Pharmacist Cures Prostate Cancer - Naturally with diet, supplements an
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Pharmacist Cures Prostate Cancer - Naturally with diet, supplements and hormones.

Pharmacists are just as bad as doctors in promoting allopathic (cover up the symptom and ignore the cause) medicine. They basically just dispense poisons all day. They believe in covering up the symptom and ignoring the cause. They have the very same mindset as medical doctors, but make less money.

Bart is not only a successful pharmacist, but regularly lectures to doctors all over the country about pain management. He raised two children, paid off his mortgage, had a successful career, has an advanced degree in martial arts, has been faithfully married for over 30 years, and was doing very well…..

That is, until his doctor told him x-rays showed he had prostate cancer, and he had about five more years to live at the age of 56 (2003). His quality of life would soon go into minus numbers. This hit him like the proverbial ton of bricks. He expected to live another quarter century, but now he is told cancer will soon destroy him. Bart was understandably devastated.

Being a pharmacist, of course, he immediately looked into the usual medical regimen of radiation, seed implants, surgery, chemotherapy, and prescription drugs. He knew well the severe side effects of all these, but now it was him personally who would have to suffer these hideous side effects. That really unsettled him to see what traditional medicine had to offer when it became personal.

One of his martial arts friends gave him a copy of my book The Natural Prostate Cure.  This was foreign to him, to say the least. Telling people they could cure cancer with diet, vitamin supplements, and natural hormone therapy just didn’t sound scientific. When he read the chapter about testosterone preventing and curing prostate cancer, he almost threw the book in the trash. It is Sacred Dogma in the medical profession that testosterone makes prostate cancer grow. Bart was desperate, really desperate. He was depressed as well, really depressed. He had a full, meaningful life, and just wasn’t ready to die so young.

We met for lunch and had a long talk. He was willing to eat a whole foods diet instead of the regular southern diet of meat, white rice, fried foods, and lots of sugar, to go along with all those vegetables (southerners generally do eat a lot of vegetables). He certainly was willing to take natural supplements that had published studies to prove their value. He was willing to take melatonin, pregnenolone, and progesterone, but not testosterone! He had never fasted before, but started fasting one day a week on Friday night. He found fasting gave him much more time and energy to do more things every Saturday. This was a busy, successful, educated man, and he sincerely wanted to live.

Bart enjoyed living, and had worked hard to have a good life. He had a lot to live for, and he was willing to change. He was very particular about his diet, took his lunch to work, and even stopped eating out in restaurants. He bought all the supplements, and took them along with the hormones (his DHEA, T3 and T4 were fine, by the way.) He got more diagnostic tests, including a color Doppler, but no biopsies after learning how harmful they are. He still wasn't interested in taking testosterone, even though he tested low for it.

Within 90 days he felt better, and knew in his heart he was getting well. In just 90 days he intuitively knew he was curing his cancer, and the malignancy was shrinking every day. He didn’t need anymore diagnostic tests, as he could literally FEEL he was getting better. People dying of cancer certainly don’t feel better as time goes on. After only one year both an MRI and another color Doppler (no more x-rays!) showed he was free of any malignancy.

He rigorously sticks to his diet, takes about 16 supplements every day along with his three hormones. Now he also uses natural transdermal testosterone to keep his level youthful, as he has more confidence in natural medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement.

Doing all this went against everything he learned and believed in for 56 years. This is a registered pharmacist who had the very same mentality as a medical doctor. He ate the southern diet all his life with lot of meat, fried foods, white bread, and sugar in almost everything. Bart wanted to live, and he is really doing well now all because he was willing to change for the better.

2023- Bart is 76, retired, alive, well, and healthy. He would be dead by now if he hadn’t taken responsibility for his health, and treated the cause rather than the symptom. He has a lot of good years left to live and enjoy life. Diet and lifestyle cure disease. Diet and lifestyle cure cancer. Read the Seven Steps article.

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