Electric Vehicles Will Disappear
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Electric Vehicles Will Disappear

In October 2023 EVs have peaked and are collapsing. They have always been a hoax. The hoax is finally being exposed. This i­­s about CONTROL of the people, with nothing at all to do with ecology. The whole point is to get fools to buy them, and then shut off the electricity. That's right, the War on Energy is shutting down the power plants around the world. EVs are just worthless expensive golf carts. Only 3% of the cars on American roads are electric. THEY ALL RUN ON COAL, OIL, GAS, AND URANI-UM. No, they don’t run on solar or wind. They are environmental disasters for a lot of reasons. They will disappear soon into the dustbin of history because they simply don’t work and never will. The batteries are the central problem. Finding charging stations is another problem. Fear of traveling over 50 miles from home is another issue. Add length of charging time as a fourth problem; this can easily take 10 hours.     

The government wanted half of all cars sold by 2030 to be EVs. That is ridiculous, a pipe dream, a fantasy. A household with two EVs uses enough electricity every day for 25 refrigerators. If a mere 10% of the cars on the roads were electric, the power grid in every state would go down. Nearly all our electricity comes  from coal, oil, gas, and uranium. Hydro, wind, and solar account for almost nothing. So, the EVs actually run on hydro-carbons. (There are no “fossil fuels.”) They are anything but “green” or “good for the planet”. We would all be dead without the carbon dioxide trees produce constantly. Just the very production of them seriously pollutes the earth. The 100 KW batteries fail after about six years, and cost about $24,000 to replace. More expensive every year. At that point the car is worthless, and has to be taken to the junk yard. The batteries cannot be recycled, and are an ecological nightmare. You buy, say, a little Chevy Volt for $50,000, and six years later it has no value. Even after like four years no one with a brain will buy it. They know it will need a $25,000 battery in two years. Actually the batteries will double in cost to $50,000 by 2025. That will be the final end of this global warming farce. You literally have to process about 500,000 pounds of rock and earth just to make ONE battery. Plus the incredible amounts of hydrocarbon energy to produce just one of them. There is no way in hell to recycle anything in them.

The copper, lithium, cobalt and other minerals needed for batteries are in limited supply. The amounts needed for increased numbers of EVs simply don't exist. Soon, the prices for these minerals will be totally unaffordable. Every month you'll see these prices go up. This will also destroy the world entire economy. You cannot have technology without massive amounts of minerals. We need those minerals for countless items. GM sold a 9,000 pound, $110,000 electric Hummer to fools. The 200 KW battery today costs about $48,000. Double that price to about $100,000 in a few years. After six years the Hummer will go to the junk yard with the rest of the EVs. This is just another example of a world gone insane. Reality will manifest itself in the end- as it always does.

EVs have always been a hoax. They were meant to be a hoax. They all run on  hydrocarbons (and some nuclear). It’s all about controlling people with energy shortages. Shut down all the power plants and your EV is worthless. Get it? There is no way at all to recycle bad batteries. Again, those batteries fail after about only six years. A single car battery now costs about $24,000. and that will double by 2025. We will also run out of many vital rare earth elements needed for countless other things..

Ford shut down it’s $3.5 billion (with a B) EV battery plant in Michigan. They project a $4.5 billion (with a B) loss in 2023. You will see more and more shutdowns of EV and battery factories. You are now- today- seeing sales of EVs grind to a halt worldwide. You cannot sell one EV without a government (e.g. taxpayer) subsidy. Why do they need a citizen subsidy if they are so wonderful?

There is plenty of energy. We have a 1,000 year supply of coal. Coal can be converted to any fuel with the SASOL process. We have 100 years of known oil reserves. Another 100 years of gas reserves. We can always fall back on endless nuclear power. The real prob-lem is we have 8 billion people on earth, and should ideally have 1 billion. That’s the real issue here.

Update: SAS (Scandanavian Air) was booking tickets for electric airplanes in 2028! This is not a joke. 30 passengers can go 124 miles! Seriously? This is just insane disin-formation and will never happen. Another hoax to promote the fantasy of electric travel. How about electric ocean freighters? Electric 18 wheel trucks? An electric military with electric tanks? Nevertheless, people are already booking the flights. This is physically totally impossible obviously. Also, heating and air conditioning lower the mileage range by up to half! Instead of, say, 300 miles on a charge, you'll get more like 150. The new Big Lie is that Altech is making cheap EV batteries out of table salt (not a joke) that will last 15 years. And 1 hour charges instead of 10 hour. All lies. The sheeple will believe anything.

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