One Third of American Women Will Be Castrated! - 1 in 3 will get an un
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One Third of American Women Will Be Castrated! - 1 in 3 will get an unneeded hysterectomy

One third of all American women will end up having their uterus and ovaries surgically removed without cause. This doesn't happen when they're very old, but rather at an average age of about 40. This affects women of all races. Over 650,000 such butcheries are done every year, and almost none of them are necessary. Doctors lie and tell women their ovaries will be left intact. They should know full the ovaries always atrophy and die after a hysterectomy. "Ovary sparing hysterectomies" are a scam. Castrating 1 in 3 women for no reason is complete and total insanity obviously, but it is the "American Way". If doctors tried to castrate one third of American men, all the doctors in this country would be hung from telephone poles tomorrow morning. Why do women blindly obey medical doctors and worship them as gods? You wonder why you hear endless vitriolic diatribes about medical doctors in this column?

Why do doctors do this? Stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, and money. Why do women do this? Naiveness, lack of confidence, refusal to take responsibility, and lack of knowledge on the entire subject. One third of all American men would never line up to get castrated.

Go to countries in Africa, South America, and Asia, and the hysterectomy rate might be 1% or 2%. That is still too high. What are the rationalizations (uterine cancer would be the only possible valid reason) for this insanity? Prolapse, endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic infections, and uterine bleeding are the basic excuses given to carve up these poor women. A lot of doctors actually think a woman doesn't need to have a uterus or ovaries after the age of 40! Like, who needs a uterus and ovaries? Can you believe that? Prima facie stupidity. Men, you should be reading this column, as you have a daughter, sister, mother, wife, or other loved one that will be affected by this. Do not let them get castrated!

There are books that expose this senseless, destructive, and totally unnecessary procedure. Vicki Hufnagel wrote No More Hysterectomies. Lynn Payer wrote How to Avoid a Hysterectomy. Stanley West wrote The Hysterectomy Hoax. Naomi Stokes wrote The Castrated Woman. Winnifred Cutler wrote Hysterectomy Before & After. Read at least one of these books, so you'll know why you should never even consider having this done. The doctors will tell you there are almost no side effects from not having a uterus or ovaries anymore! This is 180 degrees opposite from the truth. This causes hideous side effects. Hysterectomy can cause depression, neurosis, and outright psychosis. The entire hormone balance is completely thrown off. Women feel they are no longer "intact" or "complete" anymore. Sexual fulfillment can be destroyed. Orgasm is no longer possible. The list of side effects is long and scary. You can read about them in the above five books.

What about the poor, naive, trusting women who have already had this done? What can they do? Fortunately, they can do a lot for themselves. Read my book Natural Health for Women. Eat really well, and stop eating red meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and dairy products. Stop eating animal fat. Take the twenty natural supplements recommended if you are over 40. (If you are under 40 there are only about eight you need.) Mostly they need natural hormone balance. Read the article  Balance Your Hormones in our free library.

It is vital that you test and balance all your basic hormones using blood or saliva testing. Since you have no ovaries (even if they weren't removed, they atrophied and died after the operation) you must use  natural progesterone cream two weeks out of the month. Never use synthetic oral progestins, although ignorant doctors will often actually refer to them as "progesterone". If you are over 40, you should be taking 1.5 mg (half of 3 mg tablets) of melatonin every night and 25 mg of pregnenolone. Test your  DHEA and free testosterone with a saliva kit. The ovaries produce half of your testosterone, and your bones will disintegrate without it. You need to test your three basic estrogens with a saliva kit- estradiol, estrone and estriol. You want low normal estradiol and estrone, and high normal estriol. American women are generally excessive in estradiol and estrone, but deficient in estriol.  You can buy estriol cheaply on the Internet. Get your thyroid free T3 and free T4 levels tested at  www. healthcheck. com for $105 (panel 2) without a doctor.  Your fasting blood sugar should be 85 or less. Cholesterol should be about 150 and triglycerides under 100. Real growth hormone costs $3,000 a year, must be injected, and is very overrated. Testing prolactin, FSH, and LH is very optional.

Eat well, take supplements, exercise, lose weight, balance your hormones, avoid prescription drugs, fast every week, stop any bad habits like coffee. Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. Do all seven steps with no excuses.
Never get a hysterectomy ladies, even if you have uterine cancer. Yes, you can cure cancer naturally too. Mina Dobic's book My Beautiful Life tells her true story of this. You can cure any female problem including cancer with diet and lifestyle. Diet cures disease. Breast, uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancer are all too common in America. They can be prevented and cured naturally. Americans eat over 40% saturated fat in their diet, and this is the main cause of female cancers. American women have excessive estradiol and estrone. Rural Asian women who eat low-fat diets rarely suffer from these problems. Also read Macrobiotics for Everyone. Choose a total program of diet and lifestyle instead of being castrated.

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