Milk Kills!
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Milk Kills!

Milk and dairy products are the number one allergenic food in the world. All adults of all races are allergic to milk and dairy because of the LACTOSE (milk sugar) and casein content. All adults are allergic to dairy foods. Children lose the ability to produce the enzyme lactase by the age of three years old. Only humans drink milk after weaning. No animal drinks milk after wean-ing. We use cow milk as a staple, which is meant for calves and not people. Blacks, Amerindi-ans, and Asians have the worst problems with dairy foods. Asian Indians the least. Lactose and casein do not just pass harmlessly through the body undigested. Both cause a lot of serious prob-lems - including CANCER. That's right; people who eat dairy products get more cancer of most all kinds, especially prostate and female cancers. They also get more heart and artery disease, diabetes, and other conditions. People who eat dairy products don't live as long, and have far less quality of life, due to more disease. Drinking milk shortens your very lifespan due to all-cause mortality!


This was shown at Uppsala University in Sweden (BMJ v. 349, 2014) with 61,443 women and 45,339 men. "Milk intake was associated with higher mortality." This was also proven at the University of Manchester in England. (Journal of Cardiology 1991). Here, people in 21 different countries were compared as to how much milk  and dairy foods they ate. The Japanese (who eat almost no dairy) had one ninth the CHD mortality of the Finns (who eat dairy as a staple). Dairy intake was directly and clearly related to heart and artery disease and mortality. The same was true regarding blood pressure. The more dairy you eat the sicker you get, and the sooner you die! Hypertension is the most common medical condition in the entire world. At Zaragoza Medi-cal School (Journal of Nutrition 2002) people were given soy milk or dairy milk in a classic double blind study. The ones on soy milk lowered their pressures by an amazing 18.4 mm sys-tolic, and 15.9 mm diastolic. This was done in only 90 days, with no other change in diet or life-style. The strongest prescription blood pressure drugs cannot begin to do this. In the journal Cir-culation  (1993) men from four different countries were studied. The more milk they drank, the more CHD they suffered from. In fact, the heavy milk drinkers (e.g. Scandanavians) had a full TEN TIMES more CHD than men who drank no milk at all. Milk kills, and science proves that milk kills. Yogurt is anything but a healthy food by the way.


A study was done for 11 years running of over 20,000 doctors. This was appropriately called the Physician's Health Study (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, v 74). The authors concluded, "These results support the hypothesis that dairy products... are associated with a greater risk of prostate cancer." This applies equally to breast cancer, as prostate and breast cancer are almost the exact same diseases, with the same causes, and the same natural cures. The more dairy foods the men ate, the more prostate cancer they got.


Norwegians scarf down endless milk and dairy products. In the British Medical Journal (1990) researchers studied 1,422 people in Norway for almost 12 years. They found the more milk they drank, the more lymphatic cancer they got. Now how much proof do you need that milk and dairy foods kill? We can go on forever with studies like this. A great cancer study was done for 15 countries, and published in The Lancet (1976). The good doctors found the more milk and dairy people ate, the more lymphoma they got. This study was  based on 15 different countries. The New Zealanders ate the most dairy, and got the most lymphoma. The Japanese the least dairy, and were almost free of this cancer. How about ovarian cancer? In the American Journal of Epidemi-ology (1989),  the more milk women drank the more ovarian cancer they got. This was also prov-en at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, NY, and many other clinics. Dr. Neal Bar-nard published a study in Medical Hypothesis (1997) Dairy Products and Breast Cancer with 131 citations. His study proved dairy promotes breast cancer. Add uterine, cervical, ovarian, and breast cancer to that list. The same is true of lung cancer, liver cancer, and other cancers. In the journal Cancer (1989) men who drank the most milk got the most prostate cancer. Drinking milk clearly causes prostate cancer. This is the leading cancer in American men, bar none.


One in three American children will develop diabetes, and dairy products are one of the main causes. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1990) Canadian doctors found, "a sig-nificant positive correlation between consumption of milk protein (casein) and incidence of in-sulin dependent  diabetes mellitus in various countries." Another study in Norway, published in Diabetes Research (1988), found that children who drank dairy milk had far more diabetes. In the New England Journal of Medicine (1992) Finns were shown to have one of the highest con-sumption of dairy products along with the highest rates of diabetes.


Just give up all dairy products today. It’s easy! The major chain groceries now  carry a variety of non-dairy milks including soy, rice, almond, and oat milks. Read the article Plant Milks. Keep trying these until you find one you like best. Soon you will prefer non-dairy milk very much, and will actually find cow milk somewhat distasteful. Use this for cooking, on cold cereal, and the usual ways you use dairy milk. There are a variety of soy and other cheeses that really melt and come in different flavors. No, these are not as tasty as dairy cheese. You can also find soy sour cream, cream cheese, and other such substitutes. Even soy whipped cream and coffee creamer! Non-dairy yogurt and ice cream are full of sugar, and can only be used as occasional treats. Soy yogurt has all but disappeared with no explanation at all.

The American Dairy Association is one of the most powerful lobbies of all. We are constantly bombarded with propaganda about how "healthy" dairy products are. "Got milk?" Now most women in America feed their babies cow milk, instead of their own mothers milk!!!  Did you know that doing this makes babies stupid? In the famous journal The Lancet (1992) babies reared on mothers milk had a full 10 point higher IQ. These children were studied for ten years. The journal Pediatrics (1983)stated dairy milk should never be given to infants due to the proven harmful effects. Other published international studies show repeatedly that intake of milk and dairy products leads to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and early mortality. The more dairy foods you eat, the sooner you’ll die. Take dairy completely out of your life. Humans and animals were never meant to eat milk or milk products after weaning. Dairy is the worst allergenic food on earth. Google "dangers of milk" to find good websites documenting all this. Just Google a term such as, "milk is poison". Google Dr. Kradjian's classic The Milk Letter. This is a must read! Just Google "milk is poison", and you will find a wealth of factual, documented information. This is a long article with a lot of citations on purpose. Milk is poison, and science proves it.

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