Martin Cured Cancer
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Martin Cured Cancer

It is 2021. Thirteen years ago, in 2008, a chiropractor in Chicago was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was also overweight, and had a pre-diabetic blood sugar level of 99. Doctors told  him that surgery, radiation, drugs, and chemotherapy were the only alternatives. He wasn’t told he would still die after a few years. He searched the Internet and found our website. He read The Natural Prostate Cure. He liked the idea of taking responsibility for his condition and curing himself. This sounded a lot better than being butchered, irradiated, and poisoned.  At 57 he wanted to live another 20 or 30 good years, instead of a few more years with an extremely poor quality of life.

After reading my book, Martin saw that diet is everything. All his life he ate the typical American diet of  meat, milk, dairy products, poultry, eggs, desserts, white flour products, lots of sugar, and the usual cancer causing foods. He thought it would be very difficult to live off whole grains, beans, vegetables, local fruits, seafood, soups, and salads. Surprisingly, he found this wasn’t difficult at all. He could eat all he wanted as long as he made better food choices. He lost weight by making better food choices. Now he actually enjoyed natural foods much more than the unhealthy foods he was eating before.

He immediately saw the common sense logic that testosterone is your friend, and helps prevent and cure prostate cancer. He used a saliva kit and found out he was low in both

testosterone and DHEA. He started using 4 mg of testosterone enanthate topically in DMSO, and taking 25 mg of DHEA five days a week. In less than a month his blood sugar collapsed to only 72! The fat was pouring off him, he was losing weight, yet eating all he wanted, and never going hungry. He took melatonin and pregnenolone, and used progesterone cream. He got another saliva kit and found his estradiol and estrone were still too high high. He lowered them dramatically in less than 60 days. He also tested his free T3 and T4 thyroid hormones and they were both midrange fortunately.

He was used to eating three meals a day, and snacking between meals. It was hard for him to fast for 24 hours. He started eating two meals a day and fasting every week. He  took all 18 proven supplements. In only a month he actually felt better. He lost weight, his blood sugar was down, and he really felt good. Healthy people feel good. Martin got a sonogram and  proved he cured this in only TEN MONTHS.

He got little or no support from his friends, but fortunately his wife supported him. She is eating healthy food with him, taking the supplements, and has balanced most of her hormones. His medical colleagues are aghast, understandably, and saw him as a heretic (traitor). This is a man who wanted to live, and was willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility for his life and his health. It is a joy to work with non-patients like this. This is what gives meaning to what we do here. You have to cure yourself. No one can help you but your-self.

In 2021 Martin is alive, well, happy, and cancer-free. Curing cancer actually changed his very destiny. He took responsibility for his condition, and realized he was his own savior. No one can cure you but yourself. Diet and lifestyle cure disease.

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