Mercury Fillings
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Mercury Fillings

There is no defending the irrational use of toxic elemental mercury in dental fillings. Putting mercury in our mouths is just completely wrong. This has been done for decades now. Fortunately, technology has finally developed plastic composite fillings that will hold up on all 32 teeth, even our rear grinding molars. Dentists are just not using these though.

On the other hand, the scare of mercury poisoning from dental fillings is factually unfounded. Whenever you read these scare stories, you'll notice there are never any published clinical studies to back them up. Studies of human blood, hair, and mothers milk all fail to show excessive mercury levels in people with these fillings. If mercury leached into your blood it would show up in blood analysis. Mercury poisoning from dental fillings is just not common at all. Lead poisoning, however, is a worldwide epidemic. Lead poisoning, not mercury is a real problem.

Urine, by the way, merely shows what we excrete, and not what we retain. Urine has little use in diagnostic testing of most kinds. Even the urine studies fail to show high levels of mercury excretion in people with dental fillings. Anyone who suggests urine testing for hormones, metal toxicity, etc., is ignorant.

Blood, of course, is the best biological diagnostic indicator of all. A study in England with 200 people (Science of the Total Environment v 216, 1998) measured the blood level of seven minerals and the urine level of real people. They used sophisticated state-of-the-art ICP-MS (mass spec) analysis. They found less than 1.08 micrograms (millionths of a gram) per liter of mercury in the blood, and less than 0.50 micrograms in the urine overall. However, they found a frightening 39.40 mcg of LEAD in the blood, and 11.90 mcg in the urine. Lead was 3,600% higher than mercury. This lead poisoning got worse as people aged as it was being accumulated and not excreted well. Lead poisoning is a problem, not mercury.

Another study was done in Austria (Nutrition Research v 18, 1998) with mothers. Their milk was analyzed for nineteen minerals, and they found less than 2.60 mcg of mercury per kilogram. They found a scary 95.80 mcg of LEAD in their milk on the average however. There was almost 3,700% more lead than mercury!!! This means their babies are getting lead poisoning from the time they're born. Lead, not mercury is the real concern.

Head hair retains elements for years. Human hair was measured for thirty-one elements (Science of the Total Environment v 218, 1998) in Brazil. Five different laboratories found less than 0.4 mcg of mercury on the average per gram of hair, but over 12.0 mcg of lead. This is 3,000% more lead. It is obvious that mercury leaching from our fillings is not a problem, as some people will have you believe. It is equally obvious we have a very real problem with lead poisoning. No one seems to be warning you of that. Lead poisoning is an epidemic, and just gets worse as we get older and accumulate higher and higher levels. The effects of lead poisoning are dire to say the least.

What can we do about this? Eat better food (read Macrobiotics for Everyone), exercise, FAST once a week on water, keep bad habits to a minimum. There are at least three supplements that will help you that bind heavy metals and excrete them. Citrus pectin (not the "modified", but plain old regular pectin), sodium alginate (Heavy Metal Magnet® from seaweed, and glucomannon. We sell Heavy Metal Magnet® (sodium alginate) and citrus pectin. You can also take TMG (trimethyglycine) to rejuvenate and clean out your liver (read Rejuvenate Your Liver). You must take about 3 grams a day of these for a year. Fasting is the most effective way to excrete toxins and heavy metals. Do NOT get chelation “therapy”, and please read the article in the archives (Chelation Therapy is More B.S.) warning about oral or injected chelation. Here, the toxic food preservative calcium disodium EDTA is injected into your blood!

Do NOT get your mercury fillings removed. When getting new fillings, or replacing bad fillings, insist on plastic composite. If your dentist won't do this, get a new dentist. Never get gum planing, as it simply doesn’t work. Dentist hate natural medicine, as they are just allopathic tooth doctors. Do not get gum planning! Read the Gum Health article.

For healthy teeth and gums be sure to take 100 mg of CoQ10 and All Your Minerals® every day, along with flax oil, glucosamine, and vitamin D. It cannot be emphasized enough that we are all mineral deficient..This combination will do a lot to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Please also read the article Bone Health in our library, as this information applies equally to all bone and joint conditions including teeth and gums. Of course, good diet and lifestyle is central as always  Healthy teeth and gums come from diet and lifestyle more than anything else. Diet and lifestyle is always the real answer. There are no Magic Supplements or shortcuts.

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