Montreal "Steak" Seasoning
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Montreal "Steak" Seasoning

(McCormick®) is a pale, overpriced imitation. It only has salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic, and paprika extract. You will never see this recipe anywhere else. If you use this on veggie burgers and other vegetarian foods, you'll be amazed at how much deep, savory, complex flavor it adds. Good choices include Morningstar products, Boca Burgers, Gardenburger, Beyond Meat, Impossible, Emerge, Lidl, and Field Roast. In 2021 most of the major fast food chain have beef, chicken, and sausage alternatives. Meat alternatives have come a long, long way, but they are still more expensive than actual animal foods. Some are made from whole grains, nuts, beans, and vegetables. Others not so natural nor healthy.


Here is the 10 ingredient recipe:


salt- 4 tbsp

black pepper- 1 tbsp

garlic powder or flakes- 1 tbsp

onion powder or flakes- 1 tbsp

coriander seeds- 1 tbsp

red pepper flakes (or cayenne)- 1 tbsp

rosemary- 2 tsp

dill- 2 tsp

thyme- 2 tsp

fennel seeds- 1 tsp

(mustard seeds- 1 tsp are optional)


You can get most of these at the Dollar Tree. You can get the rest on eBay cheaply, and usually with free shipping. Grind all this very well. Make a lot of it, and keep the excess in the freezer. Do not use paprika, as it oxidizes and ruins the taste. Most recipes include paprika, but you don't do this. Almost no recipes include the rosemary and fennel, but they are vital. Use all the ingredients. Use this generously, and not sparingly to really get the full taste of this unique combination.

You can also give this as a gift to your meat eating friends. You cannot buy this on the market. You must make this at home. Any market versions are worthless. When we go out for lunch and eat veggie burgers, we take a shaker and add it to them. Make creative delicious well flavored meals, and you won't miss things like meat. Use international recipes, especially Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese. Eating healthy foods is never boring, as some people imagine. Whole foods taste much better than refined and junk foods.

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