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Live Longer For Free - Eat Less

How would you like to live longer, feel better, be healthier, have less illness, and a higher immunity? What would you pay for such a priceless blessing? What would it be worth to you to stay on this earth years longer with a higher quality of life? How much would you pay to live longer? While good diet, proven supplements, regular exercise, weekly fasting, no Rx drugs, no bad habits, and natural hormones will help you do this, nothing at all compares to simple calorie restriction. And, it's free. Not only is it free... it costs you less money to eat less food. Calorie restriction is the most important thing you can do to increase your lifespan. Scientific fact. 
What does "calorie restriction" mean? It means we eat too much, and the less we eat the better off we are. An average man only needs about 1,800 calories a day, and an average woman only about 1,200. Americans probably eat at least twice this amount- and from the wrong foods. This doesn’t mean we eat less food and go hungry. It means making better food choices with less fat calories. Better food choices, not less food.
There are only three sources of calories- proteins at 4 calories per gram, carbohydrates also at 4 calories a gram, and fats at a whopping 9 calories per gram. We eat about 42% fat calories, mostly from saturated animal fats. We only need about 6-8%, and these should be vegetable oils. You have to eat less than 20% fat calories to get any benefits at all from a low fat diet, and l0% is the ideal. It is very easy to eat a 15% fat calorie diet by just making better food choices. 
You will not be hungry and will eat all you want. You can eat all you want if you eat the right foods. That's correct, you can literally eat all you want if you eat whole natural foods, and leave the high fat foods alone. A small chocolate bar or three bowls of nutritious oatmeal has the same amount of calories. Which would satisfy your hunger more?  
Do we have clinical proof of this? Lots of it. Animals that ate one third less calories actually lived a third longer in published clinical studies. We know this will also work in humans based on numerous studies up to 10 years.. Monkeys have also been tested, and they are healthier, younger, and more vigorous on a low fat, low calorie diet. We don't need to take 70 or 80 years to come up with the scientific evidence on humans.  On a low calorie diet like this you just eat whole, natural, nutrient-dense foods like whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits- even seafood in moderation. Red meat, dairy products, eggs, and poultry are to be avoided. High fat vegetarian foods such as vegetable oils and nuts only in moderation.  
How can you really seriously do this? Start with eating two meals a day. Eating three meals a day is completely unnecessary, and a waste of time. Would you rather eat breakfast and supper, or would you rather eat lunch and supper? Doesn't matter. Just eat two meals a day. Take your lunch to work. Don’t eat out. Two meals a day and no heavy snacking.
You should fast one day a week by going from dinner to dinner on water only. This will allow you to go 24 hours on water only-the definition of a true fast. On Friday night, for example, eat supper and don't eat breakfast or lunch on Saturday. On Saturday night eat your usual supper, and you will have fasted for 24 hours. Your Saturday will be freed up for you to get more done and have more leisure time. This will give you 52 short fasts every year. This is a very powerful and easy to do weekly ritual.
The rural (not the urban) Okinawans eat a very low calorie diet, and have 134 centenarians per 100,000 people- the highest rate in the world. It is never too late to begin this. Better you begin at 70 years of age than never bother. Ideally this should start at birth, of course. The only books written on this subject are by Roy Walford. He wrote The 120 Year Diet and Maximum Lifespan. (Beyond the 120 Year Diet is not recommended.) Yes, he seems to be the only author on the subject. There are regularly new human studies in the top medical journals proving a calorie restricted diet has amazing health benefits. And enhanced longevity. 
You may be thinking you will go hungry on this regimen. You will not go hungry. Make better food choices. Stop eating fat, which contains almost twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. Stop eating refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, and white pasta. Stop eating all simple sugars, whether this is white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar (there's a joke!), fructose, molasses, honey, agave, sucralose, stevia or other sweeteners. Sugar is sugar is sugar. All real sugars are natural when you think about it. What's unnatural about white sugar? It is simply purified sucrose. Avoid all simple sugars no matter how “natural”. Read the article Sugar is Sugar.
Besides Walford, please take the time to read The Okinawan PlanThe China Study, or those old books by Nathan Pritikin or his son Robert. They did more for heart health than all the cardiologists put together. Their philosophy is very simple- eat a 10% fat diet and exercise, even if it is just walking every day. You don't have to be a marathon runner or Olympic swimmer- just walk at least a half hour a day (2 miles).  Susan Powter writes very well on how to eat all you want and lose weight by making the right food choices. Dean Ornish also tells you how to enjoy your food without the fat. Terry Shintani writes good books. Any of the macrobiotic authors. Eat all you want and lose weight- as long as you eat whole natural foods. The fact we eat twice the calories we need, four times the fat we need (and saturated fat rather than vegetable oils), twice the protein we need, and 160 pounds of various sugars a year (when we don't need any at all) speaks for itself.  
People keep looking for Magic Pills, Magic Hormones, and exotic supplements, so they can take a pill and keep eating badly. Or listening to quacks like Dr. Oz. This obviously won't work. Change your lifestyle. Health is priceless. Health is real wealth. You simply can't eat 40% and more of your calories as saturated fats and be healthy and live very long. You simply can't endlessly stuff yourself with the wrong foods, and run to the doctor looking for help. Lifestyle is the answer and it costs nothing. In fact, you can eat well and take the vital supplements and hormones you need for far less money than eating too much bad food, and seeing the doctor constantly.  
The most powerful thing you can do to live longer, be healthier, feel better, and be immune to disease is to eat less calories, and choose the proper, whole, natural foods so you're never hungry. Please read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. Just make better food choices.

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