Male Dysfunction
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Male Dysfunction

Good sex depends on good health and good relationship. Sex is 90% psychology and only 10% biology. About one third of American men over the age of 18 have some kind of sexual dysfunction issue. This goes to almost half by age 40. These sounds like high numbers because men keep this a secret. Men don’t even want to tell their doctors they can’t perform as they would like. Why do you think so many scam sexual enhancers are sold every year? Why do you think so much Viagra® and Cialis® are sold each year? After men take these harmful drugs for a period of time, they become hopelessly impotent with no possible way to regain their maleness. Do not take these! Male sexual dysfunction is a complex condition with multiple factors. Only diet and lifestyle will cure the biological causes.

Some men respond to certain types of pornography. Some men respond to adultery. Some respond to various perversions. Some men are capable of masturbation, but not sex with a woman. Some men have nighttime erections when they dream. There is a wide spectrum of male sexual disorders. If a man gets night erections during dreaming, he can very well cure himself. Good sex depends of good health and good relationship. That is the key to understanding how to perform well- good health and good relationship. People in happy marriages and relationships have more sex and better sex. Healthy people have more sex and better sex.

We can only deal with the biological aspects. There is quite a bit of research into the biological factors here. Only a total program of diet and lifestyle is going to help you. Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health and do all seven steps with no excuses.

AGE is the biggest factor. As men age they lose their ability to perform sexually. This is as it should be. Nature intends men to be this way. It is only right and natural that men find less interest and ability in sexual activity as they get older and don’t reproduce. Every day we get older. We cannot stop aging, but we can slow it down with diet and lifestyle. Sexual dysfunction in men over 60 is probably about 90%. Even on anonymous surveys men will lie about this.

HYPERTENSION is the most important cause for erectile dysfunction (ED). High blood pressure is the most common medical condition on earth. What is the major cause of high blood pressure? Insulin resistance, where the body cells no longer react well to normal levels of insulin. Read my book Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs. What is the main cause of insulin resistance? Eating sugars of any kind. Please read the Sugar is Sugar article. Americans swill down an astounding 160 pounds of various sugars each year they don’t need at all. Caffeine, even one cup of coffee or one energy drink a day, will also cause insulin resistance. Erections are vascular in nature, so blood pressure is central to getting and maintaining one.

LOW ANDROGENS are the third factor. Testosterone and DHEA are the two most important androgens. Over 90% of men over 50 have low testosterone levels. Read my book Testosterone is Your Friend. Read the article Balance Your Hormones. Read the two hormone chapters in Macrobiotics for Everyone. Buy a ZRT saliva test kit, and test your free (not bound or total) testosterone and your DHEA for $75 without a doctor. Don’t stop there. Balance all your other basic male hormones, as they all work together in harmony as a team.

BLOOD SUGAR DISORDERS in general are central here. Your fasting blood glucose should be 85 or less.  85 or less. Again, we come back to sugar consumption. Americans swill down over 160 pounds of various sugars each year. People with Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) and diabetes have high rates of erectile dysfunction. MetS is an epidemic pre-diabetic condition characterized by 1) obesity, 2) insulin resistance, 3) dyslipidemia, 4), hypertension, and 5) high insulin. Caffeine, even one cup of coffee or one energy drink a day, will also raise your blood sugar level. Get a HbA1c test at your local drug-store and send it in. Your level should be 4.7, and not the official 5.6%. Get a one hour fasting glucose tolerance test (GTT) from your doctor. You drink a 75 g cup of glucose and see how well you recover after an hour. You want to be 20 points lower than the accepted medical level. This is the best test for insulin resistance.

HIGH BLOOD FATS. High cholesterol and triglycerides are a big factor here. Cholesterol is the precursor of sex hormones. Your total cholesterol should only be about 150. Yes, this is a realistic goal, and a normal level for rural Asians in general. Triglycerides should be under 100.  Read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. It is meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy products that raise cholesterol. It is sugars of all kinds that raise triglycerides.

BAD HABITS like smoking, alcohol, coffee, and recreational drugs will add to all this. End any bad habits. Smoking is definitely a cause of poor sexual performance. Again, caffeine will raise your blood sugar level. Alcohol ruins your health in general. Recreational drugs must be kept to a minimum or ended. Never depend on recreational drugs like cocaine or ecstasy to perform well. That will backfire. Depend on yourself, your health, and your relationships.

PROSTATE problems can cause sexual performance. The prostate is, in fact, a sexual organ with the same nerves as our reproductive organs. The prostate secretes the seminal fluid in semen. Read my book The Natural Prostate Cure. Three fourths of men over the age of 50 already have an enlarged prostate (BPH). Prostate problems of any kind can and will cause sexual dysfunction.

OBESITY is a major factor, and one third of American adults are overweight. Over-weight men have more diseases of all types, including sexual dysfunction and ED. You can lose weight and eat all you want if you just make better food choices. Please read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone. Overweight people have poor health, less sex, less satisfying sex, poor relationships, and higher divorce rates.

Rx DRUGS cause sexual dysfunction, and Americans hog down incredible quantities of prescription drugs they don’t need at all. No one takes more prescription drugs than we do. Read Most Medicated Nation. These pharmaceutical poisons cause many serious and varied side effects, including impotence and ED. This is especially true of all opiates, as well as the psychiatric and anti-depressive drugs. Never, never, never resort to Viagra or Cialis, or you’ll end up permanently and hopeless impotent. You cannot poison your way to health. These will backfire on you and leave you permanently impotent.

HORMONE IMBALANCE in general is central here, aside from testosterone and DHEA. High estradiol and estrone cause serious problems in men as they age. The average mean over fifty has higher estrogen levels than his postmenopausal wife! High prolactin is another problem. Only diet and lifestyle will lower estrogens and prolactin. If you are over 40, take 50 mg of pregnenolone and 3 mg of melatonin. Test your free T3 and T4 thyroid levels with a ZRT blood spot kit, or at You must be midrange and not merely in range.  Read the article Balance Your Hormones, and balance all 12 basic male hormones. Remember all your hormones work together in harmony as a team. You can do all this without a doctor or pharmacist.

CARDIOVASCULAR weakness (CHD) is also a cause. Read my books Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs and Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs. Make sure you have low cholesterol and triglycerides. Get your CRP,  homocysteine, and uric acid tested. Go to to get this done cheaply without a doctor. These three tests, along with cholesterol and triglycerides, are the cornerstone diagnostic tests for CHD health. Uric acid has been clearly correlated with poor sexual performance. You want LOW normal levels and not normal normal levels of all five factors. These are the most important five CHD diagnostic factors of all. Only diet and lifestyle will keep them low. Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of all by far.

We’ll keep repeating this over and over…good health and good relationship equals good sex. Men are much less psychologically influenced than women regarding sexual performance. This is why many men use prostitutes and look at pornography. To women, relationship is usually central to good sex. Good health and good relationship. Sex is 90% psychology and only 10% biology. Never forget this- 90% psychology and 10% biology.

Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health at to see the seven steps you need for optimal health- diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, fasting, No Rx drugs, and end any bad habits. As always, diet is everything.

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