Natural Cure for Colds and Flu - Natural opiates dramatically reduce c
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Natural Cure for Colds and Flu - Natural opiates dramatically reduce cold symptoms.

It’s a fact that medical doctors have nothing for viruses such as colds and flues. We have no real anti-viral agents in the pharmacies. Science really cannot even define what a virus is, other than, “a form of life that lives on its host and replicates itself”. The pills and potions you get from your doctor when you have a cold you are just poisoning you. They suppress the symptoms that want to come out of your body, like mucus. There are no effective anti-viral drugs.

Fasting will help here. You must stop eating, or at least just eat only vegetarian soup. One guaranteed way to cure a flu or cold is to immediately stop eating. Just drink water as soon as you feel oncoming symptoms. No food at all as much as possible. The first 24 hours are critical, so the vi-rus doesn’t get hold of your system.  Drink only water for a day or two, and eat no food or other liquids whatsoever. Even if you are very ill, this will work. Very few people are willing to fast, even to get over their suffering. How can you supercharge your fast? Take a natural opiate for 24 to 72 hours. Also get as much sleep as possible. The more you sleep the faster you’ll heal. The body has an amazing ability to heal when we sleep.

Opiate addicts often report they  rarely get colds or flues. Despite poor diet, exposure to the elements, a poor state of health to begin with, and regular drug use, most  addicts are unlikely to get colds or flues. They also often report, even if they were already sick, that an injection of heroin or other opiate would help them greatly. This would logically apply to any real opiate such as morphine, paregoric (opium tincture), opium, codeine, as well as heroin itself (which is the diacetyl form of morphine). This would also include the popular codeine relatives such as oxycodeine and hydrocodeine, which are slightly modified forms of natural codeine. Also Dilaudid. There are no synthetic opiates, as the basic morphine molecule simply cannot be made in a laboratory (codeine is the methyl form of morphine). Some people cannot metabolize morphine. It is doubtful that synthetic analgesics such as methadone, fentanyl, tramadol, and demerol would have any value here except to alleviate pain. These are just synthetic drugs.

In Oriental diagnosis colds and flues are very "yin", and this is why they occur during cold (yin) weather, rather than in the summer (yang). All opiates are extremely yang and, therefore, according to Oriental medicine, have the potential to treat yin illnesses like colds and flu. This is a very profitable way to see the situation. This works in the real world, and not just in theory.
The best way to do this is as soon as you feel the first symptoms coming on. The earlier you start the better. 60 mg of regular codeine, 30 mg of morphine, or 10 mg of oxycodeine no more than three times a day. Stop when you feel well. This should only be done done for 24-72 hours. In 2013 hydrocodeine was finally available without acetominophen. Be sure there is no aspirin or acetaminophen in your prescription. You must insist on this or the doctor will give you something filled with these, instead of the pure drug.

During the Civil War it was considered patriotic in the South to grow opium poppies to help the military doctors and wounded soldiers. In a good number of foreign countries such medications as codeine and opium tincture are freely sold over the counter with no problems at all. Oxycodeine is now sold OTC in Mexico. There is almost zero abuse of these opiates when sold freely. Until 1970 you could legally  buy paregoric and codeine cough syrups in drug stores right next to the White House in Washington, DC. This is still true in many countries in Central and South America, as well as much of the Caribbean. Abuse of these over the counter opiates is almost non-existent. They are not even kept behind the counter. Before the 1912 Harrison Narcotics Act in America, all drugs were freely sold over the counter- with no minimum age! Only about 3% of adults had an addiction issue. Drug abusers were pitied instead of imprisoned. They committed no crimes, as there is no need to commit crimes when drugs are legal and inexpensive. It is drug laws that cause criminality. All drugs should be legalized for all adults. Crimes committed while on drugs would result in enhanced penalties rather than “compassion” for their dependence. Such crimes would be severely punished. One third of American prisoners are locked up for drugs. We could empty our jails and our courts by legalizing them.

All analgesics are now very restricted in America. Now many family doctors afraid to prescribe any real pain killers, even to patients who need them very much for chronic pain. You often now have to go to an expensive "pain specialist", and pay even more extortionate office visit fees. The actual cost of the prescription natural (and modified natural) analgesics is very low on the other hand. All of these are extremely safe and non-toxic when used properly in the short term. Opiates are just not toxic when used temporarily in moderation. However, in the long term there are serious side effects All these opiates are very effective, non-toxic, inexpensive, and valuable for the temporary relief of pain and suffering. Read the article Pain Medication.

It is perfectly legal to obtain these drugs by mail for your personal use from offshore Internet pharmacies. U.S. Customs has illegally stopped nearly all of these sales though. You are free to import these in person when you travel outside of the country as long as you declare them. Read the article You Don’t Need a Prescription in our library.  If you physically travel outside of the country, or live near the Mexican border, it isn't a problem. Just declare them at the border, and do not bring back more than 50 doses. Most people therefore have to depend on a medical doctor for a prescription. This should not be a problem with older people over 50. Just explain to the doctor you have arthritis, back, or other chronic pain. It's a shame that a natural medicine like the opiate family is now so restricted and over-controlled  because a handful of people choose to become addicted. Why should the many suffer for the sins of the few? Opiates have been a popular, safe, and effective world medicine for over 2,000 years now. There are no better analgesics. All drugs were legal in America until the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1912. Addiction and dependence were rare and treated as medical, rather than criminal issues.

The next time you are coming down with a cold or flu, if your family doctor is willing to prescribe a natural opiate, try this and see if you don't immediately get better. Be sure to fast  and get lots of sleep when you’re doing this. You can get amazing results here. Natural drugs used in sensible ways have a valid and very effective temporary use for pain and suffering.

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