Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs - This is an easily cured epidemic
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Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs - This is an easily cured epidemic in America.

Hypertension is the most common medical condition on earth. One third of American adults have high blood pressure. One third have pre-hypertension. Only one third are health. Stop and think about that- the  most common illness on this earth is high blood pressure. This is a complex affair with multiple factors. You are not going to lower your blood pressure with Magic Supplements. Insulin resistance is the primary cause of high blood pressure. Cut back on all simple sugars and caffeine. Lose weight. Exercise is a must here. Stress is another factor, as we live in the fastest paced society on earth (along with the Japanese, who also suffer from epidemic hypertension). Most people just cannot remove the stress from their lives by changing their jobs, getting a divorce, giving away their children, or otherwise rid themselves of what worries them. You can cure hypertension naturally without dangerous drugs. This comes down to diet and total lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle cure disease. Please read my book Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs. You must address all of the following to be successful: 

  • Lose weight. The fatter you are, the higher your blood pressure. You must normalize your weight or you are never going to get anywhere. Obesity equals hypertension, plain and simple. Americans are the fattest people on earth, and our obesity rates rise every year. One third of Americans are obese. Please read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone to see how you can stay slim by making better food choices. Diets don't work, nor do weight loss supplements. Just make better food choices.
  • Exercise daily. You can cure cancer naturally without exercising, but you must exercise to bring down your blood pressure. Walking is a fine exercise. Walking is probably the most practical and enjoyable way to do this. Join a gym. Turn your spare bedroom into a gym. Take up any active sport you enjoy. You must get daily exercise to keep your blood pressure in normal range.
  • Cut down on fats, especially saturated animal fats. Americans hog down 42% fat calories. Most of these are saturated, artery clogging animal fats. Saturated animal fat is the biggest enemy of cardiovascular health of all. 10-20% vegetable oil calories is the ideal. High cholesterol levels often go hand in hand with hypertension. Your total cholesterol level should be about 150, and your triglycerides under 100. Triglyerides are more important here than cholesterol. This means cutting out all simple sugars, sweets, desserts, including fruit juice and honey. Please read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs.
  • Cut down on sugar consumption and that includes honey, maple syrup, amazake, raw sugar, fructose, dried fruit, stevia, sucralose, and fruit juice. Limit whole fresh (or frozen) fruit to 10% of your diet. Americans hog down over 160 pounds of various unnecessary sweeteners a year. Sugar is sugar is sugar. All sugar is "natural", and honey is just as harmful as white sugar. That's right, it's all just simple sugars and they're all basically the same. Sugar substitutes cause the same problems as real sugars. Read the article Sugar is Sugar in our library.
  • Get a GTT (glucose tolerance test) from your doctor if your fasting blood sugar is over     85. Your blood sugar must be 85 or less.  A GTT is better than measuring insulin per se. You drink a small cup of glucose to see how you body reacts to it. Just get a one hour, one draw GTT if your blood sugar is over 85. Your GTT result should be 10-20 points  under the accepted medical level. You can also get an HbA1c test at the drug store. You want an HbA1c of 4.7 or less and not the medically accepted 5.6 level. Note the 4.7 figure and not the "normal" figure.
  • Do NOT take any prescription drugs. These should only be used very temporarily in emergency situations. You are not going to get well while poisoning yourself with toxic pharmaceuticals. As long as you are trying to cover up the symptom with dangerous chemicals you are only going to deteriorate and get worse. Avoid stimulants such as coffee (even the decaf), guarana, yerba mate, ephedra, amphetamine, or cocaine. Alcohol and nicotine have also been shown to exacerbate blood pressure conditions as well. Read the Most Medicated Nation article.
  • Take proven heart healthy supplements such as beta-sitosterol, CoQ10, flax oil, soy isoflavones, carnosine, beta glucan, lipoic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin E. You are treating your entire cardiovascular system, and not just the pumping pressures. Read Serious Supplement Program.
  • No more caffeine! No more coffee, energy drinks, or regular tea. Caffeine will raise your blood sugar, your insulin, your HbA1c, and cause insulin resistance over time. All stimulants will have the same basic effect over time.
  • Minerals are critical here. Researchers basically only study calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, but we need ALL the necessary minerals. There are at least 17 known minerals needed for human health. Only All Your Minerals® has all  17 minerals in the amounts you need. This is light years ahead of any other mineral supplement. Minerals work together in concert just like hormones do, and we need ALL the minerals daily so they can do their jobs. No matter how well you eat you are not going to get all the minerals you need.  Read my booklet The Minerals You Need.
  • Eat less calories, but not less food. That's right- you cannot go hungry by eating less food, but you can cut calories by making BETTER FOOD CHOICES. Eat whole grains, green and yellow vegetables, beans, fresh local fruit, soups, salads, and seafood. Fat has almost twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. You can literally eat all you want and be slim as long as you eat like this. Americans eat twice the calories they need. An average man only needs about 1,800 calories a day, and an average woman only about 1,200 calories.
  • Salt doesn't matter! Going on a low salt or salt-free diet is a waste of time that won't help you at all. The low sodium myth. That's right, salt does not cause high blood pressure and never did. The largest and longest heart study in the world, the Framingham Study, proved this conclusively, along with many other such studies. That doesn't mean you should load up on salt at all, but use salt in moderation. Excess salt only comes from    your salt shaker and processed foods such as snack foods. No food, even red meat contains much sodium.
  • Balance your basic hormones. Besides getting a GTT test for insulin resistance, balance your testosterone (in women, too), pregnenolone, DHEA, melatonin, estradiol, estrone, estriol (for women), free T3 and T4 (not T3 uptake), progesterone (in men, too). GH costs about $1,800 a year. You can test all of these yourself without a doctor using saliva blood spot, or Internet testing. Hormones have a very powerful effect on our cardiovascular system, and they all work together in concert- like minerals do. You must balance your basic hormones for optimum health. Read the Balance Your Hormones article.

If you don't do these things, you can expect a poor quality of life, stroke, a weak cardiovascular system, and early death. Hypertension is a worldwide epidemic, but you can have healthy blood pressure naturally with diet and lifestyle. Read my book Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs.

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