New Way to Use Testosterone - testosterone enanthate sublingually.
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New Way to Use Testosterone - testosterone enanthate sublingually.

We have always advocated the use of transdermal or sublingual testosterone, rather than injected or oral testosterone. Transdermal testosterone cream is only about 20% absorbed, so about 80% is wasted. Sublingual testosterone, however, is about 99% absorbed, as are topical DMSO solutions. Oral testosterone is very poorly absorbed. Getting testosterone from a doctor is very costly. An office visit will be at least $100, the blood test about $100, and three month supply about $80 (which costs the pharmacist about $4). Do not use weak, expensive, overpriced prescriptions such as Andro-gel®. Pellet implants are insanity. After three months you have to get another appointment, another prescription, and maybe even another blood test. Read the You Don't Need an Rx and Balance Your Hormones articles.

Also read the Androgen Resistance article. You can get legal Internet testosterone online for $3 a month simply by using a DMSO solution.

Go to the U.S. Customs website and get booklet #4790 Know Before You Go. You have a legal right (under section 21 of the U.S. Code) to import any prescription drug for your personal use without a prescription. This is your legal right under the law, but government officials have tried to stop credit card companies from processing such orders. Testosterone enanthate injectable 10 X 250 (2,500 mg) is a good choice. (No, you won't be injecting it!) Men can use 4 mg (3 mg actual testosterone and 1mg enanthate salt), and women 200 mcg (150 mcg actual testosterone). An almost two year supply (10 X 250 mg or 2.5 g for men) is under $60 (with postage) if used sublingually, or in DSMO. This one bottle would last a woman over 30 years!  This can be kept refrigerated for very long term storage.

Creams and gels are a poor choice. Men can use a half gram of 3% transdermal cream every morning (the correct time to use it since your levels fall during the day) on thin skin (e.g. inner wrist). This puts 15 mg on your skin, and about 3 mg in your blood at 20% absorption. Women can use a quarter gram of 0.3% cream every morning. This puts 750 mcg on your skin and about 150 mcg in your blood. 80% is wasted. Using it sublingually, or in DMSO, is five times more effective, and therefore five times less costly. You get 99% absorption this way. Things will change, as pharmacists become more enlightened, they will offer properly dosed sublingual solutions. They cannot sell DMSO solutions by law. You can use any ester salt such as propionate. We suggest salts such as enanthate rather than free base, unsalted testosterone, as the latter simply tastes terrible. This is not true with testosterone salts such as enanthate, propionate, etc. You can use these salts sublingually without any noticeable taste. You can use transdermal solutions in 99% DMSO with 4 mg enanthate (or 3 mg natural) per drop for men and 200 mcg enanthate (or 150 mcg natural) per drop for women.  Just buy an 8 oz bottle of 99% DMSO on ebay.. It must be the 99%. If you use unsalted free base (“natural”) testosterone in DMSO just use 3 mg for men and 150 mcg for women.

To use testosterone sublingually in vegetable oil or topically in DMSO, just dilute enanthate and use one drop per day. An average dropper has 32 drops of DMSO per gram or ml. If a man buys 10 X 250 mg (that’s 2,500 total mg) of testosterone enanthate, he will need to add 325 drops (10 ml) of DMSO or vegetable oil to get 4 mg per drop. This would last over 21 months. A 10 X 200 bottle would therefore only need 260 drops (8 ml).  A woman would take 1 X 250 ml and dilute it with 1,250 drops (39 ml of DMSO) which would last over 3 years. Just use 39 ml of DMSO or vegetable oil instead of counting to 1,250. Or you can add 16 or 17 drops of the testosterone to 635 drops (20 ml) of DMSO. This will also last over 21 months.  Buy a graduated plastic dropper in the drugstore. If you use natural, unsalted testosterone these figures would change.

These figures of 4 mg for men and 200 mcg for women are good ballpark figures, but vary from one person to another. It also varies by body weight. You must first test your FREE (not bound or total) testosterone with blood or saliva. (ZRT saliva tests are $35 per hormone from us.) You are looking for the youthful level you had at age 30. Men can only be normal or deficient, while women can have excessive (androgenicity), normal, or deficient levels. If a man takes too much this will spill over into estrogens; the male body will not accept hyper levels of testosterone.

On the ZRT scale 100 is the ideal for men, but 80 or 90 is just fine. The ideal for women is about 40. Please read my book Testosterone Is Your Friend before using this. Also the article Androgen Resistance at

For the ZRT test, men should add a $70 check and do testosterone, DHEA, E1 and E2. Women should add a $105 check and add E3 to that. Men and women want lowest range E1 and E2. Women want high range E3.

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