and whole fruits with no other sweeteners. There are several good books available. Vegans and vegetarians are notorious sugar addicts. They simply substitute sugars for animal foods.

We swill down over 160 pounds of various sweeteners every year in this country,. Plus massive amounts of synthetic sugars. We eat ten times more synthetics than anyone else. We don’t need any at all. We’re paying the price for that, too. One in three children in America will grow up with diabetes. America has gone insane. We’ve lost it folks.

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