Estriol Helps Women Lose Weight - Test and balance your estriol withou
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Estriol Helps Women Lose Weight - Test and balance your estriol without a doctor.

Men, this column can help your wife, sister, mother, daughter, or girlfriend lose weight. Men are rarely deficient in estriol, and do not have to measure their estriol level. 80 to 90% of human estrogens- in both men and women- are, in fact, estriol. There are three main estrogens in humans- estradiol (the strongest and most potentially dangerous), estrone (strong and potentially dangerous), and estriol (the good, safe, or beneficial estrogen). If you want absolute proof of how incompetent medical doctors are, just keep reading. Medical doctor do not know, nor care, what the heck estriol is. Have you ever known a doctor who ever once measured the estriol level of any of his female patients during his career, much less written a prescription for it? This is not taught in medical school. Nor do they care to learn about it. This includes gynecologists and even endocrinologists believe it or not. They are too busy poisoning women with horse estrogen. Again, 80 to 90% of human estrogen is comprised of estriol, yet it is not part of modern medicine. Go figure. There is not much research done on it. Endless research on estradiol and estrone though. Read the estriol chapter in my book Natural Health for Women for more information. The research we have is most impressive.
It gets worse. Go down to any independent or chain drug pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for estriol. They will look at you with a blank stare. Now ask them to special order it, as you have a doctor who is writing you a prescription for estriol cream (never take the synthetic oral estriol  tablets!). Pester them and make them look thru their drug catalog. They won't be able to find estriol. No regular pharmacy in any country sells estriol!!! This is insanity folks, and shows you just how backward the entire medical community is. The entire medical community is in the Dark Ages.  Only compounding pharmacies sell compounded estriol cream- and they charge extortionate prices. $50 for 50 cents worth of estriol is common. Pharmacists are nothing but licensed crooks.

Fortunately, you can find two ounce jars of 0.3% (150 mg per jar) estriol cream for about $20. The real world price would be more like $10- like progesterone cream. Use a half gram a day on thin skin (e.g. your inner wrists). You don't need a doctor or a compounding pharmacy. You could use sublingual drops (500 mcg per drop) in vegetable oil, but the pharmacist would overcharge your horribly, and you would still need a prescription.

Ladies, buy a ZRT saliva hormone test kit. Add a $35 check. Test your estradiol (E2), estrone (E1), and estriol (E3) for all of $105 ($70 plus $35 for the third hormone). You want low normal levels of E1 and E2, and high normal levels of E3. Note- high normal E3. You don't need a doctor. He has no idea at all what he's doing anyway when it comes to measuring hormone levels. Read the article Balance Your Hormones and balance the rest. Read the two hormone chapters in Natural Health for Women.

What about weight loss? You will never read these things anywhere in the world except at our website folks. At Fujita Health University in Japan (Nippon Naibunpi Gakkai Zasshi v. 72 in 1996) doctors tested obese women. These overweight women were  menstruating, but were anovulatory (not ovulating and producing progesterone). They found all of them were low in estriol. All of them were low in blood estriol levels; not just some of them. This is an astounding finding. 100% of obese women were estriol deficient. They were also all low in progesterone. Anovulatory women were also heavier, which is just one more reason to use natural progesterone cream as well. When you don't produce eggs, that means you are not producing progesterone two weeks out of the month. Another reason to use natural progesterone cream. Obesity was clearly and strongly related to low estriol. Also low progesterone.
This does NOT mean by raising low estriol you will magically lose weight. If you are proven to be low in estriol, then it will help you lose weight, along with changes in diet and lifestyle. There are no Magic Supplements to lose weight, but everything you do helps. A diet based on whole grains, high in fiber, LOW IN FAT, and low in protein (yes, low protein) will literally allow you to eat all you want, never be hungry, and lose weight consistently.  Read the article Eat All You Want to learn more.
Estriol is the "forgotten estrogen" but you can read about it in my book Natural Health for Women. Heal yourselves ladies, because your doctor sure isn't going to help you. Read the Be Your Own Doctor article in our library.

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