Nelson Cured Cancer
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Nelson Cured Cancer

Nelson believed totally in doctors, drugs, surgery, radiation, and the usual allopathic (cure the symptom) approach to getting well. He had some previous, almost fatal, medical conditions such as pancreatitis and gallstones. He was very successful in business, and had a family. He had a lot to live for. During a routine medical checkup prostate cancer was suspected. He naively got a biopsy, which just stimulates any malignancy. He was one of the 1% who get blood sepsis from this destructive procedure. It resulted in a pulmonary embolism from the biopsy, and he almost died.  The doctor did not warn him about that, of course. He was positive for cancer. He was horrified at 62! The doctor immediately recommended surgery, chemo, and radiation

Of course Nelson and his family were ready to mortgage their home, and put their destiny in  the hands of a quack butcher. The more he learned about these procedures, however, the more frightened he was. The more he studied the situation, the more he saw that the traditional medical approach was nothing but a dangerous scam for money. The “treatments” are literally worse than the diseases they purport to cure. He knew men in their 50s and 60s walking around weak, sickly, impotent, and in diapers from these procedures. These men looked absolutely horrible after getting butchered, irradiated, and poisoned. The side effects from these assaults are not reversible.

Nelson started doing a lot of research on cancer. He found a survey where 75% of oncologists (cancer specialists) would not use chemotherapy on themselves or their family if they had cancer. That woke him up! He did an Internet search, and found my book The Natural Prostate Cure. Now he realized that diet and lifestyle cause disease, and can therefore cure disease. He felt he had nothing to lose by trying this. He was a desperate man who did not want to die at 62.

He talked to his wife, and they agreed to change their diet. No more meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy foods. From now on it was whole grains, beans, lots of  vegetables (they chose raw), limited fish, soups, salads, some nuts, and a little fruit.

He chose to only take eight of the eighteen recommended supplements, and would not take any hormones. This was his decision to make, of course, but slowed down his healing. It does prove that DIET is the basic cure for disease. He felt that fasting was good, and included weekly one day fasting. He walked, and did yoga for exercise. He stopped any bad habits such as coffee, desserts, and alcohol, since this was now a matter of life and death. He also used an infrared sauna. He got no support from his friends or relatives. They all thought he was crazy for, “not listening to his doctor”. 

He was doing the right things, but he was scared. He was scared of dying. He just did not know if this would work. He prayed regularly. Prayer was important to him. The very first month he felt better. This let him know he was, in fact, getting well. He was going in the right direction. Healthy people FEEL good, and unhealthy people don’t feel good. That’s a fact. Every month he felt better. In fact, he felt like a new man- because he was a new man now!

After one year he felt he was cured. He felt the cancer was gone. He went back to the doctor for a sonogram (ultrasound), and it came back as, "no malignancy detected". He wrote a booklet Cancer is Not My Enemy, and gave it out for free. He got his synagogue to change their Shabbos buffet to natural foods. That wasn't easy!

Here is someone who believed whole heartedly in traditional medicine. He almost went for the surgery, radiation, and chemo. If so, he would be dead now, after horrible suffering. Instead, he took responsibility for his illness. He stepped up to the plate, and changed his diet and lifestyle. Now he is literally a new man with a new life, a new outlook, and a new spiritual orientation. He tells people, “God blessed me with cancer” because this changed his entire life. He realized this was a lesson in life for him, a fork in the road. Nelson will probably live another good, healthy, happy 20 years. And God will continue to bless him. He’s an inspiration to others with any serious illness. (This story is about 15 years old now.)

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