Seven Steps to Natural health - There are seven steps you can take to
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Seven Steps to Natural health - There are seven steps you can take to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

There are seven vital steps to take if you want optimum health and long life. Do your best to do all of them. Without good health we have nothing.

  • An American macrobiotic whole grain based diet is central to everything. Diet cures disease; everything else is secondary.
  • Proven supplements are powerful when you’re eating right. There are only about eighteen scientifically proven supplements for those over forty, and eight for those under forty. Read the Serious Supplement Program article.
  • Natural hormone balance is the third step. Your fourteen basic hormones are described in my books. You can do this inexpensively without a doctor. Read the Balance Your Hormones article.
  • Exercise is vital, even if it is just a half hour of walking a day. Whether it is aerobic or resistance you need to exercise regularly. Ideally do both.
  • Fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man. Just fast from dinner to dinner on water one day a week. Do a two day fast every month. Go to a fasting center and fast for a week.
  • No prescription drugs except temporary antibiotics or pain medication during an emergency. The only exception is insulin for type 1 diabetics who have no operant pancreas. Drugs are worse than the illness. You cannot poison your way to health.
  • The last step is to end any bad habits such as alcohol, coffee, recreational drugs, or desserts. You don’t have to be a saint, but you do have to be sincere.

With these seven steps you can cure “incurable” illnesses naturally like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and others without drugs, surgery, or radiation.

The only thing you can add to this is prayer or meditation. Read the Affirmative Prayer article.

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