Kushis Died of Cancer
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Kushis Died of Cancer

It is 2023, and the macrobiotic diet is no longer very well known nor popular. While there are still a few books about macrobiotics, most young people aren't even familiar with it. The macrobiotic whole grain based diet is the only way to cure cancer and other “incurable” diseases naturally. The Kushi's wrote books on Japanese macrobiotics all the way back in the 1960’s. They were at the forefront of the macrobiotic movement for decades. They have done a lot of good in the world, and positively influenced and inspired countless people. They deserve a lot of credit for this. However, they just were not good real life examples of natural health. You have to practice what you preach if you want to inspire people. Aveline died of cervical cancer at the young age of 78. Japanese men generally live to 80 and women to 86. They are renowned for their good health and longevity, so 78 is just not good for an author and advocate. The worst part is she got surgery, radiation, and other medical treatments, in stead of treating her illness naturally. There is just no excuse for this. What hypocrisy! Michio then came down with colon cancer at 81 and died at 88. He got the same full array of allopathic medical treatments as well. More hypocrisy! He smoked cigarettes for many years, and admitted he went off his proper diet and ate red meat. Even their daughter Lily died of cervical cancer at 42. All their four sons are dysfunctional. Haruo, for example, demands everyone get the Death Vaccination. George Ohsawa himself died at 72 of a heart attack. His wife Lima, on the other hand, lived to 100. God bless her. Herman Aihara died at 77 of heart disease. What is going on here? Nothing good certainly. There is just no excuse at all for this.

Obviously, they are not good role models for natural health as, 1) They came down with cancer, and 2) they treated it with symptomatic medical means. This must be addressed openly, and not swept under the rug. This causes some people to say, “macrobiotics doesn’t work”. Macrobiotics does workand works better than any other dietary regimen.  The Kushi's failed, not the whole grain dietary philosophy. Please read the article Japanese Macrobiotics at our free  library www.youngagain.org.

Japanese macrobiotics is limited, Japan-oriented, uses no supplements, no hormones, and no fasting. It is no secret that Michio smoked cigarettes and drank coffee.  We don’t know what, if any, bad habits Aveline had. Japanese people are traditionally very private. They keep their affairs close to the chest. They have a private face and a public face.

Even her closest friends may never know if they were under serious stress, or had a rocky marriage. Or not. Divorce is considered “bad form” in Japan. Like Catholics, it is far better to stay together in an unhappy marriage than get divorced. We will never know what really went on- or didn’t go on- in the Kushi household. Aveline and Michio are gone. They both came down with cancer, and they both sold out, and treated it allopathically. People on a macrobiotic diet should never come down with a serious illness. They should die of natural causes in their elder years. Folks, it is far better to just die naturally, and take opiates the last few months. Die with dignity and quality of life. Not as a breathing, butchered, irradiated vegetable after the doctors get through with you. No, you can’t blame genetics, as identical twin studies show genes are less than 2% of the cause.

Japanese macrobiotics is too obsessive, limited, uncreative, boring, and just not enough fun! It is completely based on Japanese customs and traditions, and doesn’t translate well into other Asian cultures, much less Western cultures. It only includes Japanese foods and Japanese seasonings. Food should be delicious, well seasoned, varied, creative, and done in a variety of international styles.

This is the reason for writing Macrobiotics for Everyone.  This book is meant for everyone in the world, no matter what race they are, or what country they live in. Japanese macrobiotics claims the ideal regimen is diet #7, with 100% whole grains and nothing else. This is obviously irrational, and would lead to serious nutritional deficiencies. 50% whole grains is a fine ideal. In the Japanese tradition, few green and yellow vegetables are eaten. Even fresh salad is salted and “pressed”.

Too much salt is used. Seasonings are limited, for the most part, to soy sauce, ginger, and miso. Bancha tea is full of caffeine. Strange vegetables are used, such as daikon radish, hijiki seaweed, jinjeno potatoes, and aduki beans. It is simply Japan-centric.

Japanese macrobiotics actually warns against taking proven food supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin E, CoQ10, lipoic acid, sulforaphane, PS, beta-sitosterol, beta glucan, minerals, and others. Of course, you should not look to supplements to compensate for a poor diet, but proven supplements are one of the “Seven Steps” to natural health. Diet alone is just not enough for ideal health and longevity. Please read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health. Diet is only one of the seven steps, albeit THE most important step. Diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, weekly fasting, no bad habits, and no Rx drugs (or medical treatments).

The traditionalists also warn against natural hormone replacement. This is more proof they  walk in darkness. As we age, our “good” hormones like DHEA, testosterone, pregnenolone, melatonin, T3, and T4 fall. This causes us to age faster, and our quality of life to decline. Maintaining youthful hormone levels is a pillar of life extension and natural health,. This is another of the Seven Steps to Natural Health.

Strangely enough, fasting is not advocated either. Fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man. All the great enlightened religious teachers fasted. All major religions advocated regular fasting as a basic tenet of worship until recently. You should fast one day a week from dinner to dinner. You can also fast two days every month. Please read the article Fasting is Powerful.  A week long fast will produce real miracles. Really vigorous regular exercise and weight lifting is minimized. You just never hear these people talking about running, weights, tennis, swimming, MMA, and other hard aerobic exercise that makes your heart stronger.

Natural health is about diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, fasting, ending bad habits, and no Rx drugs or medical procedures. If you are going to preach the gospel of natural health, you have to be an example and inspiration to people in your personal life. The Kushi's made the world a better place, they helped a lot of people, but they failed in their personal  lives. A lot of other natural health advocates died including Robert Atkins, Robert Crayhon, Shari Leiberman, Phyllis Balch, Andrew Weill, Larry Clapp, Bill Sardi, William Douglass, and others. Soon  Joselph Mercola, Robert Rowen, William Davis, Loren Cordain, Steven Gundry, Suzanne Somers, Julian Whittaker, Bruce West, Josh Axe, everyone at the Weston Price Foundation (one already died years ago in his 40s), and a host of others will join them.

Your poor, old author practices all seven steps faithfully at 77 (2023), and will never resort to allopathic cures. He's still at the MMA gym three times a week doing exhaustion workouts and getting beat up.

Practice what you preach..

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