PSA Doesn't Work
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PSA Doesn't Work

The PSA, or prostate specific antigen, test does not work, never did work, and never will work. Now new variations of the PSA test are promised to work. They are just as useless. For almost 20 years now we have been telling men not to get a PSA test, as they are worthless. Now the very inventor of the PSA test, Dr. Richard Ablin, has finally come out and said the same thing. That’s right, the inventor of this test said is should be discontinued. He called it, “a hugely expensive public health disaster.” He further said it was, “hardly more effective than a coin toss.” There are many published clinical articles in the international medical literature that verify it is very misleading, and can even cause more harm than good. Men with low PSA can still have cancer (like General Schwarzkopf), and men will high readings be completely healthy. It is very easy to falsely raise or lower the PSA.  It is time for doctors around the world to completely discontinue this test. It was approved by the FDA after detecting less than 4% of cancer in patients. That’s right, less than 4%. This is prima facie stupid!

Dr. Gilbert Welch, at Dartmouth University, pointed out that for every man “saved” from prostate cancer with this spurious test, fifty men have to be treated unnecessarily with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Even the American Cancer Society had to admit what a medical

boondoogle this is. They studied 76,000 men over a 10 year period, and found that annual PSA exams made no difference at all in cancer deaths. That’s seventy-six thousand men over an entire decade with no lives saved. None, zero, nada, zip.

Even the famous New England Journal of Medicine admitted what a failure PSA is. They found that for every man successfully diagnosed with cancer with a high PSA reading, twenty healthy men were suspected of cancer that simply did not have it. Many of them got treatments they did not need, especially harmful biopsies. Never get a biopsy for any reason ever!

This is about money, this is about profit. Over three billion dollars a year are totally wasted on this test. The unneeded treatments due to high PSA readings add greatly to this expense. What can you do instead? Get an inexpensive, safe, effective, and accurate sonogram. Keep the black and white photo, and take it home with you. This actually tells you the volume of your prostate. Never, ever get a biopsy for any reason. If you want further diagnostics you can get a more expensive MRI or color Doppler. The “revised” PSA tests like the PHI (prostate health index) are just as useless. Just another way to soak the public for expensive medical tests with no value. It’s all about the money folks. Dr. Ablin said, “I never dreamed that my discovery  four decades ago would lead to such a profit-driven public health disaster.” Please notice he used the terms “profit-driven” as well as "disaster". He further went on to say, “The medical community must confront reality, and stop the inappropriate use of PSA testing.” He said this would save billions of dollars and, “rescue millions of men from unnecessary, debilitating treatments.”

This is the same “early detection is your best protection” hoax the breast cancer crooks use, like the Susan Konwomen crowd (read the article Susan G. Konwomen Race for the Money). The truth is PREVENTION IS YOUR BEST PROTECTION. Early detection is next to useless. An ounce of prevention here is worth ten pounds of cure. Breast and prostate cancers are mirror images in men and women. Both are caused by saturated animal fat intake more than any other factor. The inner cause is high estradiol and estrone (and low estriol levels in women). Worthless mammograms for women cause more problems than they purport to cure.

Prevent breast, prostate, and other cancers by making better food choices. Stop eating meat, poultry, eggs, and especially dairy products. Saturated animal fat is the basic cause of breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Americans swill down 42% animal fats in their diet. Diet and lifestyle are your best protection. Get a safe, inexpensive effective sonogram.

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