Magnetism Heals - Magnetic healing has scientific validity
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Magnetism Heals - Magnetic healing has scientific validity

This column continually exposes the many worthless promotional natural remedies. You might be surprised to see magnetic healing promoted here. Magnetic healing is surprisingly effective. There are some good books on the subject. The basis of this is that a magnetic fields can have very positive and healing effects on our bodies. Magnets have two poles- north and south. The north (the pole that points north) gives energy, and is considered "warming". The south (the pole that points south) takes energy away, and is considered "cooling". (A few authors wrongly use exactly the opposite terminology.) It is very important to understand you must use either the north or the south pole specifically, and not just "magnetism" per se. Magnetism using no polar reference has no meaning and no value. Any product that merely sells magnetized articles without reference to the north and south poles is a prima facie fraud. For example, you'll seem "magnetized" products like mattress covers and shoe sole inserts that have no polarity at all.

You will find most pole specific products are very overpriced. You can buy your magnets at any Radio Shack or on the Internet for a few dollars. Make your own magnetic bands, belts, or patches with velcro straps. Buy the discs, squares, and rectangles, and not the horseshoe or long bar magnets. You can determine the pole by floating the magnet on a small piece of wood in water to see which side points north. (Use a compass to determine north.). Yin attracts yang, and yang attracts yin in Oriental philosophy. If you have an inflamed condition (hot) like arthritis or bursitis, you want to use the SOUTH cool pole to take energy away and cool it down. If you have a weakness like a broken bone (without inflammation), or cut, you want to use the NORTH warm pole to add energy and warm the area. This is the basis of magnetic therapy- yin and yang.

Read some of the books available. There have been published studies in medical journals on using magnets for healing. Some of these use electromagnetic healing, but we are only concerned with simple fixed bipolar magnets. the September 1990 Journal of the American Medical Association showed cancer cell growth in petri dishes could be advanced or retarded with a simple magnet. NASA routinely puts magnets in the spacesuits of astronauts, since their health deter-iorates when they lack the natural magnetic forces on earth. Major sports teams have been using magnets for decades on their million dollar players. Physicians, especially in Russia, have known about magnetism for many years. This isn't something new. We need more clinical studies here and more information for the general public. We need more research on how to use magnetism effectively. Current books include Pain Relief, Magnetic Therapy Fact, The Invisible Force, Magnetic Cure, Magnetic Healting, and Magnetic Therapy.

You do not use a magnet 24 hours a day, although you'll find short term studies that do exactly this. That way the body would get used to the magnetism. The best thing is to use the magnet 12 hours (preferably when you sleep) and then not use it for the next 12 hours. Cycle this on and off. If the condition worsens, rather than improves, then reverse the magnet. If that doesn't bring any relief then do not use magnets for this condition. Please remember this is just adjunct therapy. Diet and lifestyle cure disease, so please don't tape your magnet on and drive to McDonalds to eat. Healthy diet, proven supplements, natural hormone balance, fasting, and exercise are always the cornerstones of healing.  Magnetic healing can be very powerful and dramatic as supportive therapy.

What conditions have responded to magnetic therapy? Chronic pain, inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections, increased circulation, reduction of stress, better sleep, more energy, faster healing, burns, skin problems, injuries, post-surgery healing, muscle spasms, and many more such conditions. Try magnets and see if they help you. Experiment and remember that your personal results count for everything. This is something science needs to take a closer look at, so we can understand how to better utilize it.

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