Estriol for Women
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Estriol for Women

Estriol (E3) is the "forgotten" or orphan hormone. This is the good, safe, protective, and beneficial estrogen. Doctors don't know about it, or test for it. This includes endocrinologists and gynecologists. There is very little published research on it, even though this comprises more than 80% of human estrogen. Men are very rarely low in estriol, but Western women have epidemic low levels. Even teenage girls can be deficient. Macrobiotic, athletic, and rural Asian women all have healthier, higher levels. They also have healthier lower levels of estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1). High levels of E1 and E2 are very dangerous, and predispose women to cancer and other illness.

Just buy a ZRT saliva hormone test kit, add $35, and test all three estrogens- estradiol, estrone, and estriol. You want low normal estradiol, low normal estrone, and HIGH normal estriol. Hyper levels of estriol are simply unknown, unlike E1 and E2.

If you are low, you can buy good quality 2 ounce creams on the Internet for $20 with 0.3% (150 mg). This will last about four months. We recommend Smoky Mountain on our website as a reliable source. Otherwise, you would have to see a doctor, get a blood test, and go to a compounding pharmacy. All of this could easily cost you $300. Mainstream pharmacies do not carry, and cannot order, estriol cream. The same would apply if you chose to use 500 mcg per drop sublingually in vegetable oil from a compounding pharmacy.

Never take oral estriol tablets, as you need ten times as much, and get harmful unwanted metabolites. Buy a jar from a reliable Internet company. Just apply one half gram every day on thin skin. This will put about 2.5 mg on your skin, and about 0.5 mg (500 mcg) will be absorbed into your blood. This is a 20% transdermal absorption rate.

While there is not much research on estriol, what we do have proves overwhelmingly how vital it is to women's health. Estriol, like progesterone, rises dramatically during pregnancy to protect the fetus. Estriol levels in pregnant women of any age should be tested to insure the safety of the fetus. Doctors are simply unaware of this, however.

One third of American women are now obese, and two thirds are overweight. Obese women have been shown to be 100% low in estriol (Nippon Naibunpi Gakkai Zasshi v. 72, 1996). Read the article Estriol Can Help Women Lose Weight. Also, read the article Balance Your Hormones. Estriol has proven bone building properties. Osteoporosis and other bone problems are an epidemic in Western women. This is not true for macrobiotic, athletic, and rural Asian women. Read the article Treating Bone and Join Problems Naturally.

Estriol can help very much with PMS, and this is another epidemic among Western women. Most women generally suffer very much from a variety of conditions during and after menopause. Estriol is also very helpful here. It can help alleviate hot flashes, urogenital problems, bone loss, and the other classic symptoms of menopause. Urogenital problems  are very common as women age. Estriol has been shown to help with yeast infections, incontinence, dysuria (painful urianation) vaginal atrophy, nocturia (night urination), urinary tract infections, and other such issues.

There are also proven topical benefits for estriol creams to treat scarring and other skin disorders. This is simply unknown to the medical community, even though it is well documented in the world clinical literature. Even dermatologists are unaware of the skin healing properties of topical estriol cream. You can use the same 0.3% cream for both scarring and aging skin, especially under the eyes. This is for women only as the estriol could be absorbed by men and raise their estrogen levels. This is far more effective than Retin-A® (not to be confused with Retinol-A or vitamin A cream) and good for your skin. Actually, this is the most effective wrinkle and scarring cream known to science, but hardly anyone is aware of it. This tiny amount used daily should not raise your blood estriol levels. You can see visible results in 90 days. This is good published human science here.

Since doctors don't know about, test for, or prescribe estriol, it is up to you to be your own doctor, and do this yourself. Read the article Be Your Own Doctor. Women should also read my book Natural Health for Women so they can learn about a comprehensive program of diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, weekly fasting, no Rx drugs, and no bad habits (like coffee) for their overall health and well being. Everyone should read Macrobiotics for Everyone. You must read the article Balance Your Hormones as they all work together in harmony, synergistically in concert. This is easy, simple, inexpensive, and no doctors are needed.

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